Yet Even More For You! – January 20, 2023


Do you recognize this man?

This is the person that helped me STAY ALIVE!

That person is John F. Kennedy Jr!

Believe it or not, JFK Junior is ALIVE!

I met John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1995 in New York.

John asked me to pose for the cover of his political magazine and I agreed to it. I didn’t know that a simple meeting between me and him would SAVE MY LIFE!

John knew the plan that the Royal Family made. He started warning me about it and one thing led to another!

From that moment on, I knew that I wasn’t alone in this WAR against BAD PEOPLE!

The American government tried to assassinate him but they didn’t know that he knew EVERYTHING!


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John F. Kennedy Jr. LINK 👇

Queen Diana LINK 👇


From the Illuminati card game created in 1982.

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On Hunter Biden’s recent Delaware Driver’s license, his current residence is listed as “BARLEY MILL RD”— the SAME address where Joe Biden kept troves of stolen classified documents

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Join Queen Diana


$2.8 million bribe payment from Pfizer to FDA for their Bioweapon “approval”.

You’re not supposed to know that.

Look the other way.

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Hungarian and Belarusian involvement in Ukraine is imminent.

Russia’s offensive is nearly ready.

Research suggests the Russian invasion force to be more than 700,000 strong, and will go to 1M in the near future.

Open NATO involvement is coming.

👉 @SGAnonRealQ



👉 @SGAnonRealQ


Is this the reason Q dialed in on McCarthy for the 2023 Speakership?

“Good win … [15]”


(Worth noting 15 is contained within brackets that Q referenced at least once as being akin to a “Killbox”)

Did we cut his strings?


Plea deal to save his skin?

His family image?

His legacy?

These are definitely some blackmail items of concern.

Where is Dong Jinwei?

As the world turns.

👉 @SGAnonRealQ


Multidimensional, intersocietal operations.

Fire with Fire.

You are living some of the greatest history that will ever be written.

Be courageous.

Be proud.

#WWG1WGA is more than a flag; it is a new way of life on Earth.

👉 @SGAnonRealQ


The walk back.

The slow drip.

“Pandemic amnesty”

“We didn’t know”

“Not enough data”

“We’re so sorry”


There will be no mercy shown for the greatest crime against mankind ever committed.

They knew.

And they will DIE for it.

Let’s say hello to the MSM journalists watching this

TS profile, and many other “QAnon” influencer platforms – Was the money worth it?

Did you buy that car or house you wanted, while we suffered and perished?

You are not safe.

We’re coming for you.

👉 @SGAnonRealQ


They are all part of the same sick cult.

But now, there is Nowhere left to hide.

Get some sleep, it must be hard.

We are coming for you.

Never again.


👉 @SGAnonRealQ


WATCH: Bizarre UFO-like cloud spotted over Turkey

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Pelosi just dumped millions in stocks.





6 thoughts on “Yet Even More For You! – January 20, 2023

  1. Think you can post something…you know…POSITIVE about transfolks? Seem to just point them into the negative….


    1. Actually, I agree with your concept and have been engaged in my own soul-searching regarding the trans issue. Personally, I do not care for this concept being used as a “cover” for those seeking some kind of gain (winning a competition, or child molestation, Illuminati practices) which cannot be achieved when honest about their true sexual nature.
      Yet…internal confusion about one’s own sexual nature can/does happen and needs to be tolerated when expressed. Perhaps the “taboo” stems from how humanity has been programmed away from accepting the true DNA function of the X and Y chromosome! Sexuality has been weaponized here on Earth which cuts to the core of human existence, therefore I choose to exemplify my own femininity, and encourage all other humans to reflect their own X and/or Y status.
      I also recognize the tremendous service the “bad” trans folk are providing for humanity for how can folks choose unless you know what the choice is?
      My advice to anyone regarding their own sexuality? BE as you are…! 😊🌹


      1. 1: I myself CAN’T be as I am, not till the aliens come and HELP me. I can’t make myself into a lovely ALIEN GIRL, I’m trapped in the body of a man, and an ugly little, unidealistic man at that. I’m Charlie Brown in the flesh, or Golum from Lord of the Rings. Needs aliens to get restored to my REAL self. Not only do I want to be restored…check that…NEED to be restored…I also want justice and VENGEANCE…what the darkies did to ME is what I call “Never forgive action”.

        2: Transgendersim been around a VERY long time, WELL before any Illuminate or Cabal been around. The Cabal WANTS people to hate and fear transfolks, just like how they made 9-11 to make folks hate and fear Arabs and other folks with brown skin. That’s why THEY keep bringing up stuff making people think transfolks are scruffy men in ratty dresses, smeared on make up, 5 o clock shadow and hairy leg, wanting to break into women’s bathrooms to rape women and kids….or to win woman’s sports….(Any munchkin who actually KNOWS any transfolks can tell you what is on TV is a crock of BS)

        I posted some links in another other post, I’ll post them again, and some more, from a friend of mine from Cobra’s blog, she made her own blog.

        Try reading those, and that blog in general. Then you can understand the trans thing a lot better…

        …and as I said, I need the aliens to get the help to become a woman again, the harsh results of masculinity during MY puberty was HORRIFIC, and obviously thanks to the Archons.

        And there will be NO ‘quantum joy!’ until I get help….to be that alien girl I WAS before the darkies caught me, killed me, and sent me to this rotten P.O.W. camp of a planet and made me the….thing that I am now.

        Understand, Cindy?


      2. I do commiserate with your situation which will BE as you wish. It seems to me that however you came to BE on Earth, you are in a human body right NOW (No Other Way) with the benefit (?) of knowing who you are/were which could be a blessing, or a curse…your choice?! You can write…what about sending me an article about what you KNOW about yourself without all the major angst? I’d publish that…😊🌹Could be interesting for others, as well as advertise you plight…contacts are important.


      3. I did NOT chose to come here willingly, I told you repeatedly.
        I was killed by the dark forces, probably in this war. They captured my soul and tortured me, and then sent me here, and as a final ‘gift’, forced me to incarnate as a human male. And EVERYTHING, it seems was THEIR doing, NOT mine, hence why every thing in my life has been one big hell after another.

        It’s just that simple.



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