BREAKING NEWS: Three more large U.S. Banks have seen their stock values PLUNGE today, causing all three to have stock trading SUSPENDED! 

Last night I told my radio audience that, with the Banking Crisis, “We’re just getting started” after First Republic Bank failed.  This morning, three MORE banks are heading south . . .

PacWest Bancorp $PACW stock trading halted, citing volatility, after sinking 30% today.

Western Alliance Bank, $WAL, now down 25%, stock halted.

Metropolitan Bank, $MCB, now down 24%, stock halted.

 I also pointed out to my radio audience that some of the very same people who told us all that the COVID-19 “vaccines” were “safe and effective” are now the people telling us the banks are “safe and sound.”

Well, we all found out that the allegedly “safe and effective” COVID vaccines, were nothing of the sort.  So what does THAT say for folks who are now telling us the banks are “safe and sound?”


+1 #█▓▒░ Yuval Noah Harari Paints A Grim Picture Of The AI Age, Roots For Safety Checks ░▒▓█ — Palehorse2023-05-02 21:20


“Yuval Noah Harari has said that AI has “hacked” the operating system
of human civilization.”
“Artificial intelligence is shaking up the world. While experiments and
research in this sub-field of computer science have been ongoing for

“Human rights, for example, aren’t inscribed in our DNA. Rather, they
are cultural artifacts we created by telling stories and writing laws.
Gods aren’t physical realities. Rather, they are cultural artifacts we
created by inventing myths and writing scriptures,” wrote Harari.”

AI and the power of intimacy
Harari also shed light on how AI could form intimate relationships
with people and influence their decisions.

+3 #Here’s a portion… — 3rdOption2023-05-02 20:59

…of an add listing a rifle for sale. It’s a popular website for buyers and sellers.

” I have a R.E.P.R. Elite, with a Luepold mark 5HD 5-25×56 FF illuminated tremor 3 scope, and a CGS Hyperion 7.62 Titanium Suppressor. Plus 8 pmag, 1000 rds of ammunition and carrying case. Value point is slightly over $10,000 without me adding up all items. Bought the rifle while deployed, took over a year and a half to get the suppressor, scope and suppressor never used. Wanting to get a vehicle for my daughter so willing to part with one of my babies. Looking to trade for an old CJ, old Land Rover, old Toyota Land Cruiser, 50’s -60’s truck or similar type…”

Looking to trade for one of these “old” trucks…for his “daughter.”
Want to guess why he really wants one of these specific vehicles right now?
Want to guess what event he’s expecting in short order?

You’d be wise to follow suit if able to.

#Relax — jameschrls2023-05-02 19:29

The powers that be will keep this circus going for a long time. Don’t forget, our savior “Illuminati Donald” will save us all…so just relax and take it easy!

#New sign at bank — Room 3152023-05-02 19:17

They had a sign company come in and add verbiage to the front door. On the inside door, at doorknob level, is this mysterious message:

“Crawl low, they may be shooting.”

But on the outside, at exactly the same level the message reads,

“Shoot low, they may be crawling.”

Something’s up.

+1 #woke banks — 0b68w2023-05-02 19:01

the left coast banks are some special kind of woke. from an auditor’s view, they should never have been able to attain the point at which they are perched. they are way over-extended and don’t have the funds to cover the debts. this is only possible by regulators ignoring the bank stats and intervention by politics. hold on to your hats, more to come.

#Did Biden really say? — Doug Brown2023-05-02 17:46

Did Biden really tell Zelinski to:

#Welllllll …….. — LilBirdie2023-05-02 21:57

Really…… those are the only true options….

+4 #█▓▒░ Gold Surges To $2,025 As Fears Of More Bank Failures Accelerates But Here Is The Big Surprise ░▒▓█ — Palehorse2023-05-02 17:10


Kevin C Smith:  A reminder that back in the Global Financial
Crisis over 150 banks went out of business.
Today, 4 failures already equate to nearly the entire amount
of assets financial institutions held during the banking crisis
issue of ’08 and ’09.
If you are asking yourself whether the Fed will allow the same
systemic problem to unfold today, look no further than gold
prices starting to sniff around liquidity injections to sustain
financial stability.


