Even More Young Americans Are Unfit to Serve, a New Study Finds. Here’s Why ~ March 1, 2023


By Thomas Novelly

A new study from the Pentagon shows that 77% of young Americans would not qualify for military service without a waiver due to being overweight, using drugs or having mental and physical health problems.

A slide detailing the findings from the Pentagon’s 2020 Qualified Military Available Study shared with Military.com shows a 6% increase from the latest 2017 Department of Defense research that showed 71% of Americans would be ineligible for service.

“When considering youth disqualified for one reason alone, the most prevalent disqualification rates are overweight (11%), drug and alcohol abuse (8%), and medical/physical health (7%),” the study, which examined Americans between the ages of 17 and 24, read. The study was conducted by the Pentagon’s office of personnel and readiness.

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Mental health accounted for 4% of disqualifications, while aptitude, conduct or being a dependent accounted for 1% each. Most youth, 44%, were disqualified for multiple reasons.

The updated figures paint a picture of what is currently plaguing military recruiters in many of the service branches, with a shrinking pool of potential service members available to them.

Maj. Charlie Dietz, a Department of Defense spokesman, confirmed that the study shared with Military.com was accurate and said all the services are being challenged by the current recruiting environment.

“There are many factors that we are navigating through, such as the fact that youth are more disconnected and disinterested compared to previous generations,” Dietz said. “The declining veteran population and shrinking military footprint has contributed to a market that is unfamiliar with military service resulting in an overreliance of military stereotypes.”

Lawmakers have been raising the alarm over the recruiting environment throughout the year. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee personnel panel, said during an April 27 hearing that he was worried the widespread ineligibility of many Americans will contribute to readiness problems.

“To put it bluntly, I am worried we are now in the early days of a long-term threat to the all-volunteer force. [There is] a small and declining number of Americans who are eligible and interested in military service,” Tillis said. He added that “every single metric tracking the military recruiting environment is going in the wrong direction.”

The Council for a Strong America, a nonprofit organization made up of retired military officers, law enforcement and business leaders that advocates for better nutrition and healthy lifestyles among kids, issued a press release expressing alarm at the findings.

The group called on lawmakers in Washington to take action so that younger generations would qualify for military service.

“The retired admirals and generals of Mission: Readiness recognize that the underlying causes of obesity cannot be solved by the efforts of the military alone,” the Council for a Strong America said in a statement. “With an increase in youth being ineligible for military service, it is more important than ever for policymakers, including state and local school boards, to promote healthy eating, increased access to fresh and nutritious foods, and physical activity for children from an early age.”

Dietz told Military.com that the Army and most of the service’s reserve components are in jeopardy of missing their FY2022 recruiting goals.

28 thoughts on “Even More Young Americans Are Unfit to Serve, a New Study Finds. Here’s Why ~ March 1, 2023

  1. Tell someone who cares.

    I’ll never join the military. And remember, over the past few decades, folks serving wound up getting sick from various things…I remember hearing how many of them HAD to get various injections over the years…..who knows what was in THOSE needles.

    Also, since the end of ww2, a lot of wars america engaged in were illegal and immoral…..Korea, Vietnam (all based on a LIE), all the stuff with Iraq in the 90’s and all the post 9-11 crap.


    1. That the Pentagon & Department of Defense have been over-run by those who would destroy Americans, no question. Our real Military know this. The DOD asked Pfizer to produce those clot~shots. They asked for a bioweapon, so that it would not require regular vaccine approval processes to be foisted upon innocent people. We are dealing with a depth of evil that, as JFK said, must be routed out, pulled out by the roots, never to grow here or anywhere again. Actual Americans were never in the DOD & Pentagon. They were only Khazarian mafia, with a kill~agenda toward Real Americans.


  2. The Spirit left the body a long time ago; it has become nothing more than a carcass. War or no war, either way, we have been duped. It is a different kind of war we are engaged in: The Information War. Those who do not wake up to the Negative Alien Nazi Agenda are being screwed. “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. THOSE WITHOUT INNER KNOWLEDGE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN PREYS. Work out your own salvation/metamorphosis/transmutation and leave the rest up to the Universe. It does have a PLAN for us ! Welcoming a New Earth !!!!


  3. One of the effects of having decades of unceasing wars, with American men used as fodder, is that we may have killed off the best & bravest among us, before they had families. We may have culled the best, over generations of warmongering for the Khazarian mafia which took over our American governing body. Even the smartest fled to Canada during the Vietnam era. The woke agenda & estrogens in our food & meat have certainly done us no favors either, in recent times. We must make it alright to be at peace & be manly & be straight & be white in America again.


    1. The archons have always been resolute in their determination to disable, in one way or another with the intention to ultimately destroy the heavenly spark in us. Many have fallen victim to these psychopaths by not exercising our god given right of free will. It will end as we are observing now. Universal Laws shall prevail.


      1. “Don’t Drink The Water”

        Come out come out
        No use in hiding
        Come now come now
        Can you not see?
        There’s no place here
        What were you expecting
        Not room for both
        Just room for me

        So you will lay your arms down
        Yes I will call this home

        Away away
        You have been banished
        Your land is gone
        And given me

        And here I will spread my wings
        Yes I will call this home

        What’s this you say?
        You feel a right to remain?
        Then stay and I will bury you

        What’s that you say
        Your father’s spirit still lives in this place
        I will silence you

        Here’s the hitch
        Your horse is leaving
        Don’t miss your boat
        It’s leaving now

        And as you go I will spread my wings
        Yes I will call this home

        I have no time to justify to you
        Fool, you’re blind, move aside for me
        All I can say to you my new neighbor
        Is you must move on or I will bury you

        Now as I rest my feet by this fire
        Those hands once warmed here
        I have retired them
        I can breathe my own air
        I can sleep more soundly
        Upon these poor souls
        I’ll build heaven and call it home
        Cause you’re all dead now

        I live with my justice
        I live with my greedy need
        I live with no mercy
        I live with my frenzied feeding
        I live with my hatred
        I live with my jealousy
        I live with the notion
        That I don’t need anyone but me

        Don’t drink the water
        Don’t drink the water
        There’s blood in the water
        Don’t drink the water


    2. Tracy…..got news for you…..not everyone’s gonna be straight and manly. I personally, when the aliens arrive, gonna give up both my humanity and masculinity….neither done me well……and become the real me once again. Alien woman.


      1. Has to be in THIS current incarnation, Cindy….for there will be NO more reincarnation after this one.


      2. Yes ! No more reincarnation for the Christ spiritual seed here ! Bye bye.
        We completed our contract. We are timeless now ! Ever moving, always in motion.
        Thanks for your daily very inspiring “Word!”


  4. Dave Mathews Band: Don’t drink the Water.
    The archons arrived 500 years ago and utterly devastated the native Terran populations
    living here. This was the alien invasion, not the “balloon moments” crafted by
    the Kazarian Mafia. Blue Beam will not happen. Welcoming the worldwide Q military


      1. I agree! We all have grown up under extremely perverse conditions, now getting ready to expand into an environment of true beauty! 😊🌹🎉


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