February 23, 2023: Can You See Me Now? I Am the Spiritual War [videos] ~ February 23, 2023


Is there any question at this point? Yes, we are engaged in a bitter war for the survival of Humanity. The attacks from the psychopaths continue today. The stark reality of the battle is in the wide open.

BREAKING: Several Prince George’s County, Maryland schools on lockdown after report of student with gun


This leaves nothing to the imagination; and happened at 9:30 am Thursday morning.


At what point is it mathematically impossible for it to be coincidence?

Is this a coincidence too?

This is actually insane.

Five environmental scientists en route to the Ohio metal plant explosion that I reported on the other day, killed in plane crash.

What are the chances?pic.twitter.com/p3Qd8o4YQp

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) February 23, 2023

Sounds like a coverup, eh? Someone doesn’t want the details of that metal plant fire known.

In case you missed it…

‼️Five people are dead after a small plane crashed following take-off from an airport in the US state of Arkansas

Authorities said no-one survived the crash.

The non-commercial flight, was bound for Columbus, Ohio.

All those on board, including the pilot, were employees of CTEH, the environmental consultancy firm that had been contracted by Norfolk Southern in response to the derailment in East Palestine.

Of course it’s all just a coincidence…🤨🤨🤨


Who’s your daddy, Ohio?

Tens of thousands of pounds of goods, food, water being delivered to the people of East Palestine, Ohio right now before Trump’s visit.

Trump paid for all of it.

Number of goods delivered from the Biden Administration: 0. pic.twitter.com/QQADqZl9Uy

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 22, 2023

There’s no getting around it: the buildup to the kinetic war.

US launches massive exercise with 7,000 troops as world on red alert

We understand this is for “the show” and US military are deployed to assist Russia, and keep the peace where needed elsewhere. Conversely, we hear Russia is lending manpower to America. I suppose this gets around the “no standing army on our soil” type of laws. Cooperate and do the old switcheroo so you don’t cross the lawful line.

It’s the same principle used among the Five Eyes nations. It’s unlawful to spy on and surveille your own residents, but get one of the other Commonwealth countries to do it for you and secretly share what they find and that’s okay because no one knows you did it.

Here is an official narrative on the causes of the Ohio train derailment. We already heard one unofficial analysis from Overwatch; Gray Stanton on the Patriot Streetfighter intel update we shared. Retaliation. However, we are aware that the movie “White Noise” used predictive programming to virtually show us the event, in the very area where it happened a couple of years before it happened. So… there is the usual confusion after a major false flag event with conflicting information.

Federal Investigators Reveal What Caused Ohio Toxic Train Derailment

And there’s this. These people are stupid.

Mar-a-Lago Spies Sent To White Hat Base in Guam

The leftist establishment have taken over America, brainwashed people, and twisted what it means to be not only American, but Human. Most of us have noticed this departure from “normal”, yet we are labeled the “far right”, like we are the extremists. These are interesting observations from Chanel Rion of One America News Network as noted by the crew.

The audio isn’t synched, but you’ll get the idea if you listen on Twitter at the link below.

Chanel Rion nails it. The WEF/left/commies have no brakes & simply have to be stopped.
Progressives are society’s moral savages.
Savages are innately unable to articulate Right from Wrong, Good from Evil, Male from Female… can’t do it.
This is why it’s so easy for them to kill, maim, warp, and cancel.

Those very traits define “the West” today with respect to the social and geopolitical situations on the planet as revealed in Putin’s State of the Union address on February 20th. Below we have an English translation of the full address [with an Aussie accent], prefaced by 25 minutes or so of solid commentary and again afterward in a discussion about the content of the speech, the truth in it, and the obvious problems with Western leaders and the disturbing direction leadership is taking—toward war?

The demise of traditional values is evident in our collapsing society as the satanic elements come to the fore, twisting all that is good. Fortunately, Putin commands a great deal of respect for his patience and reserve. Russia is demonized for shining a light on the world. What a price to pay for their goodness.

President Putin’s address to the nation (LIVE IN ENGLISH)

SGAnon did an interesting historical dig around Russian relations with the United States in File 41 which he reads to us, as well as updates on other topics. He suggests that it will be the second attempt to rid Russia’s territory of the Neo-Nazis Putin referenced.

USA Consciousness Headed Towards Precipice | Russia-China Alliance | Trump/Scavino Same Comms

Trump also, is seen as a peace-maker. Will he yank the world back from the brink of war?

The Prime Minister of Hungary refused to meet with Biden today. He says the ukraine war has gone on long enough, adding “This is going to sound brutal, but the only hope for peace goes by the name Donald Trump.”


🇺🇸ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) February 22, 2023

It seems Alberta, Canada has an infatuation with Germany’s Christine Anderson of the European Parliament. Some Calgarian patriots went to Germany, “wined and dined” Christine, and begged her to go to Calgary to speak to the awakened ones—so she did.

