Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 1, 2023


Compiled Wed. 1 March 2023 12:01am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities”

Global Nuclear Destruction Looming
“Biden and the Deep State forced us into an escalating military conflict with Russia and China, with global nuclear destruction looming around the corner. Is our plan really to wait until 2025 when elections are fraudulent and the populace brainwashed?
“Where is the urgency?”
…Donald J. Trump LIVE on Telegram

“Truth is a Force of Nature – That Shall Set You Free!!!”
…President Donald Trump

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential items on hand.

One Tiny Step At a Time
If you fall behind in life, there’s not one grand thing you can do to get back into the swing of things. You take it one tiny step at a time and you never, ever give up on yourself, or anyone else.

February 19, 2023 – #4875 Music & the Spoken Word (

Judy Note: Wed. 1 March promised to be an unprecedented day for both the Global Currency Reset and a Supreme Court announcement on Election Fraud that would pave the way for a US Restored Republic in line with the Original Constitution.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Judy Note: It is my understanding that the new Quantum Financial System is operational, has successfully completed trial payments, Paymaster Accounts have been loaded and the Kingpin of the GCR, the new gold/ asset-backed Iraqi Dinar, has RV’d with a $5 rate (and moving upward in value) against the new gold/ asset-backed US Note. A High Up Contact indicated that a Major Event concerning the Supreme Court could happen on Wed. 1 March, which would then start a Three Day Blackout Period and perhaps a Black Swan Event?
  • Tues. 28 Feb. 2023 MarkZ: There has been a lot of chatter about Tiers 1 and 2 release tomorrow Wed. 29 Feb. This morning there was lots of chatter from multiple Bond people that starting tomorrow Wed. 29 Feb. they expected to be gone until mid July (because of signing an NDA?) 
  • Tues. 28 Feb. Bruce, The Big Call 667-770-1866, pin123456#

Bond people commissions are to be paid out between 11 pm Tues. 28 Feb. and 1 am Wed. 1 March.

Notification emails to set redemption/exchange appointments for Tier4a,b will come out overnight or in the morning of Wed. 1 March.

Beginning Wed. 1 March there will be a fully staffed Redemption Center Staff working 8 am to 11pm for the next 12-14 days.

Our exchanges/redemption should be completed by Wed. 15 March.

Charlie Ward may announce NESARA/GESARA on Wed. 1 or Thurs. 2 March

The new USTN has been traded on the Market since 1 Feb.

The new USTN should be available at the Redemption Centers.

Fiat US Dollars should be turned in to the bank to trade for USTN by Mon. 10 April.

At some point soon we will be going to a four day work week and a four day school day in order to spend more time with our families.

On Wed. 1 March a Supreme Court decision should come out regarding Election Fraud that would pave the way for a change of leadership in our country.

Restored Republic:

  • Help Save the Constitution by Supporting the Brunson Petition!!! Rampant 2020 Election Fraud Has Yet to be Investigated. Add Your Name to the Brunson Petition By Sending an Affidavit to SCOTUS:
  • Years ago the Trump Alliance set in motion the transfer of all Bank accounts to the new Quantum Financial System. “Very Important Bank Warning” by Lisa Vento – 2.27.23 | Dinar Chronicles
  • For years the Deep State’s HAARP has been using weather weapons on the populace. On 6 Feb. 2023 in Turkey just before the earthquake, a wave ring of light emitted into the air from a frequency that represented the wave motion of an underground earthquake.
  • For several years the Worldwide Alliance Special Forces Military has been actively rescuing abused and tortured children across the Globe, while investigating, arresting, holding Military Tribunals on and executing their perpetrators.
  • Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Document:

“Save America Patriot Package” Only 40 Special Offer Sets available ($150 suggested donation), or buy “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” & “A More Perfect Union” DVD & Blu-ray at Amazon

Your $150 suggested Donation will give you:

Two sets of “A More Perfect Union” & “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” DVD & Blu-ray 

A Collector’s Item copy of the Historic Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme Court of the United States in “Raland J. Brunson v. Alma S. Adams, et al

A copy of Loy Brunson’s unique and inspiring “CONSTITUTION.”

Two copies of “The Sheriff’s Handbook.”

Four copies of the standard “Pocket Constitution.”

Four pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelopes with four Affidavits in support of Brunson v. Adams et al, ready to fill in the blanks, and sign before a Notary, before dropping your Brunson support to SCOTUS letter in the mailbox. 

A copy of how “Barbie & Ken” are holding a Constitutionally-incompetent Sheriff and his 44 Deputies financially accountable ($11,180,000.00 Invoice) for trespass and kidnapping via an unprecedented, Warrant-less 75-man SWAT, and “Intent to Collect.” Note:  This is how we can restore the Constitution, by hitting their wallet when they act outside of lawful authority.

One copy of the “Grand Jury Handbook” which provides instructions on how to bring Constitutional Law, Order and Power back to We the People through use of Grand Juries.  (40 pages – published by the National Liberty Alliance).

Voter Fraud:

The Real News for Tues. 28 Feb. 2023:

The recent “259 dead” in Northern Utah Event. There’s a lot of behind the scenes Intel trickling out.