+10 #Thanks Hal — joe@tittiger.com2023-05-02 16:55

I have rearranged my next 2 months spending just in case this collapse comes before next month.

+2 #oil — Peter H2023-05-02 16:50

watch oil supplies
… This is a long shot got this in the spirit
My feeling is OIL is going to be a problem .Proibably run out in NON brics countries principally Australia, UK,US,EU,Japan and Brics will have the oil principally Russia China SA,Brazil, India

+2 #Bravo Biden — Silas82023-05-02 16:49

+1 #So competent — Silas82023-05-02 17:05

+9 #Fairly soon, — Red Deer2023-05-02 15:22

I think this is all by design, to consolidate banking power into a few loyal hands that serve the Federal Reserve.

With this feat done, the remainder member banks will wield untold power by a few elites, and we all know what their agenda is.

Between the Banks and Biden’s administration I hold little hope for a return of freedom for the goyim oops I mean citizen.

+4 #Gold spikes higher… — WilliamtheResolute2023-05-02 15:15

The failure will start in the debt market…the very things these banks are involved in manipulating. How many zeros in a trillion…and how many hundreds of trillions are at risk. This is going to go nuclear.

+3 #Lots of other news outlets are reporting this today…… — BanjoDoug2023-05-02 15:07

Hal had better early reporting on all this…… & JPMorgan today said sell bank stocks, & buy gold, per ZeroHedge…..

+8 #RE: UH OH! THREE MORE BANKS – STOCK TRADES HALTED – PLUNGING — PrivateJohn3:162023-05-02 14:49

Gold price has increased $32 so far today.

+1 #Gold — unixguru242023-05-02 14:56

If people don’t have it, they should get some if they can. It, along with Silver, are God’s money. A false balance is an abomination according to Proverbs. What better example than a fiat currency backed by nothing but hot air.

+6 #For those who don’t have a lot of money — bad31419492023-05-02 16:46

some silver would be a good idea. We shouldn’t put all our hope in Gold and/or silver but having some is wise. (After all, you can’t eat gold and silver, but you MAY be able to buy something the eat. OR, you may be able to BRIBE your way out of a sticky situation.) After all, the wise men brought GOLD to Joseph and Mary along with Frankincense and Myrrh, (Medicines). Later, they came in handy when they had to flee to Egypt for safety.

Joseph gathered grain and probably other foods and anything else needed during the good times, so that Egypt and ultimately his own family would have during the bad times. He had warning given to Pharaoh.
warning of what was to come. We have the advantage of information to SEE what is coming. Throughout the bible the people are told to prepare for bad times and then TRUST in God to get them thru them. We aren’t to trust in the things but rather the PROVIDER of the things.

+2 #Indeed — CHUCK2023-05-02 18:10

Proverbs 22:3 states that a wise man sees trouble ahead and prepares for it. We must be like the men of Issachar who knew their times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32a) in order to protect ourselves from the Coming Economic Storm.

+3 #By the way — bad31419492023-05-02 17:02

Water, Defense, Shelter, Food and Medicines first, then Gold and Silver or other precious metals or stones if available. If you have Water and can’t keep it, Shelter and can’t keep it, Food and can’t keep it, medicines, Gold or Silver and can’t keep them, well you are just gathering them for someone else.

By the way having a weapon itself does not mean you can use it. You need training and the “WILL” to do it. Then the mindset to deal with the aftermath. Ask any vet or police with PTSD. It is not always what happens to you but often what “YOU” have to do, that gets to you. You need to decide now and prepare now for what will happen later. Because when it comes there will not be time to debate the action within your head. Hesitation may mean the difference between keeping/winning and losing. Hard but true. Been there done that. don’t want to repeat but can and will if have to.

+1 #100% concur… — 3rdOption2023-05-02 21:08

…and will only add that everyone needs to understand what “victory gardens” were in our not-too-distant history. They can be grown nearly anywhere around the house, condo or apartment.

Better get started.

-1 #RE: Gold — selah2023-05-02 15:49

5 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.


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