GALACTIC FEDERATION OF WORLDS personnel and friends are wishing you a flamboyant year!! ~ March 12, 2023



Editor’s Note: Hmm…the Galactic Federation of Worlds…are these the Galactic “good guys”, or…something else? In these moments of “information overload”, we are learning the “supposed good, bad, and ugly” about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! Oy Vay!

Perhaps we have all been brainwashed by various MK Utra programs, but I Am NOT be-lie-ving in anyone, of any thing, until I see what IS produced for me. Wait! But then again, we also have the ability to create whatever it is we desire making the real question for how we can Balance these two traits. This is a real conundrum, yet can be resolved by just BEing Happy Inside. What does this produce?

(1) No particular Be-lie-f from you is needed in order for you to feel good. How you get happy (without causing another pain) is your own business.

(2) You don’t have to decide “what” you KNOW, of WHO you follow, just…Be Happy!

(3) Your own internal happiness will bring you those things in life which will cause you to BE HAPPY! You will experience the effects of what YOU have caused, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!



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