Message from “ONE” vid Sophia Love – May 2, 2923


It is the One.

The Course of your evolution will not follow a predicted path. Get used to the idea that you enter new territory, and that means you are drawing maps as you travel. The journey is yours alone.

This implies that your detours and scenic routes are self-defined. Oh, you’ll hear suggestions and might even be given travel brochures from others. Yet this is uncharted territory for every single traveler. 

This trip has not been taken before now. Not with the same population, the same frequency or the same destination. It is for this reason today that we’ll discuss how to pack for the trip.

You will be well served if you travel lightly, and hold onto only very specific things. Know that when you arrive at your chosen destination (and each of you will) you will manifest instantly whatever else you may need. There will be no going without. The days of want, need, and lack will be behind you. On this Truth you can count.

Yet you need to get there. You are on your way now, and in the midst of it. It has begun.

Anyone here now has agreed to the trip. You are far enough along the way to barely remember what the starting point looked like. You haven’t forgotten completely, yet you are in motion and you’re not able to indulge in looking in the rear-view mirror. There is too much going on ahead of you and around you.

So, what will you want to keep? We’ll make a list, so that it is easily recalled.

1.    You’ll want to hold what is sacred to your heart. This could be anything, but it will revolve around your heart. Hold close, those moments in which you heard the singing of your heart, felt its vibration and thus knew love. It may be with a specific person, in the middle of a passionate or creative action, while immersed in a specific frequency or on a visit to a significant location. What inspires the feeling doesn’t matter. It is the resonant lovethat you’ll identify and hold onto.

2.    Next, you’ll want to carry a deep sense of identity. This is not your name or your occupation, your title or your birth order or your nationality or your religious affiliation. This is the Truth of You. It is the you that withstands the storm of change and navigates the turn in every road. It is the you that you recognize in prayer, meditation or deep contemplation. It is you without need or fault or label. It is You in Truth.

3.   This is the final item for your packing list. You may have forgotten that it was even an item. It may have been buried under years of living. It may be hiding behind struggles and “supposed-to’s”. It may have been left, as are many things from your early days, in a pile of “childish things”. We speak here of your sense of wonder. For on this journey, more than any other, you’ll need your eyes wide open and you’ll want to pay attention to every detail.

Where you are heading, my dear, dear human, is a place filled with the novel and the brilliant. This is not like any other trip you may have taken. This is brand new. For full appreciation you’ll want to be curious, open and accepting.

Do you remember your beginning? You came from a sense of excited expectation and insatiable curiosity. It is not “growing up” that causes you to lose your enthusiasm. It was slavery and control that blocked your natural tendencies.

So, this trip will be easily travelled as far as luggage is concerned. It will not be costly and there are no restrictions. As was said, you’ve decided to go simply by your presence on the planet.

Do not pay attention to the scary road signs and warnings. They are remnants of where you are leaving. Attention drawn into those things will complicate or delay your journey.

For the smoothest trip, secure these three items:

Resonant Love

Your Core Self

A Sense of Wonder

Then, focus on the path forward and only in that direction. You’ll know you are focused correctly when there is compassion, wellness, vitality, humor, gentility, nourishment, abundance, community, love, peace, joy, passion, fulfillment or honor. In these emotions you will find your place, and recognize a sense of belonging. Once recognized, you’ll feel like home.

Your arrivals will be staggered and some days, short lived. Yet know that once you’ve seen it, your permanent arrival there is guaranteed.

There will be a pivotal moment for each of you when you’ll feel that the “Welcome Home” sign was meant for you. At that point, you’ll rest and then turn to welcome the others.

For some have arrived already and some are further behind you. This is a group adventure, and it is collectively taken. 

You are in for such a treat, my dear, dear human. You write the story for each other, travel together and encourage each other as it is taken. It is an awesome undertaking. Each of you, all of you, finding your way home.

That is all.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Message from “ONE” vid Sophia Love – May 2, 2923

  1. That is a beautiful message…it’s not where we are going, it’s bringing it here….quite different or maybe just a frequency band that is already here but we just don’t hear it. Had this wild dream about frequencies, and in the city, I knew we just had to leave, and then getting a download about frequencies…I know it’s about frequencies…can ya hear it?
    That song ‘I can’t find the real world alone’ keeps popping into my head.
    LOL, today is gonna be a strange day.
    Last action hero or Groundhog’s day….
    Strange, the view from here
    Words we spoke, forgotten at the time
    Now replay in my mind
    What went wrong, what was right
    Looking back, I never was there for you
    You didn’t say, but I know it’s true
    I can’t find the real world alone
    Every time I think I’ve won
    I hear your voice inside, questioning
    Where have you gone
    Can’t remember feeling so alone
    You always had the answer that I could not see
    I can’t find the real world
    I can’t find the real world
    I can’t find the real world alone
    I can’t find the real world
    I can’t find the real world
    I can’t find the real world alone

    That song comes from the movie Last Action Hero, where the villian says:
    If God were a villian, he’d be me”….LOL
    What’s the moral of the story, Last Action Hero and Groundhog’s day….
    Last Action Hero…’Real is in the eye of the beholder?’ LOL
    or Real is real, there are many.
    Groundhog’s day: Learn to love or doomed to repeat it….LOL

    The message here, monitor your thoughts, the real world is what you create….this is just a drill, master it and all will be good.


    1. Thanks for your heartfelt share, unfortunately “video unavailable” , so you must be right on point! VERY loud frequencies in my ears today…I Am clairaudient..very noticeable! Something’s up…?!🌹😊🎉💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…that video is still there…it’s funny how some I post is ‘unavailable’ so no surprise there. Something’s always up, yesterday was certainly a high frequency day. I always got about 3 going on in my head constantly. Most don’t get it, I suppose it’s just the way it is. Someday, somewhere…we’ll find a new way of living…


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