Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #326 ~ #330 ~ March 20, 2023


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #326

You are the light you seek
The power you look for is in you

You are interacting with yourself in your geometric hologram

Your hologram combined with thought becomes a blueprint in the plasma field

How you tune into a specific platform of reality depends upon your vibration
You can quantum manifest by your choosing
And be the creator of your timeline

Sometimes latent emotions are magnified
Trauma comes in and we blow up like a mine field

We try to deal with the drama and process the emotions
Tension arises that keeps us from being our optimum self
And suppressed anger reveals itself

These emotions are valid and need expressing
How can you manifest when you are being overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings
That you could not let out when you were younger

Speak to other versions of yourself
They are an aspect of you
Plug that frequency into your consciousness

Reality is a mirror image of your consciousness
Emotions become a sonic imprint
A vibration of geometric blueprint

You can imprint upon your consciousness
A completely different timeline
And experience a more enjoyable hologram of reality

When you imagine something
It exists in the quantum structure

When you vibrate with what you have imagined
You will see it

And then you will consume the fruits of what you have planted!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #327

The moment you think of a negative
It is printed in the quantum structure

The amount of your negative thoughts
Determines how much you are fluctuating

Before you are enter a hard situation
And convince yourself to have approach anxiety

Think of yourself as a tuning fork
See yourself vibrating at a desired frequency
And focus on it

Words are vibrations with meanings
What you say will be the result of what you are vibrating

You will surprise yourself
When you say the right words and feel good emotions
In a situation you would normally want to avoid

Learn how to switch tonality
If you talk soft you will project insecurity and nervousness

Breathe in your nostrils and air will go right to your diaphragm lungs and abdomen
You will be filled with the plasma energy which is the spark of life

When you are vibrating correctly full of the plasma life force
You will illuminate and radiate strength
And naturally speak at the tone which fits the circumstance

Do not have a victim story because that is what you will experience
Turn negative events in your life into positive outcomes

You are in different hologram
Be in the now

Do not look for validation from others
Be complete in being centered in your abundant self

Do not devalue yourself
Tell yourself about your attributes in only positive ways

Do not be concerned about what others are thinking about you
They will respect you more if you do not care
And they will return shortly to only thinking about themselves

Do not beat yourself up if you are not perfect
The human experience is far from that

Get to that place of being pure centered calm and clear
And you will once again have fertile ground to successfully create!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #328

The fake banking crisis is just part of the planned collapse
To roll out the Central Bank digital currency

A bank bail in will cease operations and seize accounts
And whatever you have in your bank becomes history

They will say Oh we have all your money over here
Just bring your biometric ID
And be sure you have a microchip implant in your palm
We require proof of vaccination status that includes multiple boosters
And your social credit score

We will also need to do a fingerprint analysis
An eye scan
A saliva DNA test
And a fluorescent infrared check to make sure you have the injected enzyme luciferase
Otherwise known as Lucifer Rays
So that we can get you on the Mark of the Beast control grid system
To allow you access to your money

The banking freeze will probably happen on a Friday
A bank holiday will be declared
And the economy will grind to a halt

Because of the manufactured emergency
People will wake up and find out they have no money

As the Fed raises interest rates each month
One bank after another will fail

The Silicon Valley Bank which recently closed
Had 209 billion dollars in assets
And there was 42 billion dollars in withdrawals just before the closing

It was the biggest bank failure since Washington Mutual in 2008

They will be bailed out because they are well connected
It will be said that this bank is too big to fail and that it is a super special important bank

The FDIC says it only has 1% of the money needed to cover accounts
Your money is not insured

As trust in the system is eroded
And people start acting on more rumors of instability
Only the first ones out the door will exit the fire

We are in a giant Truman Show movie
Most people are like the main character Truman portrayed by Jim Carrey
And are starting to suspect there is a major conspiracy

Maybe the banking system is controlled by a few psychopathic trillionaires
Maybe Big Pharma does not love me and want to protect my health

There are 2 simultaneous programs running
There are 2 simultaneous parallel realities with different timelines

One has a higher vibration from the heart
And the other negative one cannot tune into the positive frequency timeline

If you do not vibrate in that negative reality
You will not experience the full impact of it

Or maybe your vibration
Will not even allow you to see it!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #329

The more you love life
The more life loves you

The more you smile
The more life will smile right back at you
The more it will cast light on you

The more light and bright you are
The more manifestation power you have

If other frequencies have made you dim or dark
Have shot you down or closed you off

Put a pure intention into your hologram without expectations of reward
And it will become very potent

You will come back at a higher level
And radiate in all directions

See light radiating from every cell in your body
Into the infinite timeline of possibilities

You will then project the frequency of abundance
And crystallize a timeline where everyone cares and helps each other

See a vision of light coming into you
A wavelength vibe from beyond that makes your cells happy
And relaxes all that is tight

A vision where all your body is functioning at optimum levels
And vibrating at ideal sound frequencies

Imagine yourself as a powerful being of cosmic energy
Receiving energetic plasma light language

Use your word frequency as instructions to create in this realm
Let your imagination soar on the wind into the unseen plasma field
Command the ether to materialize what you desire

Embrace life
Decide it is worth it
Even though it is not easy

Have a high pain threshold
Or take pleasure in pain
And then you will not even feel it

Realities are connected
You coexist in similar realities where your family was a little different or you married someone else

Your soul needs to experience alternate outcomes

In every reality there is a portal that you can enter if you match the frequency

Life is amazing
And so are you!


Cosmic Commentaries of the Century #330

As photonic light fields enter our realm
The Earth will regain its charge

Plasma will clear out the ley lines and the etheric passageways
That are earths kundalini

Our inner selves will be recharged
And our eyes will light up

The pineal gland will come on line and conduct light
Allowing our DNA to transform

As the crystals in the pineal gland become charged
They create plasma projections

Recognize the Light of Source is in our whole being
That it is our bioelectrical circuitry

It is important to have fun and truly be yourself
There is a hidden pattern of energy behind consciousness

If you are talking to someone attractive
And your mind is imaging sex
You will attract sex

You experience what you project
You project what you feel

It is a struggle to prevent a drop of frequency
Because just a flash of insecurity from the past
Will put you on a path leading to profound discomfort

But you have to be determined to dig deep
Even when the patterning of underlying emotional wounds get in the way

They are hard to get through
But you have to work on releasing them

As you make it through the wall of chaos
And past the barrier of pain
Your soul will come to the fore and shine

You will no longer wonder around trying to protect your ego
Or feel challenged by the periphery of other peoples emanations

You will feel anchored in your calm center
As you hold on to your strong inner coherent signal!



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