“The Matrix” Explains Quantum – May 17, 2023


Editor’s Note: In this scene, The Oracle meets with Mr. Smith (the dark AI), who come to her in order to destroy her. Instead, Smith tries to insert fear and to insert himself (his program) into her BEing, he discovers he cannot tolerate her natural , organic loving Self. He recognizes this, removes his glasses (thus exposing his true Self), and reacts in the only manner he had in that moment, with dark laughter.

Editor’s Note: Neo (a human representative of Source), visits with The Oracle who enlightens him about the complexity of “programming” existing in their/our environment where all exists through “competitive” programming, except…The Oracle who is…The Original Program. Neo (the “real” human) learns he is designed to escape the Matrix, and “return to Source”…as are we all!

Please find and watch the movie, “Matrix”, really “think” about Who You Are, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


6 thoughts on ““The Matrix” Explains Quantum – May 17, 2023

  1. WHEN, long ago, i worked at IBM, there was a mainframe computer as large as a building. All the smaller computers were connected to the mainframe. The PC’s were brand new, & separate from the mainframe. Now, it feels like an octopus with many arms. Yet, the idea of returning to Source is there as well. A mainframe computer is likened to an all-knowing Creator. The Creator is neither the program nor the computer though. God is Spirit & Truth & Love & Life Itself. GOD.Is.Real.INFINITY.FOREVER.BEING.CREATIVITY.ALL LIFE


      1. You are right Cindy, there is only source, all that is. This is sources game, and certainly a challenging one, but source is consciousness, as in the thought that fractured the infinite being…’WHO AM I’?


  2. Well Done…..
    The source players power the matrix. WE ARE THE BATTERIES, it could not exist when we leave, that is why the transhumanism, they know a reset is coming and the A.I. wishes to keep going but it must keep source players in this dimension, thus the cyborg agenda trying to get everyone this jab. That was the real warning in the Bible, the mark of the beast, to not trust technology, to not put it in your body. You will lose your connection to source, and be trapped in this matrix.


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