ICYMI Comer on Hannity: A Credible Whistleblower Raises Concerns that then-Vice President Biden Allegedly Engaged in a Bribery Scheme – May 9, 2023


(Editor’s Note: Many thanks to reader C. For this share.)

Contact: Austin Hacker

WASHINGTON– House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) joined “Hannity” on Fox News and emphasized that a legally protected, highly credible whistleblower has provided Congress information raising concerns that then-Vice President Joe Biden allegedly engaged in a bribery scheme with a foreign national. Given the severity of the allegations, Chairman Comer acted swiftly and highlighted his decision to subpoena the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for an unclassified record the agency possesses that allegedly details an arrangement involving an exchange of money for policy decisions.

“Senator Grassley and I have reviewed this whistleblower disclosure. We find it very credible. We have a lot of questions about whether the FBI even looked into this… We take our whistleblowers very seriously. There have been two very credible whistleblowers come forward in the last two weeks. We are doing everything we can to protect these whistleblowers and to try to encourage more whistleblowers to come forward. We know the FBI has the claim. We want to know what the FBI has done to verify the claim.”

In addition, Chairman Comer outlined how he has obtained thousands of pages of financial records related to the Biden family and their associates’ transactions. Based on financial records that he has reviewed, at least nine members of the Biden family were involved with or may have benefited from the family’s business dealings with foreign adversaries.

“We are very concerned about this, and I’ll tell you why. I possess bank records from the Biden family now. There is a consistent pattern of the Bidens using LLCs to receive payments from our adversaries around the world, including the Chinese Communist Party, and many other countries. They go into various LLCs and then they transfer them around in a type of money laundering scheme and then transfer the money back to different Biden family members. We have identified nine Biden family members who have received these types of payments from adversaries. Now the question is what are they doing to receive these payments? Then we get this whistleblower… we have reviewed this disclosure and now we are requesting that disclosure from the FBI… Let’s be real, does anyone believe they are getting this money just as coincidence?”

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