Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #341- 345 ~ March 28, 2023


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #341

You make every single hologram of your reality
By projecting it when you shift your consciousness
Through vibrations of emotions

Your reality is a mirror image of your consciousness

Just like two particles of plasma with comparable vibration
Will unite and form a third one

You will merge with other sound frequency holograms
When you resonate at a similar wavelength

If it is not the reality you wish
Then pull away from it and do not focus on it
Give thanks for it because gratitude allows new energy to come in

We are so powerful because we are expressions of Consciousness in a fractal

The negative structure goes to extreme measures
Of poisoning brainwashing and electrical manipulation

So they can sustain themselves
And block us from restructuring ourselves

As the new vibrations come in
Our molecular resonance will rise

But theirs will self destruct
Because they cannot match the new frequency

Frequencies are electrical currents that activate cells
Which will then energize the entire molecular system of the body

Our cells are like batteries
They are capacitors that hold charge

Many children coming into the world now are hybrids
Because they can hold the increased vibration
Which will be the reality of humanity

Aliens are us and we are them
Because their DNA is in us

Our destiny is to expand and fill the universe!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #342

The new frequencies will come in waves
Each wave separated by a few years

As our original DNA is restored
The body will respond and old habits such as carnivorous diets will fade away

After a few waves restoration will be complete
Anything that does not combine with the new structure will self destruct

Each wave will be like a strong emotion
That washes a part of us away
But deposits treasures we never imagined

Out goes naivete frustration anger despair
In comes wisdom discernment and enjoyment of life

Like our emotions the rhythm of life is natural
Expanding and contracting

Unrecognized subconscious emotions will no longer run our daily affairs
And we will have mastery over them

Emotions are our navigation system
That tell us where we are on the sea of life

We need to fully experience a wide range of emotions
To know the richness of feeling
And to give our souls understanding

When we embrace all our emotions we are no longer afraid of them
We embrace them with self love

By infusing love into our unpleasant emotions
We transform them into our welcome companions

When our emotions give us joy
We can stay in the positive

When we project a desired emotion
We project a desired reality

Imagine frequencies of love entering and combining with powerful subconscious emotions
That are revealing themselves

Imagine yourself as no longer being concerned about becoming overwhelmed with emotional reactions
Because you are at peace with them

When we line up intent with powerful positive emotions
Manifestation takes place

And we are bombarded with opportunity
As synchronicity takes place everyday

We self love into a higher reality!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #343

Alien abductions are hybrid programs
For the purpose of installing higher energies
So that the person can go out and help others

Of course many abduction stories are made up
When a supposed abductee starts talking about visiting planets
I become extremely skeptical

I do not have any memories of abduction
But I do have instances that occur at night
Where all of a sudden I find myself realizing there is a UFO up in the sky
And it leaves very quickly

I do have dreams and recollections about being in the presence of unusually tall beings
They have a non threatening vibe
So I am not afraid just kind of amazed

I am in a foggy state of awareness
Sometimes I am sitting and I feel like I am in some type of classroom setting
Other times I am standing
But I do not know where I am

I have recurrent encounters with a couple of them
One of them seems to be in charge
The other one appears to be assigned to me

The latter one always has had an aloofness and a condescending attitude towards me
But the last visitation that I remember
His demeanor had changed and he spoke friendly to me for a brief moment

I think my experience with them as looking human like
Is just an appearance for my benefit
Because I do remember encounters where one or more were obviously not human

I do not see any navigation screens or celestial star charts
I am not shown around and I do not encounter any holographic devices
Or any pulsating power source
Or any metallic plasma features

I am restricted to one area
I do not feel I have the ability to move around much

Recently I had this vision or whatever you want to call it
Of a rotating layered circular object hovering above me
Each circular layer rotated in different directions at various speeds

It was not close and I do not know how far up it was
But I knew it was projecting towards me
And I instinctively knew that some frequency or data was being downloaded into me

I definitely feel that I have experienced a metatronic conversion
And I go about my life with the attitude that I have a higher purpose

A purpose not only for the good of humanity
But for all life!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #344

In 2004 I was on a hiking trip at Mt. Shasta with a friend
One day we stopped at a store in a small nearby town called Weaverville

Two young girls had a box full of puppies
They pointed to one of them and said he is our favorite
So I picked him up named him Shasta and took him home

He was like a magical dog
Incredibly cute and amazingly smart with a wide variety of expressions
We instantly bonded and he became my close companion