  • Soros backed Lima, PERU group of “Blackrock” type mercenaries pouring into US.
  • Portland mini-war played out under our noses.
  • North Hollywood blackout – Special Op to extract?
  • Loaded military jet left LAX to GREENLAND? Trump connection to Greenland?
  • Ep2073 BardsFM Private Militaries at War:

WW3 – World War Wicked! – #2 COURTS as Parasites working for “Just Us”

  • Lady Justice is Supposed to be Blind, but when comparing “Lady Justice” with “FAT JUSTICE” a statue speaks a thousand words
  • “The conviction rate in US Federal Court has exceeded the notorious court of Adolf Hiter, which was 90%. The US has reached 98-99% thanks to prosecutors and judges who turn a blind eye and worship victory at all costs.
  • Justice no longer exists and the proof is that American has more people in prison than even Russia or China combined. One would conclude that Americans are the most corrupt people on the planet or we have so abused the rule of law for profit and gain”.

Remember: Nothing is as it seems. Something big seems to be going on behind the scenes — and in public!

Sample Affidavit to send to SCOTUS that added your name to the Brunson Petition:

Dear Patriots;

On Tues. 21 Feb. three letter/affidavits were sent to SCOTUS on behalf of the Brunson Brothers. The affidavits went over-night via USPS giving notice to SCOTUs that their decision caused them to commit Misprision. 

Below is a sample of the letter/affidavit you can use to send your own letter/affidavit to SCOTUS as one of We the People (Community Support Foundation) – When you sign the letter in front of a notary this becomes an affidavit. Sending this to SCOTUS, you effectively join with the Brunson Brothers as a Co-Petitioner to have SCOTUS hear and rule on the case, Brunson vs. Adams et al. that is still currently before SCOTUS. 

Tom Fairbanks
Community Health Advocate
Community Support Foundation

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE 
Washington, DC 20543

Attn:  Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Associate Justice Clarence Thomas,
Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.,
Associate Justice Elena Kagan., Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett, 
Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, 
Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson 

RE: Brunson v. Alma S. Adams et al – Case No.: 22-380 (Certified Mailing # Inserted Here – Optional)

Dear Justices:  

This letter/affidavit is to express my support of the above referenced case, in reference to your recent decision to deny hearing the case, because I am concerned the United States has experienced a national security breach.

Bouvier’s 1856 Law Dictionary – accepted by four Acts of Congress – serving as commentary on Constitutional law, under the definition of “misprision” states a purpose of this Affidavit: “4. It is the duty of every good citizen, knowing of a treason or felony having been committed; to inform a magistrate. Silently to observe the commission of a felony, without using any endeavors to apprehend the offender, is a misprision.”  1 Russ.on Cr. 43; Hawk. P. C. c. 59, s. 6; Id. Book 1, c. s. 1; 4 Bl. Com. 119. 

There is ample evidence presented to SCOTUS to show that Brunson’s claims have plausible merit. 388 elected officials collectively conspired to violate their oaths of office and you are hereby notified of this potential felony and treason by this undersigned “good citizen.”

The Department of Homeland Security has a national campaign to raise public awareness of the signs of terrorism and terrorism-related crimes called, “If you see something, say something.”  This current case before SCOTUS leaves a most important question before the court, “What good does it do, if no one responds?”

I, ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” 

I ask that you stand against the invasion and influence of foreign and domestic enemies, and uphold the Supreme Law of the Land by granting the petition. You truly are in a position that the world has never seen before and I pray for you and your just ruling upholding the Constitution of the United States.  


Name:                                                     (Notary Seal)                                                                       Date:
Community Support Foundation

