The Plot Thickens – March 8, 2023



‘Epsten buddy’ pedo Chuck Schumer calls on Rupert Murdoch to stop Tucker Carlson from continuing his Jan. 6 reporting. Mockingbird media in lockstep chanting the same thing — kinda like with Woody’s SNL thing. The show is getting GOOD!



13 mayors have been arrested for child sex crimes since 2021. Mayors — you know the guy that runs U.S. cities. And because this story is kinda just sliding by, going unnoticed, NOT having the effect as it should on everyday humans in this country, the EVENT is going to come CRASHING on them. Rude Awakening is going to get MUCH MUCH MORE RUDE.💀

Democrat Mayor Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography Met With Pelosi, Dalai Lama, Lady Gaga and Drank Beers With Pete Buttigieg

At least 13 mayors arrested on child sex crimes since 2021

Accused pedophile Mayor Patrick Wojahn called Pete Buttigieg his ‘buddy’ and mentor



Matrix companies showing its true Energy. Satantifa is showing its true alignment. Pedophilia promoted in open society. Babylon Energy. Sodom and Gomorrah Energy. The archonic sexual misery program disease.

Laugh now, Cry Later Energy. FU Pay Me Energy. It’s all mockery, fun & games — until that unexpected day comes. When the EVENT hits. When the RAID hits the roaches. Judgment is already HERE for many. For the rest — ANY DAY NOW. 💀

TikTok star ‘rabbi’ who adopted nine boys as a single dad is charged with raping son, 17, and accused of molesting his other children after ‘victim’ called into podcast with allegations: Also said to have faked his Judaism and chronic illness



Another body Clinton’d. It’s very TURBULENT for DS actors right now. 💀

Dana J. Hyde, 55, was a prominent D.C. lawyer who served in the Obama & Clinton administrations. She was also a member of the commission that investigated the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks from 2002 to 2004.

5 people on board the Bombardier private jet, but only Dana Hyde was killed during the ‘turbulence’.

Former White House Official ID’ed As Woman Who Died During Plane Turbulence Incident Over Connecticut



Credit Suisse’s top clients with $50+ million in the bank — Sensitive personal information including social security identification, employment information & contact details has been compromised. 🚨👀🚨

(Banking Transaction Receipts)

Harris Associates, Credit Suisse’s top shareholder for several years, decided to end ties with the Swiss bank following two decades of ownership. Harris opted out of the financial services platform due to its murky future.

Credit Suisse breach spills personal info of high-net-worth clients

Embattled Swiss Banking Giant Credit Suisse Loses One of Its Major Backers

Credit Suisse $88 billion comm

Credit Suisse Faces DoJ ‘Tax Evasion’ Probe

Credit Suisse Convicted in Historic Money-Laundering Case


Speaking of Swiss banks… 🚨👀🚨

Swiss National Bank Reports Annual Loss of 132.5 Billion Swiss Francs



How many more reasons do humans need to stop eating poison while financing their NWO agenda? 💀

Calls to boycott Hershey’s mount after company features male transsexual in International Women’s Day promo

Child Slaves, The 1.5 Million Behind Your Chocolate Bar…

Child slavery in West Africa: understanding cocoa farming is key to ending the practice

Hershey’s chocolate have high levels of cadmium & lead

Mars, Nestlé and Hershey to face child slavery lawsuit in US


13 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens – March 8, 2023

  1. I boycott hershey for the poisons in it…..not because of transfolks. And transwomen are women, ok? Stop the trans witch hunts, PLEASE. The Inquisition of Spain ended long ago.


      1. Then WHY are they being demonized, especially by the so-called ‘awakened’ and the so-called ‘patriots’, who scream bloody murder anytime that a transperson manages to accomplish something the ‘normal people’ do? I remember seeing on “Resist the Mainstream”, which has become, essentially, a gathering place for Christians fossilized in either 1950’s America, or Victorian era England, going ballistic because a transgendered woman become the first ever to get a job as a cheerleader for a professional football team.

        Not to mention anytime transfolks get to be treated like normal people, the so-called ‘awakened’ and ‘patriots’ are ready to get the pitchforks and torches.


      2. I think Neil, that many do not appreciate the deception, particularly when males choose to compete with women is a sports situation, which erodes the aspect of fairness. When deception is carried out for the benefit of the trans. If/when trans occur…how is this concept supported by the Galactic Codex?


      3. @Cindy

        Why do you call it ‘deception’? When one is discriminated against, one tries to hide. Also, transwoman, for example, want to be treated as other women. And YOU, Cindy, don’t need to worry about getting beaten or killed, just because of what you are…Transwomen DO. And, lemme give you a reality check….I know a transwoman, and when she began hormone treatments, the first thing she noticed was a reduction of upper body strength.
        So, the idea that transgirls can rip phone books like it’s nothing, shows me how HIGHLY uneducated some folks are.

