Cosmic Frequency News 7 March 2023

“There She Blows” ~ March 8, 2023


Cosmic Frequency News 7 March 2023 – “There She Blows” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

With the arrival of the Full Moon on 3/7/2023, solar winds are traveling at over 600 kilometers per second (km/s) which is approximately 1.3 million miles per hour (mph).

The magnetosphere is receiving a build-up of plasma that is beginning its pressuring from outside of our solar system. Later today Earth/Gaia could be heavily surrounded on all sides (Sun-facing and far side) with particle plasma.

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“M-Class” flares are also a likelihood with attendant coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

All of the foregoing activates inner magnetic planetary tectonic plates as well the outer geomagnetic field.

Thus far, there have been 98 earthquakes in the past 24 hours with a strong “6.0” magnitude occurring in the Philippines.

Geomagnetic storming is expected at the poles as well as other potentially potent weather events in various places around the globe.

The “Schumann Resonance” (SR [“Power” of planetary vibrational frequency and amplitude]) is already registering a numerical “60”, and large white blasts are depicted on the SR charts of Tomsk, Russia which is indicative of huge doses of cosmic LIGHT coming into our planet—vast amounts of clearing, cleansing, and illuminating dynamics.

When the chart shows splotches or spots of green or orange, these are interferences with the LIGHT.

When there is a total black-out of the chart, this is because the incoming LIGHT is so powerful that mankind’s technology cannot register it.

In other words, the LIGHT is forcefully coming in because a tremendously enormous bio-photonic current is necessary for adding to the transformative process that creation is already experiencing.

Usually, such massive streams of LIGHT arrive when human orchestrated planetary conditions reach a level of chaos whereby the on-going “consciousness correction” for “re-birth” must be stepped-up.

Thus, LIGHT is always coming in, but there are times when it is more powerful. The LIGHT being spoken of here is that which arrives from “beyond the beyond” that is sometimes “allowed” to be registered by mankind’s devices as “signs” and sometimes not.

Mankind’s “Spiritual Technology” which manifests as clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, and also as physical, mental, and emotional experiences are becoming more prevalent.

This is happening as LIGHT surges into the physical vessel and does the transforming work of re-designing cellular networks and DNA receptors.


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