The End Is Nigh… – May 6, 2023



“Grim Reaper” = 110

Decode for: “”Grim Reaper”


Q Drop: 110

Posted on: 11/5/2017


CIA counter-ops.

Will all fall down.



Q drop 110 is a Nov 5th DELTA

“Remember Remember the 5th of Nov”

11/5 mirrored = 5/11

5/11 MSM All Fall Down?




👑 Charles gets booed and called King Sausage fingers


Spot the oddities in this screenshot – all looking in different directions at the point of Charles’s crowning👀



Look at the secret crowning hahaha


Grim reaper casing the place 🤣


King Charles’ III property empire includes 7 McDonald’s, a Victoria’s Secret, and an Apple store


Most shops in England and Wales, UK are displaying this


Julian Assange makes ‘Kingly Proposal’ to Charles III

In a letter ahead of his coronation, the WikiLeaks founder urged Britain’s new monarch to visit the prison that bears his name WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wrote a letter to King Charles III on Friday, calling on the monarch to visit His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh and observe the “world class” conditions within its walls.

Assange described the maximum security lockup as being “just a short foxhunt from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich,” telling the King that it must be “delightful” to have “such an esteemed establishment bear your name.”

“As a political prisoner, held at Your Majesty’s pleasure on behalf of an embarrassed foreign sovereign, I am honoured to reside within the walls of this world class institution,” Assange continued. “Truly, your kingdom knows no bounds.”

The jailed journalist described the “culinary delights” served to inmates alone in their cells, the prisoners’ recreational use of prescription drugs, the prohibition of chess for “healthcare” reasons, rodent infestations, and the suicide of one of his friends – a gay man who hung himself before his deportation to Brazil.

“I implore you, King Charles, to visit His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh, for it is an honour befitting a king,” Assange’s letter concluded. “As you embark upon your reign, may you always remember the words of the King James Bible: ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy’ (Matthew 5:7). And may mercy be the guiding light of your kingdom, both within and without the walls of Belmarsh.”

Assange was arrested by British authorities in 2019, after Ecuador revoked his asylum status and allowed police officers to remove him from the country’s embassy in London, where he had been sheltered since 2012. On the day of his arrest, the US Department of Justice unsealed a multi-count indictment against Assange, slapping him with 17 charges under the Espionage Act, which can potentially carry the death penalty.

Assange is currently fighting an US extradition request, and his lawyers have appealed a prior ruling authorizing his transfer to the US, citing the incarcerated publisher’s declining health.

The charges against Assange stemmed from his communication with whistleblowers, most importantly Chelsea Manning, who in 2010 gave WikiLeaks classified materials alleging US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although Assange did not personally leak these materials, he was still charged for his role in publishing them.

News outlets, celebrities, free speech activists, and some US and international politicians have all called on US President Joe Biden to drop the charges against Assange.




2 thoughts on “The End Is Nigh… – May 6, 2023

  1. We can believe nothing where the mention of “Real Raw News” (RRN) is made. RRN stock and trade is mostly fiction and miss information to misinform the public.

    Pass on Real Raw News. No one is being held accountable regardless what RRN would have you believe. Currently RRN doesn’t appear to be much better than old Joe Biden when it come to telling the truth. ~Ed McL


    1. Mmm…there appears to have been. Some corroboration of data between RRN announcing the arrest of Wallensky (CDC Director) and the abrupt May 5 resignation of Wallensky? Just sayin…😳🌹


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