RT News – March 1st 2023 LATE


India/Russia – FM Lavrov visit: “Moscow and New Delhi stand against the neo-colonial practices of illegitimate sanctions, threats and blackmail” Russia’s top diplomat highlights the importance of strengthening inter-cultural dialogue within the G-20 group, in order to find answers to the challenges that the world faces today. FM Lavrov met with Brazil’s, Türkiye’s and India’s FM counterparts on the sidelines of the Foreign Ministers conference. Runjun Sharma reports on the day.

Africa, Nigerian Elections: The ruling party’s candidate Bola Tinubu is declared victorious in Nigeria’s presidential election – but questions are raised about the integrity of the ballot. Karabo Letlhatlha updates on the current state of play.

Africa/France: Pres. Macron is on a five day tour of Africa. This comes after more countries in Africa have requested France’s military departure. In DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) one of the states he will visit, there are protests ahead of the visit. (QS not surprising as they have only just managed to kick the French out)

Donbass, Artyomovsk advance: Russian MOD say around 600 Ukraine soldiers have been killed in the past 24 hours (QS I would so like to get my hands on those who told Pres. Zelensky to fight to the last Ukrainian, the blood is entirely on their hands, not just Ukrainians but Russians too have lost many soldiers. The special operation should have concluded with proper negotiations in April last year – when Boris Johnson went to Kiev to ensure those talks/negotiations were not going to be allowed). **Sensitive imagery** Igor Zhdanov reports from Lugansk.

Italy, migrant shipwreck update. 67 are now reported dead including 15 children.
Rachel Marsden reports on the foreign policy which has created the desperation for people to leave home for “greener” pastures.

China/Belarus: Pres Lukashenko is in Beijing. Pres. Lukashenko underscored the importance of ties with Beijing for his country’s future and said that in pursuing closer relations neither country seeks to undermine others but to work for the benefit of their own countries interests and those of their citizens. They discussed the conflict in Ukraine and the need for peace negotiations and to rid the cold-war mentality of the west. Many documents were signed. Yang Chengxi reports. “Great opportunities for everyone”

Vovan and Lexus -v- Wlliam Hangue (ex foreign sec of UK, QS I am not going to spoil it….) Marina Kosareva and Rory Suchet discuss.

Africa, Mozambique: Seven people have died and many injured after a tropical cyclone hit the country. More than 20,000 have been displaced. Around 80,000 people were affected by the cylone. Read more https://public.wmo.int/en/media/news/tropical-cyclone-freddy-hits-madagascar-and-mozambique
Aid is arriving. (QS Well done U.A.E. !! )

Iran/Russia: The west is doing it’s best to break up the ties that bind Moscow and Tehran. Kazem Jalali (Iran’s Ambassador to Russia) talks about the historical ties, including their common approach to global issues. Yousef Jalali reports. (QS I don’t think they are related, despite the name)

Stun grenades are fired as protests engulf more cities around Israel, coming as anger over the new government’s judicial reforms grows. The rallies extend all across Israel. Ronnie Bar says Israel won’t be a “free country” any more.

Below, via RT website — – — – — – A) — Kremlin reacts to Kiev’s claim about raids into Russia
B) — Ukrainian drone raid on Crimea foiled – Moscow
Russian air defenses took down 10 aircraft, the Ministry of Defense said
C) — Russia reports success against Ukrainian drone incursion
D) — Moscow reacts to alleged radioactive shipment to Ukraine

2) — Zelensky and his cronies are trying to cover up a major corruption scandal in Ukraine – what role is the US playing?
3) — Belarus and China never intend to work against third nations – Lukashenko
3) — Zelensky adviser suggests possible retreat from key city
4) — Turkish FM speaks out on sanctioning Russia over Ukraine
5) — G20 foreign ministers’ meeting likely to end in deadlock with the body’s relevance under threat
6) — Key NATO member reacts to claims it’s helping Russia’s military
7) — Why are people afraid of ‘15-minute cities’?
8) — EU nation’s MPs greenlight joining NATO
10) — US ‘doomsday plane’ flies to Europe
Vovan and Lexus) — Former UK FM dreams of mutiny against Putin in prank call – Such an outcome is unlikely, however, William Hague admitted


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