X22 Report — Episode 2985: Is Elon Introducing Crypto Payment Processing? Deep State Covering up Bioweapons Production ~ January 31, 2023


Ep. 2985a – [CB] Targets Crypto, Is Elon Introducing Crypto Payment Processing?

The people around the world are now getting taxed, this will continue because the countries do not have the ability to sustain themselves and the people always feel the pain. Egg farms are burning down while the [WEF] attempts to push us into their system, big fail. Countries are now taken on Bitcoin, Elon is moving towards a payment system that might include crypto.


Ep. 2985b – [DS] Covering Up Bioweapons Production, Trump Sends Message, Optics Are Important

The [DS] is in the process of covering up all their crimes. They have put block on certain information that they don’t want released. Trump is now battling against the RINO’s. The [DS] is in trouble, the more they cover up their crimes the worse it’s going to get for them. The patriots are exposing it all and the people are seeing it all one drip at a time.


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