Clif High Newsletter: It’s Full On KAREN! . . . Oh FUD! ~ March 20, 2023


By Clif High – March 20, 2023

Oh, FUD!

It’s full on KAREN!

Inflation is a measurement….not really a thing. We apply the word to a number that describes our understanding of how much our politicians, bankers, and the [DS] are fucking over the Populace at that moment by fiat money tricks.

There are more of those money tricks being played now by the [DS], and the desperate [KM].

There is no way of really knowing the actual inflation rate of the Federal Reserve Note as all the reporting agencies are denied access to real numbers by the Federal Reserve Bank, and the USA Federal Government, which it is captured. Plus there are all kinds of institutions creating new ‘FRN’s by way of lending at all levels within the system, and there is necessarily lag times in the reporting. AND there is ALL that egregious CORRUPTION.

The ‘members’ are known to ‘create digits’ that are deliberately NOT reported to any authority. It is known as the ‘gray money’.

We have not, yet, experienced ‘hyperinflation’ here in the USA in this modern world breakdown of the financial ‘systems’.

It is coming, though. Likely very soon. Maybe even this week.

Hyperinflation is defined by the ‘hyper’ part. You only get ‘hyper’ when humans are involved. It is all about the emotion of it all.

You see, hyperinflation is when people get totally, full on Karen FREAKED OUT by what is happening to the money. The hyper part of the hyperinflation comes from people getting ‘hyper’, and reaching near ‘maniacal’ states of emotional reaction to events.

Hyperinflation is here when you find yourself spending every bit of fiat currency as soon as you get it, and in fact, have planned out how to spend every dime.

In periods of hyperinflation, your mind and emotions get NO comfort from holding currency. In the bank, at home…it does not matter. You DON’T want to have it.

Hyperinflation is entirely an emotional reaction to a perception of current events that gives rise to fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). You have NO CONFIDENCE in the system issuing the ‘currency’. Hyperinflation is where the worm of fear eats your mind at night, destroying your sleep, as you try to ‘solve’ your dilemma of being in conflict with the ‘system’ that surrounds you.

Hyperinflation is a time in a history. Of a people, a nation, a world. It is a period, once in history, it becomes bounded by a start, and an end.

We can see the ‘start’ just ahead of us, and though we do not see its end, we can predict that the hyperinflation will be relatively brief, especially to the long decades of its lingering after effects.

Hyperinflation ALWAYS changes the global power structure, and inner humanity social dynamics.

This, dare we say, ‘our’, hyperinflation will be no different.

You know it’s hyperinflation when the denomination no longer matters, and you are just weighing the paper money . . .

Our hyperinflation will begin, or has begun, or is beginning, with the loss of confidence in the ‘system’ as exemplified by its product, the fiat currency. This dying confidence is affecting the circulation rate of the currency now.

The internal infiltration designed to produce a loss of confidence in the government, politicians, political structure (voting), policing, borders, military, and money systems within the social order are providing the fuel for the hyperinflation. Outside forces are piling on with trafficking drugs, people, disease, and corruption into the system at extreme levels. It’s a giant bonfire of the vanity and insanity unleashed against the USAPop.

At this point we know the hyperinflation is coming. It is visible. This week we have the [DS] escalating the 5GUW against the populace by the arrest of Trump language. They can predict that the conservative base will react by taking money out of their banks.

They are also having their banking buddies begin the hollowing out of the smaller, local, and regional, banks by way of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt language coming out of the main players at the top of the system. This also pushes runs on the banks.

The [DS] has also mobilized their EcoShill force to begin attacks on the banks for their financing of the ‘evil’ oil industry. Again, pushing, this time, the Left/Progressives, to withdraw from the banking system.

All of these events will push confidence in the financial system down to levels at, or below, the confidence in the political part of the system.

That will be very low indeed. It may even be low enough to tip the USAPop, and thus by extension, the rest of GlobalPop, into a hyperinflation mind set.

If so, we can know that it was planned. The timing is not organic, nor accidental. It is gamed out, and is the result of a deliberate decision.

Once it begins, it becomes nearly impossible to predict the extent of the damage. That’s the thing about Karens, when they explode, the debris goes everywhere.



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