“Very Important Bank Warning” by Lisa Vento – 2.27.23 ~ posted March 1, 2023


Entry Submitted by Lisa Vento at 8:58 AM ET on February 27, 2023

I’ve been following for many years but since 2013 on other intel sources and while i know there is many conflicting intel, and hidden clue, I’m especially concerned about the comments telling people to GET THEIR MONEY OUT OF BANKS! 

This seems to come from someone who has heard that the banks will close, but NOT from a REAL INSIDER who would know that Trump Alliance has already, years ago, set in motion to transfer all accounts to the new financial system. VERY DANGEROUS ADVICE. 

  • Banks will not give you that much cash at a time
  • Trump never said to get your money out of the banks
  • If everyone did  such the banks would not only crash today but put a panic tailspin into humanity and that would cause a TON of harm.
  • Trump alliance ALWAYS protects the people as a WHOLE. (Just like the whole internet system crashing would hurt millions of businesses, hence why many systems sporadically and intermittently went out to change systems and prepare, just like power grids were also sporadically out and intermittent, to not cause ALL of humanity harm)  

The bank phase out will take about 8 years. THIS is dangerous advise and nobody says WHERE it’s coming from. It’s the most dangerous and ill-informed thing I’ve ever seen on your site. 

Praying for wisdom. 

Lisa Vento

6 thoughts on ““Very Important Bank Warning” by Lisa Vento – 2.27.23 ~ posted March 1, 2023

  1. The other side of that is if you withdraw you now have only defunct federal reserve notes – do you know if you can transfer 100% of those to new paper money? Probably not.
    Refrain from fear based decisions.


  2. I’ll tell ya who’s saying get your money outta banks, it’s the crypto people who keep telling everyone to get their cash out and get into crypto cuz somehow that’s suppose to be safer.
    I laugh at them cuz if I were to do anything with Fiat currency would be to buy gold and silver. These crypto people just keep fear mongering to get people to invest in their crypto currency.


  3. Well, I would prefer the actual gold in my hands thing, if shtf then no one would be able to access their money but hopefully this don’t happen and people wake up and stop this ridiculous movie.


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