Figuring Out Trump… – February 25, 2023



Representation of Horus, son of Osiris.



OMG… Thank you I finally see it. He gave us the world then we know he took it away with Biden. In the end the world will be begging for Trump back. He will be the hero third Reich beaten to usher in the forth. It’s all lies, no saving kids nothing. Just surface stuff. Using the truth movement against us. We are spreading the forth Reich. OMG



Editor’s Note: Is Trump a “ good guy”, or a “bad guy”? This is unknown, however…it does not really matter, as Trump IS ushering in the prophesied “golden age” designed to usher in 1000 years of peace.

Yet, peace on Earth will last longer than 1000 years because Trump is not maneuvering the Earth into maintaining the Freemason cycle of trickery. For the first time, as darkness leaves this Earth, the vibratory rate of the Earth will rise placing the Earth into another, higher dimension of life.

Many are aware of increased extra-terrestrial activity. Why is this happening? The ET’s are here to witness the Earth’s ascension into a higher dimension with life on Earth…a first in any Universe! Furthermore.., the concept of “Quantum” had been introduced on Earth which allows man to use and understand our own ability to BE that which we truly are…Co-creators!

In this way, every man is able to create “ that which he desires”…and we actually create our own lives now! We have been taught and trained by the dark to create personal trauma and health issues (dis-ease) which keep us in Fear, the primary food of the dark. Our own Quantum awareness allows us to break the endless loop of “dark to light”, followed by the erosion of “light to dark”.

Join me in watching current events, work to create what you want by raising your own vibratory rate (imagine the joy of having what you desire). and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!



4 thoughts on “Figuring Out Trump… – February 25, 2023

  1. President Trump has said that their symbols will be their downfall. Whenever he does it, it’s facetious, right in their face, & tactical.


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