Word For Today – May 6, 2023


Editor’s Note: Wonderful words for these moments of NOW (No Other Way). The monarchy has been the “glue” for holding the Earth hostage as a planet serving “loosh” – the negative energetic vibes we all have experienced as fear, pain, and greed. To those unseen who feed on this.

Yet…right Now (no other way), we are learning to use (unique, special, equal) our own selves to monitor ourselves as we all expand into …

Quantum Joy!

One thought on “Word For Today – May 6, 2023

  1. The last few minutes of my senior year of high school, someone went out to their Camaro, & put in this tape casette, & turned it up. The whole school heard, “There must be some kind of way outta here,” as they left classes on that last day, in 1978.


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