X22 Report — Episode 3017: Banks Failing, Currency Pushback, Deep State Panic Mode, March Madness ~ March 10, 2023


Ep. 3017a – Banks Failing, Green New Deal Game Over, Currency Pushback, Buckle Up

The Green New Deal has fallen apart, a new study says that it will not work, just like the vaccine passports. Everything the [WEF] does destroys themselves in the end. Banks are failing and the economy is moving towards a crisis. Trump warned everyone.


Ep. 3017b – [DS] Panic Mode, March Madness, The Public Will Know Soon, We Are Winning

The [DS] is in panic mode. March madness has begun and it is only the beginning of the month. The public is learning the truth and the facts about J6, Pandemic and so much more. This will all lead to the overthrow of the US government. The patriots are winning the information war, the [DS] will try to push this into a physical war, the patriots have the countermeasures in place. Game Over.


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