Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 9, 2023


Compiled Tues. 9 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities”

Mass Arrests in Full Swing
Children Still Being Victims of Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice By Local Satanic Covens
Over a Million Wait at Southern Border for Title 42 End Invasion Wed. 10 May
Russia Blames America for Attack on Kremlin

“Our faith should come from God. We should totally be at peace knowing it’s all under control! Every last bit of swamp sludge is going to live in hell! It’s happening even when you can’t see it! Trump will be back soon!” …JFK Jr.

A World-Wide Call For Fast and Prayer
Pray for a restoration of Freedom for People of the World. Pray for the brave Military Forces making mass arrests of Global and Political Elites who have kept The People enslaved and please do special prayers for the rescue of Ritually Abused Children and Adult Survivors who Satan worshippers have held captive. In a quest for power these survivors are used as fodder for Pedophilia, Child Sacrifice and Cannibalism rites in honor of Satan.

Prepare For Emergency Broadcast System World-wide Activation
The EBS will involve Two to Ten Days of Communication Darkness Worldwide where Phones, Internet, Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs will not work, while three eight-hour documentaries a day will be broadcast on TV and Radio 24/7 across the Globe.

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential items on hand.

Sissel Kyrkjebø – You Raise Me Up – YouTube

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be

Judy Note: This is an urgent request for your ongoing prayers for children and adult survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Like the Belgium mother and child mentioned in yesterday’s update, on a daily basis thousands, perhaps millions, of SRA Survivors face sexual abuse, torture and even death at the hands of their Handlers, who follow them throughout their lives.

Monthly Satanic Holidays are celebrated with pedophile parties and Child Sacrifice to honor Satan. They require victims and participants most often obtained from SRA survivors from bloodline families (descendants of Cain).

Like the Belgium mother who is pleading for protection for her son who’s father was suspected to have set the child up as the victim of a Child Sacrifice rite this week, SRA Survivors have nowhere to ask for help. Not only does Society not believe the existence of Satanic Covens, nor want to listen to their incredible stories, but the political, judicial and law enforcement is infiltrated with Satanic followers who are very adept at keeping their pledge to Satan secret.

Throughout her lifetime the Belgium mother has asked for help to be rescued, but there are no channels for these innocents who live life in fear. The mother has now put in the hands of several people evidence of her ex-husband’s use of the boy in Satanic rites of pedophilia and Child Sacrifice. His name and those of his fellow coven members will be made public if she and/or her son disappear.

An Update: Yesterday her ex husband again came to her door, violently banged on the windows and called her cell and landline repeatedly, then again brought in the police. They demanded the passport, which she did not have. She tried to tell them her son was not safe with her ex, but they did not respond to her pleas.

She was, however, able to keep her son safe with her, for a while anyway. She is certain that the court system there will eventually rule in favor of her ex as the courts were involved in the Satanic Network.

Thanks to the Update yesterday there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow Light Warriors and Digital Soldiers in prayer specifically for her situation. I ask you to join us.

For those who did not have a chance to read it, the below is her original declaration:

I am a single parent mother living in Belgium who firmly believes that my ex-husband and his Satanic worshipping friends are planning to sacrifice my son at a Satanic ritual in a couple of days in or around Corsica.

On Monday morning 8 May my ex was set to take our son and leave for a vacation in Corsica, but I lost my son’s ID passport and without that he won’t be able to go to another country. I believe they planned the Child Sacrifice rite for Corsica, or at least outside of Belgium, so myself or any other member of the family would not have access to the body after the murder.

My ex-husband’s family, friends and society for that matter, think he is a good and successful guy working for Johnson and Johnson. He’s not. I have witnessed him commit the most heinous crimes against children.

It is very important to highlight that a Satanic Network is obsessed with bloodlines. They consider some bloodlines to be superior and should be in power. The bloodline of Christ is a threat to their power structure, while other bloodlines are considered inferior and disposable. 

Because of my Satanic bloodline Satan worshippers have targeted me from a very young age. They put me in a breeding program to produce children. I have reason to believe I gave birth to another baby who was taken from me at the hospital – and then they replaced that baby with my son. My baby was likely used as a victim in a Satanic Child Sacrifice rite.

I have many reasons to believe that my son is not the biological son of my ex and he has no fatherly love for him. When my ex found out I couldn’t produce a passport for my son he came to my home and threatened me. Some minutes later the police came demanding the ID, which I couldn’t produce.

I have no way to go to any authority to help me and my son. In general society simply doesn’t recognize the reality that followers of Satan regularly sacrifice children. My ex’s Satanic Network is so politically powerful that authorities tend to turn my requests for help into targeting me and my son even more.

I have a lot of evidence that my ex is working with many community members such as the Orthodontist, judges, policemen, councilors, and more. They recently falsified my son’s teeth x- rays. What could an x-ray be used for? – identification of a body.

In a Satanic Human Sacrifice rite they consume the blood, organs and other parts of the body. Most likely they would claim my boy died in an accident while on vacation and then present the body of another child while using my son’s x-ray for identification.

My son and I are still in extreme danger. I have retained and put in a safe location, my son’s teeth cast and several different types of DNA. That evidence, full names of those on this declaration and other details are in the hands of several people and will be made public if they succeed in making my son and/or myself disappear.

I thank you for being my witness through reading this declaration. I pray to God my son and I will be soon free from this criminal posing as a role model father.

