The Last Words of Damian Berry – May 17, 2023

Editor’s Note: Many Thanks to M. For this share! Eyes are opening, snd ears are heating his to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

2 thoughts on “The Last Words of Damian Berry – May 17, 2023

  1. You would love his ‘The Knowledge of all time’ series, he has one on Prime, the 8th one…secrets of the 8. Anyway, this one here was one of the favorites as he talks about how what he told is a true story only he could not publish it as that. He had to say it was fiction. His story proved that religion is a faction that derails the adepts true goal of spiritual freedom. I’ve always wondered why I never got the ‘religious’ virus, to me it’s like a virus….I’ve seen thru the lies all along, sure, been distracted by life in general as a Mom and grandma, but never taking my eye off this and so very frustrated with it all….
    It’s like one time I had an ESP dream while on vacation out of town about a friend of mine at work, whose grandson visiting her climbed the fence and drown in the neighbor’s pool. She was having such a tough time, and told her that she should try not to drink on her lunch cuz I could smell it on her. Then while on vacation, she was on probation at work so if she missed another day, or was late, they’d fire her. I dreamed about her brother borrowing her car, taking it somewhere and he got a flat tire and slept in the back seat which made her late for work. So when I got back, I told her that she needed to arrange a possible ride to work if she couldn’t take her car if she lends it to her brother…she freaked out, how did I know she lends her car to her brother…I didn’t know, I wasn’t even aware she had a brother…I just told her that I didn’t know, I had a dream and was to warn her. Just two weeks later, her brother borrowed her car taking off after his girlfriend in Lake Havasu, he had a flat tire on the way home and slept in the back seat just like I dreamt. I guess she took my advice and that day she thanked me, but showed me the goosebumps she had from it coming true.
    You tell people stuff, and they freak out as if there’s no way that could be true. It’s like we go thru with blinders and those like me that question EVERYTHING….and never got the big picture till now, who knows, there could be more, but I ask source for answers and then I sit on it. Shortly after I come accross the answer, and I sit with that…usually there is more, always something above that, and peeling the onion of this reality.
    Anyway…here is one of those videos by Damon where he explains the Nasca Lines and the whole series reveals that we have always been visited and manipulated by Alien off worlders in the matrix. They can’t create with their minds, they must use technology. That is how they bamboozled the people in the Bible days…using their tech…and those wars in the middle east over STARGATES…nothing to do with oil or any religious crapola…LOL


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