A Simple Shortcut To Ascension – May 8, 2023


Ascended masters have been walking the earth for thousands of years and have been working towards the ascension of humanity since the dawn of man.

In fact, a great deal of what we know today was already known by the founders of spiritual teachings thousands of years ago. We are so thankful these masters have dedicated themselves to helping us reach God-realization.

When I say “ascension,” it does not mean that you will be sitting on some cloud, and everything will be wonderful. It means that you will be moving into a different dimension of existence, where there is no more duality.

There are many people who need an anchor in this world because they do not know how to exist in the fifth dimension. They have been told that they were “good” or “bad” in their past lives.

What I want to tell you is that there are no good or bad people; there is only one person who is always changing and evolving as he moves through all the dimensions of existence.

You are that one person, but sometimes you forget who you are, and then you think of yourself as being this body or that body in this lifetime. I want to tell you again: The real self resides beyond all the bodies that exist in this dimension.

Yes, all of us are different, and that’s a good thing. Still, we need to reach a common base level of understanding. This can be done by learning the basics. Once you learn these basics, you will realize your true identity, which is beyond the physical. From there on, it’s all about awareness!

If you want to know what your true self is, then first try to know what is not your true self. If there is something that does not belong to you, then it cannot be part of your true self.

There are many things that do not belong to us but which we have taken on as our own, either because we were told by someone else or because we were conditioned by them: “This is good” or “This is bad.” But if we want to find out what our real nature is like and what our real values are, we must start with ourselves.

You should think about this question very carefully: “Who am I?” This is a critical question because if we begin to see ourselves as others see us, we will become what they want us to become; however, if we begin to see ourselves as our own selves see us, we will enter a new dimension of existence!

“Who am I?”: This question that you are asking yourself is the only thing that will lead you to the fifth dimension. And it is a question that has no answer. It’s not just any question; it has no answer; it’s a question that has no intellectual answer. The answer is YOU—your realization of your innermost self.

The answer is within you, but it cannot be found by anyone else. You have to find it within yourself, and then only you will know what your own true nature is like.

That is why this arrow of a question is so powerful because it goes right into your heart—because then there are no barriers in its way. Then it travels inwards and reaches right within to where all knowledge lies hidden—that’s where it comes from!

Your question is not about some abstract concept or theory; it is a question about yourself. And if you can answer that question, you will find yourself in the fifth dimension!

You will find out who you are, what your relationship is with God and all things, how many dimensions there are, and how many people there are in each dimension.

And when you are there, why should you go back? Why should we go back? It is a journey that has no end and no beginning; it is a journey within ourselves; it is a journey within our own minds; it is a journey within our own hearts; it is a journey within our own souls; it is a journey within our own bodies; it is a journey within our own realities!

You have seen that there is a hierarchy of energies: at the top of the pyramid are the most subtle forms of energy, and at the bottom are the grosser ones. So, if you want to ascend, you must first know yourself; you must realize who you are!

So, awaken now and let the time for sleep disappear forever!

I have shown you the path to enlightenment; all you need to do is just try it. Start by knowing yourself as you really are, which will remove not only the veil of ignorance but also your fear of death, which will make you stop nurturing the illusion of your existence.

Stop living in illusion and start living in reality—this is the key mantra to living an awakened life!

That’s it! Now go out there and make your soul fly!

We love you dearly,

We are here with you,

We are your family of light,

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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