Russia Expanding the War | Trump Comms Point to USSC | Q Mil_Alliance Devastating DS Warfare Ability ~ February 4, 2023


Editor’s Note: The comments below are supplied by E., and I post therese so we can all glean her knowledge, watch current events from a different stand point, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


SGAnon discloses information related to the coming expansion of the war in Ukraine, the emerging economic and military alliances forming, Trump comms and the US Supreme Court, as well as China, Israel, and the Q-patriot alliance destroying DS warfare abilities.

Nothing can stop us. We are advancing. WWG1WGA. Q

Notes: (Just listening now. Will add notes later…)

  • Military coalitions world wide – storehouses and warehouses of arms are being destroyed
  • Ongoing underground operations in Caribbean Basin – has accelerated, interceptions have been made public
  • Continental US operations ongoing – taking down human trafficking rings
  • Multilayered special operation stings drawing DS operations out into the light
  • The enemy is being highlighted, forcing them to come out into the light and to be taken down
  • National Guard, county/state departments are taking down sex rings and tracing funding
  • Hotel chain complicit, police departments, etc.
  • Military capable intelligence is hunting them down
  • Labor/sex trafficking – people forced to work in restaurants, etc.
  • Human Trafficking Alliance
  • Multi-agency actions coordinated throughout U.S., local law enforcement is being empowered to do their job, to take down the criminals, high-volume arrests
  • Hotel chains, commercial restaurants, attorneys, etc.
  • Other news – Russia and coalition in Europe have also been tackling this issue
  • Ukraine – children tortured and killed
  • Putin and Russian military have moved into another phase – will be taking the WHOLE of Ukraine
  • Research and pharmauetical, bioweaponizations, cure for the disease
  • Windows operation system, backdoors, Norton Virus…
  • Russia will not allow the spread and protection of bioweapons
  • DS are desperate; they want a world war to stop what is coming for them
  • Europe is experiencing difficulties
  • France wants to leave NATO
  • Disastrous political moves by tops of governments
  • France will possibly disempower NATO
  • Look at Swedish royalty (the series, The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State, is vital to listen to… explaining the REAL center of the DS, which is NOT the Khazarians; it is SWEDEN)
  • Turkey is leaving NATO
  • Middle East
  • China is forging economic alliances with Saudi Arabia
  • Russia and Taliban, Russia will buy and transport US equipment against the DS
  • Witnessing redistribution of military power
  • military alliance is eviserating the DS; they can no longer hide
  • DS gov’s are defecting to the military alliance
  • Argentina and Germany (connections with the Nazis)
  • Jordan (Middle East) and Saudi Arabia
  • Witnessing a spiritual battle, roaches are drawn into the light…
  • Devaluation of fiat dollar 0=silver, 0=oil, gold=0
  • Commerce and military control
  • Decodes from #45…
  • etc.

SG is recuperating from an accident. Has lots of time to research. This is a passionate delivery.

“The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State” by the Free Peoples Movement of Sweden. They have several short videos explaining the connections between different elements of the Deep State and its history. The DS is very, very old. Did you know that the FIRST central bank was actually in Sweden? Sweden has had strong ties to the “isms”, Communism, Facism, Nazism, all tools of the DS to infiltrate governments from the inside. This is a great series and one you can pursue at your own leisure. Their videos are available at:


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