Get Ready For The Shift: A Most Beautiful Day On Planet Earth – May 9, 2023


The Earth has been through many changes in her history.

She has had times of great upheaval and times of great peace.

It is critical to remember that we are all ONE and that when change occurs on the planet, it affects all of humanity.

The fact that our DNA is currently undergoing reorganization is one of the fascinating aspects of being on Earth today!

COSMIC RAYS are coming onto the globe, such that a SHIFT is being disseminated and a reordering is taking place inside our bodies!

The disparate information that contains the knowledge and history of the human race is now coming together.

The DNA of all life on Earth is being rewritten as we speak. This is not something that has happened in the past; it is happening RIGHT NOW!

It’s like a computer that has a virus or a worm attached to it. It will be fixed, but at the same time, it will be changed too!

This SHIFT has been happening for thousands of years; we have just been too distracted by our own thoughts to notice it.

Currently, all around us on Earth, things are changing at an accelerated rate, especially when you look at another planet with its own set of issues.

We are going through an enormous SHIFT right now as a species, but it’s not just about us anymore; it’s about what is happening in other parts of this universe too!

As we are being called to wake up, make the SHIFT, and live in the present moment, we are also being given the gift of information!

A gift of cosmic rays is coming through our atmosphere. These cosmic rays are being broadcast so that a change can take place in your DNA.

The cosmic rays are more powerful, and they are coming through the air right now!

You will be able to see these cosmic rays as they come through the atmosphere because there is a buildup of energy around you at this time.

The whole planet is being shaken up by this SHIFT that’s taking place at this time! You’re going through something BIGGER than anything else you’ve ever experienced before on Earth!

All of your cells are reconfiguring, and what we are seeing is new life coming into existence!

This will happen at different levels in each person’s life, but it will start with you as an individual.

Our DNA evolves over time. By implanting thought patterns and light patterns, our DNA is altered. NEW HELIXES OR STRANDS are formed as the light-encoded filaments begin to group together!

Electromagnetic forces from the Prime Creator are bringing the dispersed energy together in our body!

The physical strands of DNA in our body are not as dense as they once were. They contain reservoirs of light, like beads on a necklace. All of this is very good progress!

I am delighted to share my observations that we have indeed made great strides in our evolution!

I feel my own energy starting to change as I write these words and share them with you. I am pulled in more and more every day as the filaments of light become stronger inside of me, and the strands and helixes form within me and around me.

I am becoming whole! WE ARE BECOMING WHOLE, and our work is to keep an energy portal open for all of us to enter!

From a practical perspective, I can advise you to begin going within. You already know that you have a different energy system than your logical mind.

Start checking in with your emotional body and your mental body on the inner plane. You can tap into your inner wisdom and access your emotions as part of the healing process; this will help you get more comfortable with these energies. It will open up new doors of possibility for you!

You have given the people around you renewed energy and vibrational support. You sacrificed your well-being to balance the Earth during this SHIFT!

Sometimes we feel like we’re missing out on parts of our lives that we’ve already experienced, but that’s not the case at all. Every chapter is a new beginning!

The time of the SHIFT is upon us, and there’s no turning back!

Know that you are going to feel things you’ve never felt before! Take a deep breath and focus on going within this time!

Be present. Be aware. Be mindful of your emotions, physical sensations, and mental thoughts.

Know that all is well and all will be well!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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