Kat Is The Sea – January 20, 2023


🇺🇸 Juan O Savin
“Trump is still ‘president’ because he wasn’t impeached.
Is he THE president? No.
Congress appoints a president..
That is on the Executive branch of government..
On the Military side:
The Commander-in-Chief is recognized
by the outgoing Commander-in-Chief & the baton is passed.
The Commander-in-Chief is acknowledged, after 1954,
related to changes in the way we did things
because of the nuclear weapons & WMDs beyond nuclear,
THAT position is NOT appointed by Congress.”

😼 On 3-11-21 
after ALL branches of the U.S. Military
did their own investigations, including Space Force
they recognized President Trump
as the legitimate LEGAL winner of the 2020 Election
& unanimously voted him Commander-in-Chief 🎖️

That [Douglas] MacArthur crowd
is the original crowd that led to
the 17th letter operation in this CURRENT period.
It’s got origins PRIOR to that 🕊️



Katie Hobbs is the newest member of the “Boot Club.”
Or the “I got a broken foot” club.
The “I don’t want you to see my ankle monitor” club 😹

So you think you can steal the AZ Governor Election 
& get away with it?

Yeah, NO!! 💪




Key Habbenings
“It’s coming. As tech sector goes, 
so goes the rest of the markets. 
When tech & banks start laying off,
you’re going to start to see that ripple effect in other industries.”

Microsoft, Amazon & other tech companies 
laid off more than 60k employees in the last year
Microsoft: 10,000 jobs cut
Amazon: 18,000 jobs cut
Meta: 11,000 jobs cut 
Meta lists massive 435,000-square-foot S.F. office 
for sublease after layoffs
Twitter: 3,700 jobs cut
Netflix: 450 jobs cut & CEO just quit
Google to lay off 12,000 people
Coinbase: 2,000 jobs cut
Crypto.com: 500 jobs cut
Goldman Sachs cut 3200
BNY Mellon plans to lay off 1,500


American Patriot
GCR 👉1-18-23 Goldman Sachs laid off its entire trading floor. Boom. Gone. No explanation. 
They know the music is stopping.
Saudi Arabia leaving the Petrodollar → Gold


👇 Q The Storm Rider — CRYPTO COLLAPSE



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