Have UFO’s Landed at North Sentinel Islands? – May 18, 2023


By Theodore Colon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 17, 2023

Have UFO’s landed at North Sentinel islands?

UFO’s have been sighted and rumored to have disappeared over the Island?

Is there an Ancient Indian UFO Alien base on North Sentinel Island off the Coast of India?

An Island in Time???

There is a theory that is conceals an Alien DUMB, with a time portal.

Hiding in plain sight is one of theirs and the Illuminati methods?

The perfect place for a time displacement device.

Things get stranger every day; I will leave this up to the reader to discern a scenario that resonates best for them.

How does an island population survive into the 21st century without ever running into a modern Magellan? Basically, by keeping any would-be “discoverer” at bay with bows, arrows, and spears. The people of North Sentinel Island have kept their corner of the Indian Ocean free of intruders for as long as they’ve lived there — about 60,000 years. It’s not because they or their island are unknown, either. North Sentinel Island can be found in the writings of Marco Polo, and every three to five decades a ship tends to find itself on the island’s shore, whether on purpose or by accident. Today, the Indian government recognizes the island as a sovereign entity and makes efforts to ensure they’re left undisturbed.

Ruled off limits to Land or visit; the indigent natives have no natural immunity to any off island disease’s.

Travel is prohibited to the island, and any approach closer than 5 nautical miles (9.3 km), in order to protect the remaining tribal community from “mainland” infectious diseases against which they (likely) have no acquired immunity. The area is patrolled by the Indian Navy.

“The natives are cannibals and attack and kill and consume any all outsiders.”

Their population was estimated to be between 50 and 400 people in a 2012 report. India’s 2011 census indicates 15 residents in 10 households, but that too was merely an estimate, described as a “wild guess” by the Times of India.

The Sentinelese have repeatedly attacked approaching vessels, whether the boats were intentionally visiting the island or simply ran aground on the surrounding coral reef. The islanders have been observed shooting arrows at boats, as well as at low-flying helicopters. Such attacks have resulted in injury and death. In 2006, islanders killed two fishermen whose boat had drifted ashore, and in 2018 an American Christian missionary, 26-year old John Chau, was killed after he attempted to make contact with the islanders three separate times and bribed local fishermen to transport him to the island.

Contact with the Sentinelese was made by Triloknath Pandit, a director of the Anthropological Survey of India, and his colleagues on 4 January 1991. Although Pandit and his colleagues were able to make repeated friendly contact, dropping coconuts and other gifts to the Sentinelese, no progress was made in understanding the language, and the Sentinelese repeatedly warned them off if they stayed too long. Indian visits to the island ceased in 1997.

Indian authorities recognize the islanders’ desire to be left alone, restricting outsiders to remote monitoring (by boat and sometimes air) from a reasonably safe distance; the Indian government will not prosecute the Sentinelese for killing people in the event that an outsider ventures ashore.The island is a protected area of India.

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