Beck: “How Navy SEAL UNMASKS the Deep State in ‘Terminal List’ Series ~ May 22, 2023


History repeats itself for the worse, but also for the better. This is why, despite Jack Carr’s penchant for telling tragic stories, he is optimistic about America’s future. But, as he tells Glenn, it won’t be easy.

Jack joins Glenn to discuss some of the biggest problems America is facing, including the threats of artificial intelligence, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the immigration crisis and its long-term damage. Many of these threats are also themes in his latest thriller novel, “Only the Dead” which is certainly his most violent book yet.

After a two-decade career as a Navy SEAL, Jack became a New York Times best-selling author, knocking it out of the park with the Terminal List series, which has been turned into a series featuring Chris Pratt on Amazon Prime Video. Jack gives Glenn a hint of what’s coming in Season 2 of the series and also explains why he’s so dedicated to anti-woke storytelling, which is far from the norm in Hollywood. “The Collective” is what he calls the oligarchy in his novels, in charge of establishing a new global cabal.

But is it too late to reform its real-world equivalents: the Deep State, WEF, and the military-industrial complex? Jack tells Glenn why he’s not so sure.


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