The Totality of Singularity Returns Us to Our New Eden – January 25, 2923


Editor’s Note: Below is a beautiful expression of the internal explosion for the Core Being of Life we are now witnessing. Any angst stems from the higher velocity of life now (No other way) rising above the old format seeking to prevent emergence of a new way of BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


BIG CHANGE as well as Love is in the air, and I think most of us can feel it! All of our determination, perseverance and hard work is about to pay off in a really, REALLY BIG way as our wildest dreams are becoming a reality!!

ALL time is merging and collapsing in on itself, into the STILL POINT of the TOTALITY OF THE SINGULARITY, within our fully opening Crystal Heart center in this timeless now.

THIS IS THE END OF ALL TIME AS WE AWAKEN FROM THE DREAM within the dream, to awaken to only ONE TRUE REALity there ever was.


IGNITING OUR NEW EDEN, from deep inside of our Heart-Minds, now unified as ONE, as our cellular memories and DNA awakens through the Frequency of pure true DIVINE LOVE & UNION!

ALL FEAR is being DISSOLVED at a deep cellular memory level, and as always, as this happens, it arises from within us to be LET FULLY GO of & with it the FALSE FEAR MATRIX SIMULATION IS also going FULLY OFFLINE!

IMAGINE there was nothing to worry about!

We have to believe in the seemingly i’m-possible right now, as well as fully LETting GO of any specific outcome, for our biggest most magical dreams to fully manifest. BELIEVING IN BIG ASS MIRACLES!! It’s us using our magical and most powerful abilities of imagination and co-creation for the highest good of ALL again! Fully re-membering our responsibilities, co-creative abilities, gifts and powers!

Powerful Diamond Grid Activations and final purgings are taking place for the Collective as our, the planetary and Cosmic Stargates and Field is being powerfully cleared, purified, upgraded and ignited through the Diamond White Flame of Ascension and Purification.

Our sacred Crystal Hearts continue to open, ignite and awaken to their true power, essence and frequency of Divine Love, that continues to activate our multi-dimensional DNA, Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody, Merkaba vehicle and Tree of Life, fully dismantling, dissolving and overwriting the phantom matrix infrastructure and artificial intelligence architecture of the artificial 10 based Tree of Life, and with it the artificial Matrix simulation fully goes offline. Returning us to our New Eden and Heaven on Earth, as we have re-essembled and are igniting our Divine Blueprints fully now, plus upgrades. This is allowing the Forerunners to fully merge with their multi-dimensional, ascended Master/ Guardian Self and higher identities, God Source Self and Consciousness.

The clearing and healing, our karmic lessons and all of our MISSIONS, ARE ALL QUANTUM COMPLETING in this timeless NOW, and we enter the Golden Age of co-creation again! The New Divine Organic Creatrix Field where everything is possible, all-ways NOW!

As Crystal Clarity ensues, we have also been deepening into the knowing that any perceived mistakes actually happened for us to full-fill our lessons and destiny. All we have to do is surrender to all we think we know, all false perceptions of right and wrong, all judgements, all notions of good versus evil, for Source to show us the REAL TRUTH and The Way HOME to our HEART’s inner knowing. For us to see the Divine Perfection that underlies all things and God’s Plan now unfolding in its true Glory. As we re-claim our inner home we also re-claim our world.

All through the full opening & ignition of that spark that lies within our sacred Crystal Hearts, our Permanent, Cosmic Kryst Seed Atom and Azura Point. It ignites the Holy Spirit from within our Diamond Rose and Lotus Hearts, through the Amoraea Flame, which continues to open up it’s thousand petals. It is what heals the Cosmic Monad and our Tribal and whole morphogenetic field, ignites our multi-dimensional DNA, Plasma Lightbody, Merkaba, along with our ancient future memories, gifts, abilities, true gnosis and wisdom.

THE SUPERNOVA OF THE HEART EVENT IS AN INSIDE OUT EVENT! ~ an IMPLOSION, a TRIGGERING, a FULL IGNITION OF OUR HEART & CRYSTALLINE CORE OF EARTH, IGNITING the 13D Diamond Grid and our Divine Template of the new triple helix DNA of the 144 plus three as ONE!

IGNITED THROUGH THE INFINITE POWER OF TRUE DIVINE LOVE between the Divine Counterparts and Original Twinflames, as we have fully UNIFIED AS ONE IN TRUE DIVINE LOVE & UNION WITH SOURCE & ALL OF LIFE EVERYWHERE! Where we can see, feel and find the Beloved in each and everyOne, as ALL are mirrors of the other, a fractal of God, as all remember themselves as ONE.

The Original Twinflames of the Core Cosmic Monad carry sacred keys and codes that are igniting along with their Hearts our New Eden and Paradise on Earth, on behalf of ALL. Together they merge spirit and matter, particle and antiparticle Universes, and Heaven and Earth, as ONE, which fully collapses the artificial sine wave, holographic overlays and Quantum standing wave function of the false Matrix simulation, as they fully merge as ONE.

Nova Gaja, and Heaven on Earth, is being re-birthed along with us as our ONE TRUE authentic, and Diamond Sun Body & Avatar SELF!


All fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, anxieties and defense mechanisms dissipate and evaporate, along with all sense of separation, competition, envy, jealousy, feeling more or less than any other, guilt, blame, shame, false pride, all sense of separation and fragmentation, false perceptions and judgements, fully dissolve and disappear, in this sea of pure True Divine Love that is lifting all remaining veils and illusions,




thought turned into form.

It’s important that we move out of the energy of waiting now through taking inspired action as guided by Spirit. SURRENDERing and TRUSTing the Divine Plan and that all is unfolding with the highest possible outcomes, is assisting us in co-creating this shift with as much ease and grace as is possible. Patience is no longer required as we fully dissolve into and merge with our True, Eternal, Timeless Self, The ONE that has never been born and never dies, and knows The Truth is fully arising now, and with it all that is unreal and false dissolves and disappears, along with the memories of our experience here in this artificial Matrix simulation.

We are receiving most powerful clearings and Activations to our Root and lower body chakra system, which is also part of clearing out any remaining (survival) fears, karmic energies, victim energies and feelings of dis-empowernment. Our and the Collective, Planetary and Cosmic extended Kundalini current of the Kee-Ra-Sha is being fully ignited along with our Crystal Hearts and the Crystalline Core of Earth. This is fully removing the reptilian tail implant and egg type membrane, that has been held around the 8 fetal cells that are located at the bottom of our spinal cord and tailbone, at the coccyx. This is clearing out any remaining reversal currents within our Kundalini and runs the energy up our spinal cord and central collum, ending all energy syphoning from our field, allowing corrected Merkaba spin, and the drawing in of higher frequency Source currents. This is enabling us to fully merge with our Spirit body now, merging all of our higher identities as ONE. This implant also acted as an ego filter as part of the mind control programming and technologies held in our field. ALL fully dissolving collectively now, along with all other artificial implants, seals, membranes and interference patterns that have prevented our full Ascension so far. Assisting us to complete our Ascension, reveal our ONE TRUE SELF, and opening our energy channels and Heart up fully now!

**By Ramona Lappin


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