***NOW UNLOCKED *** -INTEL — FDIC Has Entered the Corporate HQ of Another Bank . . . FAILING FAST ~ March 14, 2023


This content WAS PREVIOUSLY for Subscribers Only, but since the London Daily Mail newspaper has now gone public, I have UNLOCKED this story.

According to sources in San Francisco, Bank Examiners, Auditors, and senior Executives from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  have entered the corporate headquarters of FIRST REPUBLIC BANK in San Francisco.  They arrived earlier and remain in the building at this late hour (1:29 AM EST).

According to an inside source:

“The FDIC is already on site at First Republic Bank trying to determine the best path forward to protect depositors. Things are moving way faster than expected given the accelerating bank run that has already reached a tipping point.”

More if I get it.


+1 #The FDIC is Not going to save you… — warreng59952023-03-12 21:48

Seeing a number of people saying the fdic stopped people from losing their money in SVB, and that will ‘take care of it’ if more banks fail….

This is not just about SVB. There has already been 2 other banks fail over the Weekend… when the banks and markets aren’t even open. This is going to continue. The fdic may stem the flow for a few days or so for “appearances”, but its not going to stop.

Further, even **IF** the fdic paid out everyone the “$250k” for every person, that is not going to save people.

Most people these days live paycheck to paycheck, and many still aren’t making ends meet. The companies and businesses that people WORK FOR will have more than $250k in liquid assets. And when their accounts freeze and/or they loose all of the money in their accounts (minus $250k), not only will they not have the money to continue running their company, they won’t be able to make payroll. That is when it will hit “most people”.

People who STILL think the “government” (fdic) is going to save them… have learned nothing. And they will be at the non-existent-mercy of this beast governmental system.

This is the elites “Great Reset” and other agendas which they have Proudly announced, and told the people openly for some years now. And they are collapsing the banks and economy in order to take away what little people have left. This is why they are also collapsing the “cryptocurrencies” as well, which those were just a ruse to begin with.
This is also why they have left the “debt ceiling” in limbo. And at this point they could raise the debt ceiling to infinity, that does Nothing if Other Nations DO NOT WANT worthless US Bonds. As Hal also reported a couple weeks ago, the Treasury put bonds up for auction and Not One Bid was received. And like China just announced, the nations are DUMPING their US bonds and US dollar holding as fast as possible. All those “dollars” will be coming home, and the current inflation seen over the past couple years that everyone has complained about, will then seem like the “best of times”. Even if a person has millions of dollars in the bank, that will become meaningless when hyperinflation hits, as Has Been Seen in other nations.

What is happening has been planned for many years, and everything they have done was working toward to this point. They have created this for their purpose, and will allow it to fall. THEN when it is their time, they will announce their Digital Dollar as “the answer”BUT it will Only be available for those who take their number of the beast Digital ID, which they used “covid” to rollout across all the nations. And it has all been made ready to implement and enforce when the people get desperate/scared enough that they will do anything.

Also remember all the other events that are also coming to a “peak” right now too. Collapse of the food supply, energy, WW3 and much more. This is not an accident. They are bringing all these events together at the same time, as each will compound and magnify the impact.

+5 #my take on whats going on — bogwon2023-03-12 18:40

theres a story on zero hedge and on MSM that congress has been working with 4 witnesses who are giving evidence to congress on china $ to bidens. What has this got to do with the finical situation? If the PTB behind bidens are as bad as I assume them to be then they obviously know that congress has this info and they’re well aware of the potential of treason charges.This makes people in this situation very dangerous.In western movies you’ll see the bank robbers start the building at the other end of town on fire to distract the towns people while the robbers rob the bank at the other end of town.AKA bring the financial system down. why. what would this do to help the biden mob. well once the economy collapses they will be able to declare martial law and take complete control. In other words a coup. Hope im all screwed up, but we should know by end of the week.Hold on!

+1 #█▓▒░ Bank Runs Set To Accelerate As Fear And Panic Spreads ░▒▓█ — Palehorse2023-03-12 16:36


“But once we get past a forensic look at the data and forces which
killed SVB, we quickly discover that SVB is itself just a symbol of a
much larger financial (and banking) crisis which ties together nearly
all of the major macro forces which we’ve been tracking since Powell
began his QT quest to be Volcker-reborn.”

“To add insult to injury, banks (and bankers) are also facing the
real risk of rising or at least persistent inflation, which simply
means that the real return on even the more expensive bank
depositor rates is ultimately a negative return when adjusted
for the invisible tax of inflation.”


█▓▒░ Contagion And More Banks Collapsing

March 11 (King World News) – Alasdair Macleod, head of research
at Goldmoney:  “Powell has got to walk a very, very tight line between trying
to protect the currency and ensuring that the financial system doesn’t suffer
a risk contagion type collapse [after the 2nd largest
banks failure in the history of the United States].”


█▓▒░ ALERT: This Generally Marks A Major Turning Point For Gold & Silver


#SVB big into AI – VC’s — plasmaglyphs2023-03-12 14:51

Is the SVB collapse a blessing in disguise for Anti-Tech/ai-opposed populous ??
A thumb in the eye of Technocrats make my day.

— Do not Bail out Technocrats & AI-VC’s —



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