Epoch in Human Evolution ~ March 14, 2023


An epoch in human evolution is taking place right now where personal sovereignty is spreading on a mass collective level. Here is recent decoded light data from the Pleiadian Master Teachers who are here to assist in your spiritual path — meditate. Slow down, spend time in solitude, get to know who & what you truly are.

Go inside the great body temple & meet the highest God that exists within. Become aware of the unlimited power of this great being that is your true self. Take time out from 3D stress because this is the only way to feel peace, beauty & bliss of higher realm heaven. You can’t attain higher realm bliss experience until you reach zero-stress state.

Be still & know that Eye Am. Surround yourself with as much grounding nature as possible — simplicity & nature is the higher realms. If you want to see Heaven & the Garden of Eden, look at the mountains, stars & the forest. Everyone dreams of heaven however, nature is heaven & it’s been here the entire time.

Nature heals & nourishes the soul. Do what you Love. Use your imagination to create, dance, sing, laugh, play music, paint, draw & be like a child again. This is the quickest way to inner happiness. When you are happy you resonate at the highest levels & begin operating in the higher dimensions. The Kingdom of Heaven is peace, joy, Love, freedom, abundance & health.

Seek after these things first & everything will be added. When you seek these non-tangible things, you will attain the highest levels of divinity in this universe. Ingest natural energetic plant-based foods & drink lots of pure water. Keep your energy being detoxed from 3D pollution, poisons & toxins.

Remove your old outdated 3D belief systems. Any belief about anything automatically puts you into a limiting box & this restricts the flow of the universe through your being. Remove the labels, judgments & situations as this is just as limiting. Connect energetically to beings, things & situations that resonate high — to connect energetically to lower vibrational energy equals pain & suffering. You are the creator & the chooser, so choose wisely.

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜

see Heaven & the Garden of Eden



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