Even More For You … – January 30, 2023



Night Shift! Truth Social! 🇺🇸😎


Fox News senior VP who supervised network’s political-news coverage dies after suffering at heart attack at age 47: ‘He was the ultimate producer’



⚡️35,000 PayPal Accounts Hacked, User Data Stolen

PayPal has confirmed that between December 6 and December 8 2022, nearly 35,000 accounts were accessed via a credential stuffing attack, which led to a leak of personal information like users’ names, addresses, social security numbers and tax identification numbers.

The company stressed it has no evidence that personal information was misused as a result of the attack.




Jamie Lee Curtis 🌹


Here’s a screenshot of Jamie Lee Curtis’ response about the horrifying artwork in her dining room.

Makes zero sense.


What a coincidence that the “Mike” Biden is talking about on the intelligence sales scheme… is the same MIKE THAT RUNS THE PENN BIDEN CENTER!


So does the press have freedom to publish leaked Supreme Court rulings before they are published by the court?

That is illegal.

(It appears their sole intent was to try to get the Supreme Court to change their ruling.

Also, they put The lives of the supreme court justices at risk.)



But they said there were no logs kept at Biden’s residence. 😂

“Be careful what you wish for.”

The CIA is always running a coup somewhere.

CIA = Coup In America.

https://T.me/FreedomForceBattalion &

https://TruthSocial.com/@1000YearsOfPeace #Truth



Scientists are admitting they lied for the grant money.


Do not touch Social Security! There’s plenty of waste fraud and abuse to remove… But do not touch what seniors paid for all their lives and deserve!


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