More Incoming Information! – March 2, 2023


I’m reading them.

Twitter Files Part 17 dropped

New Knowledge, the Global Engagement Center, and State-Sponsored Blacklists

Full Thread


Josh Hawley goes scorched earth on Garland 🤣

Check out the young man’s face behind Hawley 😁


Just in from a friend in Brazil:

Hi Thucydides!

Things are really bad. Sounds like the battle front things are in max fire.

People in day to day are afraid of Brazil became socialist dictorship and the war is lost.

There are 1000 patriots arrested for a supposed capitol attack. As you know it was a false flag.

Comunists wearing Brazil’s t-shirts invaded Brazilian capitol. So they arrested the patriot and released the comunists.

Bolsonaro will see Trump this week at CPAC.

Biden and Lula are working on extradite Bolsonaro to arrest him, accusing him of being the mentor of Capitol invasion.

Sound familiar? Same old worn out playbook. And it’s all about to end.


If you haven’t already changed detergents. Here’s your wake up to do it now. Market crash incoming! 🤗


Maryland Democratic mayor arrested on child pornography charges



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