Implementation of the ISO 20022 as of April 1, 2023


As of 4/1/23, all interbank payments will only be transacted in the NBU System of Electronic Payments (SEP-4.0), based on ISO 20022.1 Globally, financial institutions & large corps will switch to ISO20022 in March 2023.

‘Single Event’ comms — How many banks are NOT in the new system?

“In 1/2022, the UK central bank had announced that migration of CHAPS to ISO 20022 will now take place as a single event in 4/2023”


Ukraine News 🤫👇🏽

“The National Bank of Ukraine has developed & is preparing to implement a new generation of the NBU System of Electronic Payments, based on ISO 20022. As of 4/1/2023, all interbank payments will only be transacted in the new generation of SEP-4.0.”




The PUMP is ON! Damage Control. The Last Stand. Going for BROKE! 🚨👀🚨

What happens by April 1st?

Bitcoin Soars in Rebound From Bank Crisis Selloff. It May Be Too Good to Be True.

OH NO – More Silicon Valley Bank Fallout – Goldman Sachs Backed CIRCLE’s Stable Coin ‘USDC’ No Longer Pegged to Dollar – Conversion to Dollars Halted

USDC Holder Forks Over $2 Million For $0.05 USDT In Desperate Move To Evade Crypto Crash

SEC issues subpoena to Robinhood, investigates its cryptocurrency listings



It can’t be that hard to find this dude! 😝😂🤣

Shaq allegedly in hiding as lawyers fail to serve him over FTX lawsuit


FEDS — ‘forced to surrender’ x ‘no longer expects’ comms! 🚨👀🚨

That means it’s FOR SURE going to HIKE Interest Rates. Crash Dummies brace for impact. 💯💯💯

Pause: Goldman No Longer Expects Fed To Hike In March Due To “Stress In The Banking System”

The Fed will be forced to surrender on rate hikes after SVB’s failure, says top economist Mohamed El-Erian



A billionaire cries about Wall Street is being unfair. 🤨😁😂🤣

Billionaire Charles Schwab’s wealth plunged nearly $3 billion after his brokerage’s shares were hammered amid the banking crisis

Charles Schwab stock is down 19% Monday, Here’s why the company thinks Wall Street is being unfair.

Billionaire Charles Schwab’s Fortune Is Slammed by SVB Fallout



So far Jim Cramer promoted SVB, Signature & on 3/10, the SVB bank run day, he says First Republic — very good bank! 😯😳🤯

He’s becoming the GOAT for getting it completely wrong. JPMorgan was also promoted on 3/10! 🚨👀🚨

Jim Cramer promotes SVB



The Worldwide cabal Bank Fall! 🚨👀🚨

Yet another blow to UK’s struggling High Street as Barclays announces it will shut 14 more branches: More than 100 local banks are shutting for good

Credit Suisse shares hit new low

PACW Stock: Over 38% Drop

WAL Stock: Over 50% Drop

ZION Stock: Over 15% Drop

Bank stocks in Europe, Asia continue to plunge

French minister tells investors to ‘calm down’ after banks stocks fall

Bank shares plunge on contagion fears

Failed Bank List




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