Weaving Personal Transformation – Laura Aboli ~ January 31, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Eliza for posting this blog! It’s easy to say, “It’s all a matter of perspective, yet…much harder to actually change the way you feel! My choice? Doing, or imaging, that which makes me happy…finding my “comfy spot” to live in for the moment (even better for the day, next day, etc!Focusing on “what I want” leaves me to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


My room is still dark, for some reason I woke up super early today. I’m still lying in bed as I write this and I was just trying to picture the magic of this; I cannot see you, I don’t even know where you are, but in some strange, unexplainable way, I can feel the ‘tapestry’ of connection that we are forming and it’s amazing.

We may be totally different and we may look at things from slightly different angles, we may not always agree entirely and perhaps you don’t always understand me, but we are somehow connected by a need, a calling, a sense that we want to be on the road to something better and the good news is that we are, because our dreaming of it, our wishing for it, is what creates that road to a better future.

I’m just trying to encourage everyone to jump on the train, to take the steps, to climb on the horse of personal evolution, soul awareness and ultimate inner connectedness, that will transform us into the beings that we need to be to bring forward the shift to a new earth.

Each one of us will figure out how to go about their own personal transformation, there is no cookie cutter way about it, this, above all, is a personal journey, but we can compare notes, share experiences, pass on information and most importantly, support one another, lend a helping hand, be a shoulder to cry on or share a good laugh about the madness of the journey.

I am grateful to be in a position to be able to share all of it with you. I sometimes close my eyes and can feel this beautiful ‘tapestry’ of connection that we are slowly weaving as we move along this path of enlightenment.

So thank you for weaving with me, thank you for being yet another beautiful, unique, magical thread willing to share it’s light with all of us so we may wrap it around the world and finally transform it.

It will happen, it’s just a matter of time, we just need to be a little patient and keep weaving. I am honoured to be weaving with you.



Note to Readers:

What Laura is saying is so true. Sometimes when I am quiet, lying in bed, I can feel my heart center light up like it’s on fire. I am receiving a “message” from another person. Perhaps that person is located somewhere on the other side of the planet, perhaps they aren’t even on the planet but in another density, on a star ship or another world.

Our energy, frequency, and resonance is not bound by any third density rules. Our soul essence is eternal, boundless, immense, and magnificent. And a portion of it fits into your small human vehicle… even that is amazing.

Be kind to yourself and others. We are in this journey together.



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