A Bill of Mights, from COG, and the Protests in France Today ~ March 15, 2023


by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The following was published on the Ides of March 2023, from an undisclosed location east of the once-viable Mississippi River.
The Members of the United States Continuity of Government Committee, having met in 2023 as a constitutional convention, do hereby propose these amendments to the Constitution of 1787.

They will replace, by deletion, the now obsolete Amendments I through X which had been called The Bill of Rights. These will be called The Bill of Mights in recognition of the fact that might makes right.

The Bill of Mights

I.Congress may make any law respecting an establishment of religion, and may abridge freedom of speech and freedom of the press to accord with community standards. People may not assemble in an insurrectionary manner.

People wanting to submit grievances shall have the right to apply for a court order granting them permission to do so.

II. A well-regulated militia, being a necessary apparatus of the state, shall be formed by conscription and shall counteract the people’s crime of keeping and bearing arms.

III. Soldiers may be quartered in homes exclusively by permission of Congress.

IV. The searching and seizing of a person’s body, house, papers, or electronic material may be carried out per an order of government, provided that a justification be furnished ex post facto.

V. Persons held to answer for crime may be required to act as witnesses against themselves and may be subjected to double jeopardy. The owners of property seized by the state shall receive nominal compensation.

VI. Accused persons shall be given the assistance of a Public Defender and may be told of the evidence to be used against them.

VII. The right of natural persons and corporations to file lawsuits shall be honored. Priority of common law shall not be assumed. The fact finder is the state-appointed jury whose validity and judgement shall not be questioned.

VIII. Bail and fines shall be determined by the judge. Punishments shall be inflicted according to their suitability for the security of society.

IX. This enumeration of certain Mights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other Mights retained by the government.

X. Powers not yet delegated to the government are reserved. The manner in which these ten amendments will replace Amendments I through X is by signature of the president of the United States, during national emergency. —

Mary Maxwell’s website is ConstitutionAndTruth.com. Her book, Boston’s Marathon Bombing, is linked below. It contains her civil RICO case, Maxwell v FBI et al., as an appendix. Please contact her at MaxwellMaryLLB@gmail.com Here, from the Australian webhost Aussie Cossack, is a clip of the French protests: https://www.youtube.com/embed/SbqInVmR1pI

Bostonians could go a long way to preventing passage of a Bill of Mights


6 thoughts on “A Bill of Mights, from COG, and the Protests in France Today ~ March 15, 2023

  1. These are UN Mercenaries, paid~for~hire “Police” thugs, brought in to brutalize French people, in order to intimidate them away from their long & strong history of taking to the streets in civil protest. The same was done in Canada, to the truckers.


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