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson of Vancouver was there and streamed the Q&A portion of the event which was very well attended. Now that Alberta has a new and sympathetic Premier in the Honourable Danielle Smith, perhaps positive change will come more rapidly to Albertans. Christine certainly is an inspiration to patriots worldwide.

MEP Christine Anderson in Calgary!

Our war correspondent on the crew in Germany brings us these remarks about the situation there.

We have similar problems as you here in Germany brought on to by these horrible people that call themself Government which actually is just a DS Corporation as America was until Pres. Trump came along. Him and Putin will hopefully give sovereignty back to the Countries of Europe as Pres.Putin mentioned in one of his speeches when the time is right to restructure.


And also this one…

Digital Soldier reporting from Absurdistan aka Germania
from the DS clone show

…not a bad act for a dead man…..

I can’t make this out. Do you know what we’re looking at in this video, besides a fake Biden?

👀👀 pic.twitter.com/fFNQqu3Th7

— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) February 23, 2023

Medical and health care reform is mandated for Humanity, and already in progress. Many people have abandoned the cut-burn-poison regimen pushed by indoctrinated health professionals and are administering to themselves or seeking qualified “alternative health” practitioners who actually understand how the Human body works and how to treat our maladies safely, effectively, and inexpensively.

Nowhere is reform needed more than in the US of A.

The US Has The Most Expensive Healthcare In The World

Why did over 100 holistic doctors die over the past several years? Most were under suspicious circumstances.

The word is getting out that hospital administrators were paid off big time to cook the books on Covid statistics.

We previously had the following statistics regarding Medicaid allocation:
$5,000 per pneumonia case diagnosed

$13,000 for a Covid-19 diagnosis via the rigged PCR test which was giving false positives

$39,000 for each patient put on a respirator —which killed many patients with delicate lung conditions.

Learn more in the video at the link below. This is why we’re taking them to court, and one of the reason there will be Nuremburg trials 2.0 this year. They knew exactly what they were doing. They paid hospitals to murder patients.

Hospitals getting paid as much as $471,000 for each COVID patient

I recall when Trump was in the oval office and held a session with his task force which was investigating the difficulty we have getting estimates from hospitals on what they charge for specific procedures, even as an outpatient.

They told the President not only was it frustrating and time consuming to call various clinics and hospitals to find out what procedures or services would cost, but that they had a difficult time getting them to even state the price, and websites often didn’t help because they refrained from putting prices there. You must watch the fine print, too.

When they contacted various institutions for quotes, at best the language was convoluted and murky but worst of all, the pricing varied hugely from hospital to hospital and clinic to clinic—by hundreds of dollars sometimes. That’s not capitalism—it’s greed.

Now, we have legislation proposed to stop the price gauging hospitals are doing because they hide costs and obfuscate what the total charges might be from beginning to end of procedures and admissions. Thank you Senator John Kennedy.

Last week, Senator John Kennedy introduced the Hospital Transparency Compliance Enforcement Act which aims to enforce penalties on hospitals which hide costs of services from patients. Kennedy stated that, “Patients deserve to know the true cost of hospital items and services. I wrote this bill to protect patients by making hospitals clarify how much a visit might really cost so that patients can make informed choices about their care.” The bill would require ” hospitals to establish and make public a list of the prices that hospitals charge for items and services.” Hospitals would need to show charges in a consumer-friendly manner.

A study done in 2023 found that only 489 out 2,000 hospitals —or 24%— were found to be following ethical standards in displaying costs to patients.

Learn more at Senator Kennedy’s website.

We also hear some folks are going after hospitals for charging parking fees for patients and their visitors. Why did we ever put up with that? It’s pure greed and preying upon the unfortunate. Hospitals have become places not of healing but for profit and it’s disgusting.

Change gon’ come. Count on it. It is critical that Arizona establish accurate election results and expose the outrageous cheating by the Democrats and their Chinese and other allies.


Senator Jake Hoffman introduces SB1695.

The bill says that if County officials violate AZ election law, resulting in the disenfranchisement of voters, the county shall not certify the canvas and shall instead hold a NEW election.

Fair elections are worth fighting for. pic.twitter.com/iSlMjGrQdF

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) February 19, 2023

Also in Arizona, we have an interesting session in the Arizona legislature concerning election procedures. Getting close to 2,000 people watching as I write this and listen. To be continued this afternoon.

LIVE: Arizona Special Session: Senate @ House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Election 2/23/23

That will do it for now. Things certainly are heating up. Thank you to the crew for helping to keep us all apprised of the latest.  ~ BP


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  1. Not a comment as much as a suggestion. We all know that we re on the right path, so don’t second guess yourself ever. If people think you are a conspiracy theorist, haven’t about all theories been proven correct in time?


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