May 8, 2023: Calling All Patriots to Wake the Rest, Contact Your Representative ~ May 8, 2023


For the average, informed person it might seem the entire planet is quickly approaching a state of emergency for one reason or another. For those of us who are on the inside of ‘The Plan’ and what the White Hats are doing, it’s getting really exciting—not that we enjoy seeing and hearing all that is happening but it is gratifying to see the increase in forward momentum in The Great Awakening.

Russia is continuing to dismantle the Khazarian mafia strongholds in Ukraine, the New World Order has set Alberta, Canada alight, the buildup of infected and militant illegals at the southern US border sounds like it could burst through at any moment and Border Patrol resources are already stretched beyond thin.

Brian Cates left the following on Telegram.

Many people do not fully realize this, so I must say it explicitly:

The Great War to end all wars is currently underway.

It will not start a day, a week, a month or a year from now.

It is already here and has been underway for some time.

Those committed to all the Future Wars they have planned are in a desperate INFORMATION WAR struggle with those attempting to expose them to the world.

Take your place at the front in the Information War.

Do your part to End the Endless.

The following definitely illustrates the preferred strategy of the globalists in their terrorism.

ISIS Video Urges Arson as ‘Five-Star’ Terror Tactic, Shows California Burning

I hate to see my homeland on fire, the People in danger and largely unaware of what is unfolding and why. I just got an update stating that the Canadian military is enroute to Alberta to fight fires. There are over 100 fires now which seemed to erupt just because it’s now officially “fire season”. Magic. Be safe everyone. We can’t afford to lose one member. We know this attack is political.

Thousands forced to evacuate as wildfires ravage western Canada

We have a boots-on-the-ground crew member in northern Alberta who provided a rundown on what he is learning in his travels so the reports on the fires in the alternative/truth media are accurate. We appreciate this update.

Update from WAR ZONE Alberta. “Wild” Fires/ Climate Change BS. MSM mockingbirds doing everything than report what is really happening. No surprize really. In the last 3 days EBS has gone off 10-15 times. (i’ve lost count) I am fortunate enough to have family/friends in many Northern Alberta communities. Edson/Hinton area my cousin reports 2 people arrested starting fires. No resources(fire fighters) for the community, farmers are out in their fields with flat beds and watertanks.

My cousin has told me that people she knows have lost their houses, burnt to a crisp, lives being destroyed as I type. A friend in High Prairie, on a 60 minute evac warning. Boxes on the road sides being found smouldering with fire starting materials inside. Reports that persons in a black Jeep throwing rags on fire into ditches.

We remember the white ash left in Fort McMurray after the fires there. Kind of like the ash in other places where “wildfires” swept through.

Edmonton major road (Henday Drive) shutdown due to grass fire, in the city, this is not cigarette butts being thrown out as the Liars on the news are reporting. Drayton Valley (I’m visitng my daughter in a community very close) RCMP not doing anything about this evacuated town and the looting going on.

John D’jor, way up north Indiginous communites being targeted with DEWs and drones fitted with flame throwers, just like they did in Fort McMurray a couple years ago. Fort McMurray has the 3rd largest oil reserve on the planet btw. Lake Athabasca largest uranium deposit on the planet.

All these fires are being set near oil n gas projects and future projects !!!
All these fires are being started in Conservative ridings, (Provincial Election on May 29th)
This will screw up (s)election results for the WEF NDP commie take over.

The conservatives in power sitting on their hands.. it is digusting. I urge all crew members on Telegram to see the reports for themselves. Channels to watch, Alberta Patriots – Agent Wild Rose – Angry Albertan- Q Team Canada – Sarah Connor – Private Canadian
Good God help us all !!!
Situational Awereness on Overload
Cheers from Spruce Grove, back in Cowtown in a week.

Queen Romana is supporting Canadians in need as best she can from the road. Link to Telegram.

May 8, 2023
HRM Queen Romana Didulo Commander-in-Chief and Queen of the Kingdom of Canada and the Peace and Prosperity Mobile Government Office Team headed to the Flooded areas in Quebec Province.

Weather wars have submerged Pakistan as we stated and there is flooding and other severe situations in other parts of the world like South America leading to mudslides, evacuations, etc. You can check out The Watchers website for current reports on that and many other planetary updates.

Canada has many struggles currently, and ALL CANADIANS need to be aware of the following alert put out by Agent A1 on behalf of the patriots: Link to Telegram.  I hope Canadians will step up, pass it on, and get active as requested.

We have been asked to share the following information by a fellow Canadian in case you aren’t aware and want to take ACTION.

Please feel free to share this with other Canadians.

Keep scrolling for details AND access to the private Canada telegram group.

