New Earth Quantum Consciousness Attunements

January 25, 2023


Editor’s Nots: We are ALL journeying a similar path with the infinite ability to create our own path. Not satisfied with your life? Change it by feeling differently about how you are living, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Beloved hearts, in the infinite, eternal Now moment in which our consciousness continually ascends, and the space where all dimensions present simultaneously through the heart of Love, where we merge with our Higher Selves and Future Selves, being Multidimensional, this is the energy of Quantum Consciousness and that which we call New Earth.

Quantum Consciousness expresses with wisdom, knowing, power, freedom, Love, tranquility, bliss, Unity, softness, geometries, magic and more, as we align to our Soul, Higher Selves and Christed Light. When we show up as the Light of God We Are, as sacred Flames of Divinity, as pure Divine Love, in complete trust and surrender to our Universe.

As we go within and connect much deeper to our Self, we expand beyond the lower frequency bandwidths and deep ego deaths. With this, our Christed Light and Crystalline Consciousness radiates from within, and within each sub-atomic particle within our beingness, as we create our outer realities in matching dimensional frequencies of consciousness and Light.

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