The purpose of this testimony is to keep my son safe and to keep all such Satanically Ritually Abused children safe. Please join me and many others praying and fasting for the safety and freedom of the children of these Satanic Networks.

On the cusp of the Great Transition, in the name of God, we respectfully request and demand protection for all children and parents trying to break free of Satanism. May the suffering of these precious little ones end now. God, please make us the barrier between harm and children until all of Earth is restored. This story ends in God’s everlasting glory.

Thank you! God Bless you all.

A Satanic Ritually Abused Survivor

Judy Note:

  • One smoking gun email just proved Donald Trump was right about everything in 2020 – Patriot Pulse The Post revealed that emails on the laptop showed evidence that Hunter Biden allegedly ran influence-peddling operations with foreign businesses in Ukraine and Communist China by selling access to his father. Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson that a business deal with Communist China compromised Joe Biden’s ability to serve as President and act in America’s best interests.
  • Mon. 15 May Loy Brunson speaks at the Restore Health Freedom Prayerfest and Rally in Clayton, Missouri!
  • Yesterday it came to my attention while walking my regular eight miles that my nine years of owning currency equals 108 months, 3240 days and 864 Bruce calls. It feels a little like my cheese has slipped off my cracker. The definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” so I probably will keep indulging in that insanity ‘till my arteries slap shut. Have a great day. …BB

If you were reading this Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset as published on here, please understand that it has been redacted. For a full and un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at report’s end.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Mon. 8 May MarkZ: The window is open wide according to all of my sources. We don’t know what that means timing wise yet. Zimbabwe launched today. There is a 2 day window to buy their digital gold tokens backed by physical gold.
  •  “The Emergency Broadcast System will go off, the Markets will shut down, we will have two to ten days of Disclosure, after which Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) will receive Notification to set exchange/redemption appointments.” …David XRP on the Charlie Ward Show (Dr. Ward, who was head of the Global Currency Reset Redemption Committee and under several NDAs, agreed with what David XRP had to say).
  • The following nations are insolvent and cannot continue on without the reset: United States, Canada, Europe, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

Restored Republic: Our Beloved Constitution is Hanging by a Thread:

  • The Brunson Case alleged that 385 members of Congress, plus Biden, Harris and Pence, committed Treason by violating their oath of office to protect the Constitution by not investigating 50 formally presented allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election. If SCOTUSruled that Congress did not investigate the 50 allegations of fraud before certifying the 2020 Election (which they did not) and therefore violated their Oath of Office, then the Biden Administration and all of Congress could be automatically suspended. Brunson Brothers Music – Petition The Supreme Court…
  • On Tues. 25 April 2023 the Supreme Court docketed the Loy Arlan Brunson Case #22-1028 and it was now up for consideration to be heard before the SCOTUS Justices. The case had bypassed the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals by using Rule 11 (a national emergency). The 388 Defendants (385 members of Congress, plus Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence = 388 total) response was due by May 24 2023. 
  • To help the case move forward Patriots were asked to send letters to the Supreme Court Justices. As of May 1 2023 over 10,000 letters have been sent to the Supreme Court:  Brunson Brothers Music – Petition The Supreme Court…
  • NEED MIRACLES?  Raland Brunson of the Brunson Brothers Supreme Court Cases is now shipping out copies of “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” and “A More Perfect Union” manufactured by Raland’s duplications company To support the cause you can order your copies of these important Liberty Education DVDs for a donation of only $25 – which includes FREE shipping and TWO FREE pocket Constitutions. Donate here: 
  • Super Patriot Liberty Library – perfect for Home School Education, or as a legacy gift to children and grandchildren. Educate to Save America. The package is full of valuable materials including free garden seeds: Only-450/

Schedule of Events: The Emergency Broadcast System may activate at any time.

Mon. 8 May: Zimbabwe launched their gold coin.

Wed. 10 May: Crypto Currency Crash as 12 wallets declare bankruptcy. Bitcoin already down.

Thurs. May 11: Something big is happening at the Supreme Court

Sun. May 14 Q’s Timeline: T minus 30 days Mother’s Day Sun. 14 May MOAB Attack the king and queen 

Sun. 21 May 6 pm EST Live stream on CBKNews121: JFK Jr., Elvis, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Steve Jobs

Tues. 23 May: JFK Jr. interview with OAN.

June: Stock Market Crash

Fri. 16 June 2023: NESARA/GESARA Implementation & Collapse of tax organizations.

Sun. 18 June 2023: Emergency Broadcast System Implementation

Sun. 23 July 2023 Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and his VP, John F. Kennedy Jr.

Tues. 25 July 2023: Queen Diana Coronation

Alive and Well

The Real News for Mon. 8 May 2023:

  • In 1996 Gary Webb exposed how the CIA hired drug traffickers to sell massive amounts of Cocaine in the US in order to raise untraceable funds to finance a terrorist organization who were trying to overthrow the Nicaraguan Government. These massive shipments of cocaine ultimately sparked the crack epidemic that decimated inner cities during the 90’s as a result mainstream media vilified Gary Webb & destroyed his career, which also destroyed his marriage. But he refused to back down, in 2004 he was found dead with 2 bullet wounds to his head, his death was ruled a suicide. This man literally lost everything to give us a glimpse of the Truth. Don’t let his memory or what he stood for Fade.
  • Big Names on Epstein Calendar:
  • Russia Blames America for Attack on Kremlin:

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):


Read Full Report (PDF):


Updates for the Week Prior:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 8 May 2023:
Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 8, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 2 May 2023:
Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 2, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 1, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official


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