        Also, stop letting men and woman use steroids, if they are sooooooo upset about ‘unfairness’ in sports….not to mention so much of pro sports are FIXED…..and can be as political as politics. Also, what about all those mega manly women (who ARE cis women
        ), those you see what can carry big logs with one arm, that look like Harley Race in drag? I don’t see people shouting that being messed up….or a girl with a crew cut and flannel doing cars. YET if someone who is XY goes down the road of femininity, it’s red alert, it’s like ‘we gotta do something about that sissy! we gotta make a MAN outta ’em!”

        And WHY do people go up in arms when a trans person does well, and is treated like anyone else? It’s like you guys WANT it to be like the ‘good old days’, of the 60’s to the 90’s, when transfolks were nothing but objects of ridicule, disgust and something that needed to be ‘taken care of’ as in destroyed. You probably wanna see something like what was in the pre civil rights days akin to “coloreds” and “whites only”, but with the transfolks, hmmmmm?

        And, considering that, once I get to be with the aliens, I’M getting myself a MUCH needed, and LONG OVERDUE gender correction (not to mention getting rid of my humanity, and becoming the alien I was before this so-called ‘life’), does that make ME an agent of the dark forces? Am I a threat, or a freak, needed to be ‘taken care of’, or at least treated like some second class citizen?

        I did not have the lucky breaks that the younger folks today have. I, sadly, thanks to the Archons’ meddling, suffered during puberty….before that, I could easily pass as a girl (look at pics of me before puberty, and old pics of my mom as a kid, you’d think you’d be looking at the same person), but after……….having to shave at age 12, going bald at age 16…..and having a family of conservative Christians and Catholics did not help….and everyone giving me the Hank Hill treatment, wanting to ‘make a man!’ out of me was NOT a good thing. Don’t worry, once I’m with the aliens, I’m never coming back to THIS planet again…..but remember….not everyone thinks a perfect world is going to be Christian paradise, akin to 1950’s America or Victorian England, and here’s something else….not everyone born XY is going to be John Wayne, and not everyone XX is going to be Grace Kelly, sorry to tell you.

        As for Galactic Codex, Cindy, it applies to ALL. So, even the ‘deceptive trannies’ or ‘evil shemales’ or ‘sissy boys’, have total god given rights to a good, happy life. So, sorry, ‘awakened folks’, no more people to turn into the ‘new n*ggers’ for you to treat like freaks for you.

        *drops mic and walks off*


    1. LOL yourself, Tracy.
      You mean like ‘trust the science’?

      Or, Tracy, just looking for, as a trans person I know put it, “looking for someone to become your ‘new n*ggers’ to treat like shit?” She’s got a point, seems the ‘righteous’ NEED someone to treat badly.


  2. Neil, you DO have the opportunity to BE whatever you desire to BE, as does every other living soul here now on planet Earth. You have the capacity to take/make changes You think fit you the best. If/when life hands you circumstances you do not like…you have the ability to create those you find more preferable.
    If you consider yourself “stuck” here on Earth in the wrong body, you have the capacity to alter that to your desire. Become a trans…go for it as nothing is holding you back. Explore the potential of who you want to be while here on Earth…no one is telling you not to. My thought are mine, and your thoughts are yours, and I should not ever tell you how to live your life or what to think!
    My thought is trans = deception, which is not a good thing, yet I do not rule your world. So, the very best thing you can do for yourself is BE who you are and satisfy your soul!


    1. @Cindy
      I CAN’T become trans.

      1: I’m too OLD. I’m 43.
      2: It takes a lot of something called MONEY, something I have little of.
      3: Puberty, as I mentioned, was HORRIFIC to me. NO way in HELL could I pull it off, at BEST I’ll look and sound like a Monty Python in drag…at WORST I’ll be like those ‘female impersonators’ you see in Los Vegas, who can’t fool ANYONE.
      4: I also want to get RID of the human elements (contamination as I call it) from my genetics.

      You see, I NEED outside help, the ALIENS, to become the real me, once again. I can not tackle this alone….you can talk about ‘BE this’ or ‘BE that’, but no matter how you cut it, I need the aliens to get me what I want.

      And trans is NOT deception, Cindy. Look at how many times, for example, that a trans woman has either been beaten, or KILLED, by some jerk, and the even worse part….some judges, feeling sympathy for the KILLER, give the jerk a reduced sentence, or lets him go completely scot-free….to the point that a law was passed in some states that forbids the judge from doing so….when a law is needed to be made for this, it’s not deception, it’s a matter of survival.


      1. Neil….use your incredible mind to BE as you want to BE! The more you imagine yourself as you desire to be, the closer the circumstances which will allow you to actually BE that! Imagine, FEEL, the JOY of BEing how you want to BE!
        If you consider yourself “stuck”, you will BE just that! If you consider your circumstances keep you where/as you are…there you will stay! Why not imagine a $$ windfall, why not imagine medical advances allowing you to BE as you desire? Think about aliens stopping by tomorrow to pick up only YOU! Imagine, FEEL, and then BE in…Quantum Joy!


      2. Need the aliens, and their tech to do so, Cindy. It’s just dinosaur tech here on earth.


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