More Telegram Tonight – March 2, 2023


Events not Dates⚠️

An event that we’ve been waiting for that should kick off the QFS is the implementation of ISO20022 which is slated for March 20, 2023. This is huge folks! Everything is being put in place and as Kyle has said the QFS has been running simultaneously with our old banking system.

The financial part of this needs to be in place fully before things begin to flip! This was originally slated for Nov. of last year, it got pushed for some reason to 3/20. Let’s pray everything runs according to plans🙏


Here are some links that you can begin to read up on.



Your words are important!

Agreement # 1

Be impeccable with your words!


US Set Up Afghans for Failure, With a Force Too Complex to Maintain, IG Says | Air & Space Forces Magazine


Can anyone say “witness-protection” system? 🌹



Like a generator spewing energy into the ether.

6:46pm Eastern


Notice the similarity?


Notice the dragon representing our Airborne troops?



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