Details shared are as follows:

The federal government has quietly begun the creation of Personal Information Banks (PIB) to collect and store data on Canadians. We were not consulted nor informed about the creation or existence of these databases and they are being collected without our permission or knowledge. Categories of information include biometrics (DNA, blood type, eye/facial scan, fingerprints, etc), personal biography, medical history, financial history, credit information, opinions or views of or about individuals, and much more.

Here is a link to the government website describing the PIBs. Scroll to the last section for Categories of Information:

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has quietly added it to their Privacy Terms so that in order to submit an application for benefits, such as the One-Time Housing Top Up they started offering in December, you must click that you agree to terms including “…being described in Personal Information Bank (under development)” in order to submit your application. It is also a term in the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) application. It quite likely will be a term for submitting your income tax return, so read those Privacy Terms when filing your taxes this year!

The federal government is using the federal health transfers to bribe the premiers to adopt a Big Tech-style data-for-services health care system. This means that your personal health records that used to be private and confidential between you and your doctor will now be entered into the PIBs to be shared between the federal government, their stakeholders, and whoever else they decide can have access to it.

They lay it all out in their Departmental Plan for Health Canada 2022/23. There is no mention of hiring health care workers. It’s all data, digitization, AI, vaccines and so on.

This is a big deal.

📢 Now is the time to make some noise. If you have a podcast, a following, a blog, a friend, please get the word out. Flood the PM, the premiers, the ministers, the CRA, anyone you can think of, with letters and phone calls. Consider sending a letter in lieu of a tax return if you are in a position to do so, or other civil disobedience. They do not have the right to just start stealing our personal information and using our own tax dollars to bribe us into compliance. What they do have is a lot of nerve!

Please email if you would like to contact the writer of the above (
Standard personal information banks –
Links to information about the programs, activities and information holdings of institutions subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

The financial battles with the Black Hats versus the White Hats are evident in the number of banks in trouble. An economic crash of epic proportion is in the wings, after which we will be using a new, secure financial system not controlled by the cabal and their cronies.

Their balance sheets aren’t balancing!!!
Last week reports were saying 190 banks in trouble….but in reality….it’s higher!

— Santa Surfing (@SantaSurfing) May 8, 2023

The Covid crimes continue to be exposed as the biggest hoax and subsequent genocide on record. A nurse tells us while she saw no one die of Covid, they did die of malfeasance and malpractice. Video on telegram.

“I didn’t see a single patient die of Covid” – Frontline nurse Nicole Sirotek

Covid tests fraught with threats to our health—what—-now the FDA is our friend? Not. I would tell everyone to avoid everything Covid. No tests. No jabs. Avoid it all like the plague. Link to Telegram and Epoch Times article.

FDA Issues Emergency Warning for 500,000 COVID Tests

“The FDA issued a warning to consumers on Thursday to stop using a certain COVID-19 at-home test due to the potential for bacterial contamination in the product’s liquid solution.”

In fact, stay out of hospitals if you can. Watch this video below from a father who lost his daughter and gathered a lot of evidence about what has been going on in hospitals so he could launch a law suit. He reveals that many states, Canada, and other places have enacted “assisted dying” legislation and direct medical staff to apply resources to those who are least ill, rather than those who need it the most. They classify illnesses on a scale and if you have Down’s Syndrome, for example, you are damaged goods and not worth the time and effort to treat. You’re a second class citizen. Bureaucrats are playing God with our lives and those of our loved ones. They have lost their Humanity—if they ever had any to begin with and that makes them a psychopath. Link to Telegram.

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities are Federally Mandated Killing Fields – the proof and our defense
This message will help save your life. Today, I drill down the latest research into the rabbit hole God has led me on.

Simon Parkes did a fascinating update many will want to take in. You can watch on Before It’s News as I am doing at the moment where they are discussing those flying “demons” the air force members saw while wearing the red goggles we spoke of last week during the war. You can also watch on Rumble at this link.  1 hr.

Simon Parkes: He’s Back! Special Situation Update and Intel With Nick Sylvester & David Mahoney! (Video)

As for the UK Monarchy, perhaps there is change in the wind as the researchers tell us. I certainly hope so, because for the “servants” of the People to live in multiple castles and estates and hoard jewels, yachts, gold and parade around in crowns and horse-drawn carriages while the “common folk” starve does not a fair and just society make. We’ll see what happens and if they take on the role of “servant” that they swore to. Ideally, they will own nothing and be happy—but that wouldn’t be fair so I’m sure the Brits will work something out. Link to Telegram.