Common Law and No More Qualified Immunity, Without Prejudice Dan Mahnke

  • Things are happening real soon, hopefully like this week or next, per many sources pertaining to; NESARA, GCR, RV, QFS and our Republic which brings in Constitutional Law otherwise Common Law. This is; “No crime has been committed if no harm has been done to others, not what the police and government officials think harm has been done to others or themselves.” And don’t forget the IRS and Federal Reserve will be gone completely so no Fiat currency or income taxes to pay, and banks may be shutting down by being backed by Fiat currency.
  • We shouldn’t have to wait for Trump to get back into office as President in January 2025 for things to happen for as of February 15, 2023 the US Inc. that has been our government since 1871 has been officially bankrupt, shut down and dissolved without any possibility of passing laws to reinstating it or keep it afloat. Things are still happening with Congress, Biden and SCOTUS to make it appear nothing has changed, yet even some are stating things may not change till May or later.
  • Regulations will have to be made on who is to receive access to their QFS Account which is based on their Birth Certificate as some like street thugs will use the funds to commit more crimes, but if they have those funds they may just want to survive on them and commit no crimes, but it should not be if you have a criminal record you cannot have access to it right from the start and no three strikes rule for any denial of access. Once again there cannot be any excessive fines or bonds placed on someone for the courts to collect from these accounts, but they will be available for costs needed for the defense of the individual.
  • One item is SCOTUS just decided on February 17, 2023 to not hear the Brunson case per the January 6, 2021 Congressional decision to not investigate the election fraud, thus that is the second time they refused to have a hearing on it. With this refusal they just added themselves to the 388 others on the lawsuit to be removed if not criminally charged as they violated their oath of office as well. We The People can take action for government officials violating their oath of office, so it just might be the US Military steps in for tribunals.
  • When cities have brought in ‘Defund the Police’ they were leaning to what really needs to be done as the police do what they want in claiming authority over the people which they claim they are right and we are wrong, primarily when they deal with the people they confront, and they use Qualified Immunity to get out of any responsibility for their wrongdoings.
  • In one video they reported that 450 people per year in the US have been killed in a wrongful death as the police shot them when they were not armed, and that is a high rate. Another they must have had a freezer torture chamber as they have still shots from the video of him lying naked on the floor and 5.5 hours later they finally took him to the hospital where he was 72 degrees where he died of hypothermia. If the officers and administration are not held liable then the system is corrupt, as this case just opened a $25,000,000 lawsuit.
  • But since Qualified Immunity for law enforcement has been passed into law by cities, counties and states then that will be going by the wayside when it is no longer recognized as Constitutional in the Republic. And of course, Congress and political officials will also no longer have any Immunity from complying with their oath.
  • Many people have tried to push for reforms in law enforcement to make sure the corrupt officers and deputies pay for their own mistakes and not have the cities and counties pay for it in lawsuits from their own budgets, which is really the people pay for it not the law enforcement officials themselves. But the initial investigation in such situations is by the police themselves and not by an outside independent agency or the people. Some even cover up what happen, refuse to release videos and reports or just outright destroy their incriminating evidence.
  • I have seen numerous videos of where primarily black people have been stopped for no reason and then an altercation comes about for which the so-called criminal is arrested for any reason to get them behind bars, and the primary charges are only secondary charges to start with and then they add others like assaulting the police to make it stick. Disobeying an order, disorderly conduct, refusing to ID and resisting arrest are the major ones.
  • Disobeying an order to state everything or by the person just keeping quiet is interpreted as confessing to the crimes which can be used against the people, but the police don’t care and arrest them anyways, thus the Miranda Rights really doesn’t apply to make an arrest.
  • According to the US Constitution and police policy you do not have to identify yourself unless; you have the intent to commit a crime, are committing a crime or already have committed a crime, but police say that does not apply here and force people to provide ID as well as at times search and seize the people’s property without just provocation or a lawful warrant, and they are not required by law to show you the warrant, basically because they have none. Standing up for your Constitutional rights is a felony to many cops, but then some officers have been terminated yet no charges.
  • Loitering has been brought up with people waiting for something and the police don’t want anyone stopping for any reason, thus an arrest. Some of the laws are just ‘unjust’ just to make sure arrests can be made, as one man was walking at night down a residential street where there was no sidewalk or else he had to walk on the people’s property and there was a law that required people to walk on the sidewalk, but the officer did not turn on his camera till the man was in handcuffs and the case is still pending.
  • One recent incident showed that 3 officers shot and killed an amputee on his knees, out of his wheelchair, when they were about 12 feet from the man and they shot him for their own safety and he only had a 12 inch knife in his hand, thus they denied him his ‘due process’ to go before a judge, and he wasn’t even charged with a crime, thus the officers were the judge, prosecutor, jury and executioner.
  • So with what will be coming about in our Republic Qualified Immunity is out the door and Law Enforcement will have to suffer the consequences of their actions from now on, and those that refuse to change as well as bring in Common Law will be harshly disciplined, and that should also apply for previous actions taken starting with the very harsh actions taken on the victims primarily death or false arrests leading to lengthy sentences.
  • All in all major changes must come about to have Common Law implemented, which is changes throughout the DoJ system nationwide, and if you didn’t know they are the biggest profiteer of government entities maybe equal to the US Military and it goes in their own pockets.
  • The Time is Yet to Come Saith the Lord God Almighty!
  • Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission [Enacting NESARA and the Republic on Nov 2, 2020]
  • I-X Amendments to the Constitution, 1789-1804
  • Organic Act of 1871  [Feb 21, 1871]
  • The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission
  • Declaration for the California Republic, 2020
  • House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933

The Scam of Bottled Water

  • Bottled water is the biggest scam of the century and it can also be dangerous to your health.
  • Studies from Germany show that in addition to the well-known BPA, bottled water can contain over 20,000 other toxic chemicals. Among them is diethylhexyl fumarate (DEHF), a chemical that interferes with the work of the human hormonal system.
  • 16 of the 18 samples were found to block androgen receptors in the body by an astounding 90 percent. We can safely say that not only bottled water, but also plastic as well is very harmful to our health, as it is VERY ESTROGENIC, so no wonder some men are starting to feel like women these days.
  • The best water to consume is spring water, if you can find one locally the better, and make sure to use glass containers. Spring water = Energetically live water.
  • The equipment used for testing Water quality & impurities is Electrolyser, which you can buy online.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):


Read Full Report (PDF):


Updates for the Week Prior:

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