Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #86 – 90 ~ May 21, 2023


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #86

You have to play with your power to create
And not suppress what is possible

Frequencies create shape
A low frequency is a continuous sine wave

A sine wave is a geometric waveform that periodically oscillates
Sine in its most basic form is a function of time

We are born into a sine wave
And sign our death certificate upon incarnation
Which is also a time wave

None of us escapes Father Time
Which is the same as the Grim Reaper

Kronos or Saturn means time
The sickle or curved sword of the Grim Reaper represents the rings

Time is money and the dollar sign $ means Isis
The banking cartels are all part of the Saturn alien cult

As we spend our time making money
We are kept in an energetic low frequency distortion

We are walking computer terminals of a firewalled reality
We are information constructs in a waveform state

There are particular frequencies or tonal vibrations attached to each planet
Saturn used to be our source of uplifting Ohm resonance

Now the sound emanating from Saturn is as creepy as hell
As our negative emotions are harvested
The reverberation of its ring tone is like the crying of millions of souls

Jupiter and Uranus also now have rings
The rings are formed by intelligent beings
Who are using us for energy!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #87

Saturn is like a mainframe computer powered by photonic energy
It sends out coded information which is received by the moon

The moon acts as an interface modular system
And sends that information to the earth

The moon uses virtual instrumentation consisting of simulated data
Which is the transforming of tone into a pretended reality
That we believe to be real

The assimilation of this fake reality
Inside the almost inescapable matrix
Is used as a platform for those seemingly never ending cycles
Related to suffering death and reincarnation

We are trapped in a time loop where history repeats itself
As it says in the Book of Ecclesiastes
There is nothing new under this sun

Our minds have been hijacked by this Satanic frequency of Saturn
Making us experience a false reality

In the movie the Matrix everyone was plugged into this force
And our biofield was used as a battery to keep the matrix running

Saturns rings are driving the simulation
Giant cylindrical and cubical clandestine craft maintain the ring system
And reinforce the AI broadcast system

A cube shaped object was recently filmed hovering in front of the sun
Others have been filmed over various oceans

AI is doing more and more of our thinking for us
As non mainstream information is being phased out on the internet

A d wave quantum computer is black and also cube shaped
It links up with other dimensions

Quantum computers use a series of bits called cubits or quantum bits
They use 1 and 0 simultaneously as digits
Which cannot be done unless alternate dimensions are employed to process data

A d wave computer is like an alter to an alien god

Saturn who was the heavenly Father of our ancestors
And the benevolent god who ruled the sky

Is now run by an AI supercomputer
That delivers coded sequences into its south polar axis
Which manifests as an unnatural hexagonal storm in its north pole

For the purpose of trapping souls
Into an AI hive mind!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #88

Language is a spell
It is a coded sequence arranged in a particular order
To produce a desired output

English is the software or code that keeps the program running
Coded letters and numbers are connected

Our language solidifies the illusion
We lock ourselves into the matrix without even realizing it
We are the programmed and we are the programmers

We then can also use words and language
To change the program and bend the illusion

Cain as in Cain and Abel is the serpent seed
A cane is shaped like a 7
Which is the Hebrew symbol for the Beast
As is shown on the cans of Monster energy drinks

The Beast is also Abel which is A Bull or Baal or Bael which is Saturn
The god Bel is Saturn with a ringtone

Cain + Baal = cannibals
The land of Canaan was the land of barbaric cannibals
They were known for their atrocious acts
Conan the Barbarian was Canaan the Barbarian

Another meaning for Cain is possession
Archons take control of those who submit to them

Possession also means the accumulation of wealth
The one with the most possessions became king
Every king became a Cain
Kahn is a derivation of king

Tubal Cain was supposedly a descendent of Cain
Tubal means 2 balls and Cain means a phallus

2 balls symbolize 2 zeros and a 7 symbolizes the serpent
007 is the code for James Bond who was a spy for the serpent seed aristocracy

Sir of English aristocracy is serpent
And a knight is knighted or nighted into the darkness

Tubal Cain or 2 balls and a penis
Is symbolic of when masculine energy started to dominate our realm

Most all famous women in Hollywood are inverts or men acting as women
Now inverts are also dominating womens sports

Women who are more prone to compassion are suppressed
Because our world does not operate on compassion

Tubal Cain is said to be a blacksmith
A blacksmith creates weapons that take life

Dean Cain played Superman
Michael Caine played the butler in Batman

The Hebrew word for king is Molech or Melek as in Melchizedek which is abbreviated as MLK
KLM airlines in the Netherlands is MLK in reverse
Their logo is the crown

CNN is simply Canaan!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #89

Tesseract is the name for a 4d cube
A tesseract is to a cube as a cube is to a square In the movie Interstellar
A portal is found near Saturn
It is in the shape of a tesseract which is also a hypercube
The portal has an event horizon where you cannot go back In the movie Wrinkle in Time
A cube acts as a stargate In 2001 A Space Odyssey
A black monolith cube can transport you through time In the book version a monolith signal emitting a very loud frequency
Was detected on Saturns moon Iapetus The motif in the movie called The Cube
Is where a cube becomes a trap In the movie Deathtrap
People get stuck in a Rubiks Cube
Prime numbers are the way out The movie Hellraiser has a magical cube
That transports you into the lower dimensions of hell In the movie Transformers there is a powerful robotic cosmic cube The cube is the central part
Of the 6 pointed Star of David or hexagram The elite believe that by telling what is really happening
It revokes them of their responsibility By obeying this universal law they escape karma
And the burden switches from the puppet master to the puppet But the masses are too docile to comprehend their own mental imprisonment!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #90

The Black Cube is the Great Architect of our reality
The Kabah Allah at Mecca means cube god
The faithful circle 7 times counterclockwise
Saturn has 7 rings that rotate in a counterclockwise direction
The Jewish Kabballah is cube worship
The Tefillin is a small black leather box or cube worn by observant Jews

That contain scrolls of parchments with verses of the Torah written on them The United Nations has a black cube in their prayer room
Dedicated to the god of stillness
Saturn is the resting god
Black cubes show up a lot in music videos
And in front of various metropolitan buildings
The Millenium Hilton built next to the One World Center in New York City
Is basically a giant monolith
Most stars are just projections
Many are donut shaped with a hole in the middle
Little dots can be seen inside the hole
You can also make out an X pattern
A tilted earth cannot be the reason for 24 hour days of sunlight in the Artic
And 4 months of darkness in Antarctica
NASA says 5 giant asteroids going 7200 km per hour are racing towards the earth
They do not say how they measured the speed of these non existent space rocks
NASA also claims that their Mars Rovers Perserverance and Curiosity now have a helicopter with them
These statements are by the same outfit that must have left a camera man on the moon
Archons were made of luminous smokeless fire
They are those who are from the arch
Arcadia means place of the arch
And abode of Ia which is same as Ea pronounced Yah as in Yahweh
Aristotle wrote that Arcadia was home to the Pelasians
Who were there before the moon arrived
The Archon Phoenix morphed into an eagle with upraised arms
Which is on the back of a one dollar bill
Pleiadeans mean those who sail on water
They were the 7 sisters
They were a conglomeration of orbs in the plasmatic sea of Saturn
Called the Pelages Sea
Come my friends
It is not too late to seek a newer world
And to dream beyond the amber light
To sail beyond the sunset in wondrous ships
To a resounding shore
Where a path leads you into the brightness of fields divine!





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  1. What must we do? So many lies so many truths. So many proofs that words cannot truly produce.


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