Charles, arse as he is, has actually done us all a favour in swearing his oath. He has re-affirmed the 1688 Coronation Oath, which is part of the 1688 Bill of Rights, which is often dismissed as archaic and no longer relevant. In fact he has confirmed its Enshrined nature and that the Monarch is BOUND by such rules, to SERVE WE THE PEOPLE and OUR LAWS, not their or Governments made up ones. They even cut out a part from 1688 regarding “Parliament Statutes” and skipped straight to OUR LAWS. Charles now serves US, under GOD and affirmed he is Protestant, and is bound again by 1688 Bill of Rights, which PREVENTS Government from ANY POWERS over us all, except to “AMEND (not simply MAKE UP), STRENGTHEN and PRESERVE…OUR LAWS OF THE REALME”, which is confirmed as the “PEOPLES LAWS, as the COMMON LAW” in the Great Charter 1297 wording, which stems from Magna Carta 1215, which again he just confirmed existence of, by doing so.

Therefore, this rogue Government and Monarchy prior, can now be held to account and BoR 1688 protections and those of the Security Clause of Article 61 Lawful Rebellion, invoked in 2001 by the Barons Committee can be fully acted on, to restrain Government and Monarchy again, back to rightful position of SERVANTS ONLY.

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Humanity must be reminded that public servants are just that: servants, and it is our duty to instruct, guide, and monitor them. If they don’t perform, they are released from their obligations and replaced with someone who will honour the position and the direction of the People. They are not better than us, superior to us, smarter than us, and should never be more wealthy than the People they serve nor benefit from their public office as many have done due to lobbying, insider trading, or consorting with other nations so they, in turn, can profit, etc.

I don’t believe we will have “rulers” and “career politicians” any longer. Term limits are mandatory, and we will never again allow people who claim to be “royalty” decide what is best for us. We are not children to be dictated to by “royal reptiles” who deem what they want is for our own good. That’s not democratic, and should never be permitted in a republic, but our conditioning was total and fully integrated over many generations.

All the satanic pedophile alien hybrids on our planet will either be exposed and executed or taken out because they resisted. It’s time to clean up the joint once and for all. No quarter.

Fortunately, many of the old regime are aged and leaving the planet and we won’t have to deal with them. Link to Telegram.

Former Liberal cabinet minister Marc Lalonde dead at 93

What if we can’t find them? Are they still finding tunnels to hide in?

US Virgin Islands can’t find Google co-founder Larry Page to subpoena him in a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for ‘enabling Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring’ – as prosecutors try to reach him through parent company Alphabet

If you notice, national news sources may not want to report on things like this, but we often find the story in international media—kind of like the 5 Eyes. Laws didn’t permit the surveillance of a nation’s own residents, but agreements with other countries meant they would spy on them on the mafia’s behalf and forward the information. Shared resources.

The Epoch Times published this story. Once again, “for our own good.” The globalists can spin anything they want to do by making up some bullcrap about how it serves the masses and is a good thing—because people believe them. Link to Telegram.

🇳🇱NETHERLANDS – The EU and Dutch governments are now forcibly buying 3000 farms, to ‘protect’ the planet!

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Had to re-tweet this.

— Ariel (@Prolotario1) May 8, 2023

We may want to consider some of the following as we evolve on our spiritual journey and adapt to the new world we are creating. Link to Telegram.

I am aware of how difficult it is to navigate between what is real and what we call the ‘matrix’, which is a carefully crafted illusion that has been superimposed for our control and enslavement.

It’s a complicated concept to explain, but as the layers of lies are revealed, the easier it will become to understand the level of deception and therefore the depth and intricacy of the illusion we have been living under.

When everything you are exposed to from birth has been created to make you believe in a specific reality, wether it’s real or not, you will believe it to be real.

To little children Santa is real because we have made them think so through all different means of deception; he brings them gifts, he eats the cookies they leave for him, they know what he looks like, where he lives, how he travels and that he watches over them to see if they’ve been bad or good. They live in an illusion they call reality because we engineered it for them that way.

We are like little children who through every possible means, have been deceived into thinking that we live in a hostile world in continuous turmoil because that is our nature, a scarce world of famine and poverty because we are too many and a planet that is slowly dying because we don’t care for the environment.

We have been deceived into thinking we are weak and defenseless, powerless and insignificant, mere cogs in a carefully crafted system based on money and taxation because that is the only way society functions.

And we have come to believe that THAT is reality but it’s not. That is the illusion they have meticulously created over centuries with limitless resources, for our disempowerment and enslavement.

But just like the child one day realises Santa was not real, the time has come for humanity to grow up and face the sick illusion they have fed us for generations.

We are not weak, we are powerful, the world is not scarce it’s abundant, we are not too many, we are still too few, we are not evil by nature, we are loving, we thrive in cooperation and community, not separation and competition, we are not insignificant, we are God’s greatest creation.

The time has come to lift the veil of deception, to see the evil illusion for what it is and to claim back our power, our faith in humanity and our freedom.

To close, we’ll share a video from Il Donaldo Trumpo.

Stay safe and positive, everyone. The truth hurts, and we’ve all been betrayed but we can handle it. the world is waking up.  ~ BP


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