The ‘Censorship-Industrial-Complex’ has been Called out ~ March 16, 2023


By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 15, 2023

The “Censorship-Industrial-Complex” Has Been Called Out 

-Parisse Deza

“The Best Is Yet To Come” – Website For The New Paradigm is an educational bridge from old paradigm to new. We feature selected pieces to illumine the world situation to encourage you that we are inexorably heading into greater consciousness and freedom – pieces of immediate relevance showing Humanity’s movement forward to a new paradigm.

We are not a news site, but a chronicler of our evolution of consciousness. You do not have to weed through volumes of material to see what’s happening; we keep it simple and clear. We are also a resource center for truth, education, and freedom venues you can explore.

The Light is waking many people in powerful positions; it is stimulating their moral compass. While these are moving in the right direction, those aligned with dark factions are shown for what they are. Never has this contrast been more obvious. And it is in seeing this that we transcend.

Here are some recent articles from the website for your enjoyment.

To open them go to and scroll down by date…

The “Censorship-Industrial-Complex” Has Been Called Out The End Is Near For Those Factions That Would Suppress Truth…

Locked-Away In ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Camps: The Orwellian Dystopia Of The “Censorship-Industrial-Complex” -by CJ Hopkins

3/11/23 – “Yesterday, I hallucinated that Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives about the Censorship Industrial Complex,  i.e., the US arm of the global official propaganda and disinformation apparatus that has been  waging an all-out war on dissent for the better part of the last six years….And now, here I am, celebrating Matt and Shellenberger’s testimony yesterday…

“We learned Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other companies developed a formal system for taking in moderation requests from every corner of government: the FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, the Global Engagement Center at State, even the CIA. For every government agency scanning Twitter, there were perhaps 20 quasi-private entities doing the same, including Stanford Election Integrity Project, Newsguard, the Global Disinformation Index, and others, many taxpayer-funded.’

       -Matt Taibbi’s statement to Congress

3/10/223 – One minute video excerpt of Michael Schellenberger, testifying before Congress.

American author and former public relations professional whose writing has focused on the intersection of politics and the environment, Schellenberger describes the coordination between social media, corporate media & the Federal Government.


The Bulk Of This Population Has Been Rendered Mentally Harmless By The Elimination Of Individuality

March 10, 2023 -by Gary D. Barnett

“Many wonder why things are as they are today, why unique and sovereign individuals gather in large groups en masse, (as one) why they seek and embrace the herd mentality, and why they demand a dominate government, when this behavior can only lead to a loss of identity and an elimination of all critical thought. This does not happen due to a lack of intellect, it does not happen because of any intentional desire for one to destroy his own free will, it is the result of purposeful long-term planning on the part of the ruling class, and the voluntary acceptance of dependency by the masses. 

“…no large-scale reform is ever going to work to repair our damaged children and our damaged society until we force open the idea of “school” to include family as the main engine of education. If we use schooling to break children away from parents — and make no mistake, that has been the central function of schools since John Cotton announced it as the purpose of the Bay Colony schools in 1650 and Horace Mann announced it as the purpose of Massachusetts schools in 1850 — we’re going to continue to have the horror show we have right now.”

John Taylor Gatto,Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

THIS Is The Mother Of All Lies & They’re DESPERATE To Keep It Hidden From You

An amazing audio interview with Dr. Tom Cowan and Seth Holehouse of Man In America, in which Tom lucidly and scientifically unwinds the lies upon which the science of virology was built:

3/9/23 – “What if the very foundation of the modern medical industrial complex is built upon a lie so big, that it would undo their entire system if the public found out? Joining me today is Dr. Tom Cowan, an author exposing a deceitful medical agenda that’s been over 100 years in the making.”


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