Cosmic Commentaries of the Decade #236 ~ January 21, 2023


Editor’s Note: This is a super important post from my opinion, as it re-states the concept of “Who We Really Are”. Our power-over-self yields the great personal reward of Quantum Awareness, allowing us the ability to choose to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Posted by: Dennis Ross

Save yourself by projecting yourself positively
Change the spin of your molecular structure by connecting to positive frequencies

You are the projector and you have timeline correction technology
Whatever you project is what you create

Your reality is what you transmit into the collective
Which is the sum of everyones projection onto the quantum field

Reality is controllable
By what you think and what you feel
You can raise your vibration and shift your reality

Mobilize from the heart
And you will shift out of the archon matrix

Whatever you put out comes back to you
Create a positive version of yourself
Stay at an energetic level and you will give yourself abundance

TV will discharge negative frequencies
AI lowers your vibration by programs

When you move yourself into a program
You will get locked into a low vibrational state

Switch your consciousness frequency to create a new reality
And turn off the programming

Become your own victory of consciousness!

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