People would always stare at him and ask me questions about him
And that continued for 17 years
He was born on May 1 and that is also the day he died

People who live around Mt Shasta have remarkable spiritual experiences
Some of them say they have visited an underground metropolis called Telos

Hikers cannot find a way to Telos
They have to be invited by the inhabitants
Who sense that you have a vibration that can hold their frequency
If you accept the offer an opening will be provided

Descriptions of Telos is of a crystal city with 5 levels
Its features are like a living kaleidoscope with a central white pyramid

When entering Telos a fabulous sensation hits you
You have a change in consciousness
And understand that everyone is connected

Telos is said to be inhabited by Lemurians who escaped the sinking of Lemuria
They seem ageless with robust health and high manifestation abilities
They have a 7th dimension awareness

They know that a frequency shift is imminent and look forward to integration with surface dwellers
A woman named Shiama is a person often encountered

Lemuria was a real place and is attested to by all the ancient megalithic ruins
On the islands of the South Pacific

Whether you get to see Telos
Or experience a manifestation or synchronicity

Magic happens around Mt Shasta!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #345

We vibrate at matter to have a physical experience
The correct frequency and sound will recreate your vessel back to normal

If you know the quantum algorithm of an object
You can teleport it by frequencies of vibration

This is the magical force that raises blocks that weigh many tons and puts them in place

The South Pacific islands of Indonesia Micronesia Melanesia Macaronesia and Malaysia
Which now consist of thousands of islands each
Was once a big island continent called Lemuria

Megalithic structures that defy modern building techniques
Are scattered throughout these islands
The huge Moai on Easter Island is perhaps the most famous

On Pohnpei Island there is a 300 foot long temple with 30 foot high walls
Also on Pohnpei there is Nan Madol which is 90 artificial islands built of basalt blocks that weigh up to 25 tons
Madol Powe has 58 artificial islands with megalithic buildings
A lot of the structures are now submerged

On Tonga there is a lost city called Mua with an ancient pyramid
On Tonga Toba there are immense stone arches called Trilithons weighing 20 tons each
On Rapa Iti there is a pyramid shaped tower

In the Mariana islands there are 20 foot high truncated pyramids
On Tinian island there are 2 rows of large stone pillars called the House of Toga

In the Ladrones there are remarkable Cyclopean structures
In the Leeward islands there are sacred pyramids

On Palau in the Caroline islands in Micronesia there are sculpted landforms overlooking the bay
Tapiteau in the Kingsmill islands has solid truncated pyramids

On Swallows island there is a vast quadrangular enclosure containing several mounds
On Strongs island there are canals and ruins very similar to the ruins on Metallanine island

One 40 foot tall building on Strongs island located at the intersection of canals
Is now surrounded by a dense and gloomy forest
The inhabitants believe it was once used by a mighty people who traveled to the far reaches of the world

On Lele there is a conical mountain of enormous thickness
The whole island is a series of megalithic enclosures with great walls 12 feet thick

The ruins are now overgrown by the jungle
Outsiders are forbidden to examine them

The Marquesas islands in Polynesia have huge steep mountains
With Tiki statues possessing enormous eyes and stone terraces called Tohuas
At Nuku Hiva there is a massive platform with enormous basalt blocks

In the Marshall and Gilbert islands there are tall slender pyramids

In the Navigator islands there is a 150 foot diameter platform near the edge of a 500 foot high precipice
In Hawaii 30 miles from Hilo there is a giant basalt hill
The basalt is polished and fitter together like sheets of paper
There was a similar structure near Kona that has been demolished

On West Java in Indonesia there are scattered fragments of a basalt step pyramid called the Mountain of Enlightenment
The underwater pyramid at Yonaguni Japan has immense platforms and stairways

Pyramids were coupled capacitors
They were geometric devices attached to the ground harnessing the earths energy
Which was amplified and converted into transmissible waves

Pyramids were tuned in and resonated to the vibration of the earth

The human body also only operates at full capacity if we are tuned into the correct frequency
Which is programmed into our DNA sequence

We have an intelligently designed DNA code
The human genome could never have happened randomly

When humans are operating as intended
We are capable of amazing feats of architectural design!



One thought on “Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #341- 345 ~ March 28, 2023

  1. So, Alcyone is the Pleiadian Central Sun which is repairing and transforming
    the human DNA. Does this mean that we are “becoming” Pleiadians? I have read that they are already here amongst us. Is Trump a Pleiadian ?
    BTW, the illuminati stole our sacred symbols, disfigured them, but they


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