RFK, Jr. Says… “My Fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…” – March 28, 2023


JFK: “My fellow Americans, let us take that first step. Let us… step back from the shadow of war and seek out the way of peace.” -RFK JR

Q never said WHO was gonna tweet it! 💥👀💥


Look to Twitter:

Exactly this: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”

God bless.




Jamie Dimon is to be interviewed under oath over decision to retain pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as a client at JP Morgan

They claim the bank benefitted from human trafficking and ignored internal warnings about their client’s illegal activities


Evelyn Dieckhaus tried bravely to save her classmates by pulling the fire alarm at The Covenant Elementary School in Nashville. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨

Dark MK-Ultra’d minions are working overtime. Do not play their blame game. Dissolve this Energy for the collective within the Heart Space. Prayers are greatly needed.

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale identified as transgender and had detailed manifesto to attack Christian academy




Now you see it, now you don’t. Disney is eliminating its entire metaverse division as part of the impending mass layoffs destined to impact as many as 7,000 employees, a report Monday claims.

The old matrix & its minions continue to self-destruct. ❌☠️❌

The metaverse is DEAD like the clintons. 💀

Disney Terminates Entire Metaverse Division


Both will crumble. 👇🏽

Adidas Set To Dump Beyoncé As Clothing Brand Crumbles


Stop drinking toxic household cleaning agents. 👇🏽

Indra Nooyi, Pepsi’s First Female CEO, Is Stepping Down


Luh Loh! 👀👇🏽

Brazil’s Lula postpones China trip after catching pneumonia




Nice lil jolt showing on the Schumann. Frequency is key in measurement to Ascension, personal, collective & the vibration of Earth. 

There’s confusion in the Power & Frequency level. Power Intensity are shown as colors on the graph — Blue lowest (background intensity)  Green 3D, Yellow 4D, White (Highest) beginning of 5D – the amplitude Power of Schumann peaks.

This should not to be confused with the 0-40 hertz Frequency — in relations to the Collective State of Consciousness & Dimensions. Dimensions are states of consciousness that are measured in hertz frequency. Dimensions 3D to 5D boundary matches the Earth-based Schumann chart exactly & is reflected on the graph. 

The Schumann is a live measurement of the collective consciousness on Earth — so it is affected by the collective vibration of ALL Beings here.

Connect to Human Brainwave Frequency. 👇🏽

3D frequency = Alpha — resonates 7.8-10 hertz. 

4D frequency = Beta — resonates 12-30 hertz. 

5D frequency = Gamma — resonates 40-100 hertz. 



Well you heard the phrase — MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY! 💣👀💣

SCOTUS overturning the 2020 Election fraud would be too anti-climatic. They promised US a MOAB — and that is getting ready to DROP.

Thanks to the Brunson brothers. They showed the world what was needed to be seen. 🙏🏽💜🔥



Kraken Kari vs Kartel Katie! 💥👀💥

BREAKING UPDATE: Maricopa County Judge Issues Order Setting Schedule For Kari Lake’s Signature Verification Fraud Challenge, Conference on MARCH 30 – ORDER INCLUDED



Q+ throwing a Double Air Q. 🍊👀🍊

“Either the DeepState destroys America, or we destroy the DeepState”

“Pivotal moment in our Country’s history”

-CIC45, Waco TX, 3/25/2023

Trump Force One goes to Cheyenne Mountain. Has anyone seen what Cheyenne Mountain looks like from an aerial view?! 😯



In crypto news… ❌☠️❌

Luna Crash: Do Kwon, Fugitive Behind $40-Billion 2022 Crash Arrested, Charged With Fraud


Crypto Exchange Binance Sued by US CFTC for Alleged Derivatives Rule Lapses

Coinbase says it could get sued by the SEC, which has identified ‘potential violations of securities law’ at the exchange


Bitcoin Sinks Below $27K After CFTC Files Suit Against Binance




Operation the Whole World Poops on the American Dollar all at Once & Banks are Clogged Up Toilets!🚨👀🚨

It’s a working title. 😜😁😂

‘Rich Dad’ R. Kiyosaki projects the downfall of US dollar, labels it ‘toilet paper’


Janet Yellen called up Hank Paulson with the banking system on the brink. ‘It’s really hard to stop or even slow down a bank run,’ he said.

The Fed Is Creating A Black Swan Event Of Our Lifetime

Seeking Alpha


“Expert predicts dollar collapse amid banking sector unrest”

Small US banks see record drop in deposits after SVB collapse | CNN Business





4 thoughts on “RFK, Jr. Says… “My Fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…” – March 28, 2023

  1. God Bless the Brunson Bros.! We’ve certainly been shown that the Supreme Court is as corrupt as damn near everybody else right now. Prayers for the Military White Hats, & Plan D of the BBros.


  2. You just dont have any morals or decency, little on integrity. Lets see how many times has Nesara/Gesara supposedly been announced by the biggest disinformation site on the internet? Or “The storm is upon us?” Blah Blah Blah Blah nauseating. Same with Q the distractor? JFKjr= Q? I have lost all and any respect for him, he has lied just as much as all of these cowards. Its ok all the ignorant sheep are the laziest dim wits on this planet, its comforting for them to be literally be seen as the morons they continue to show the world. Everyone is completely repugnant, so stupid that even thousands of people from foreign countries finally had enough of pos Trump and this Hollywood shit show, they finally seen the truth and derailed the pathetic Trump train. Which I am completely not surprised, the sheep cult will never have the sense to ever believe that Pedo Trump would ever LIE or lead them astray. Oh NO not “The Chosen Israel puppet”. No they will continue to follow the devil to the 15 minute city, to their demise. Even if that means 5 more years of the same old hopium, because they believe in a pathological Liar. Theres no reason to think on their own, why its so much easier to follow the evil piped piper. So comforting to prove to the world Americans really are the lowest IQ beings on the planet.


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