The Globalists Lost – They Did Not Anticipate the Mass Awakening of Humanity – Nothing Can Stop the Golden Wave – January 17, 2023


Nothing can stop the golden wave

Folks, the globalists lost.

They did not anticipate the mass awakening of humanity.

With this tremendous dissemination of awareness, millions of people took to the streets, mainly in Brazil.×407&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=ENOqygNZA6&p=https%3A//

Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the Davos conference himself, said that globalism is over.

Because people are fed up.

Because, thanks to the BRICS, Western sanctions on Russia have only encouraged gold-backed currencies and real wealth.

Soon there will be a 1:1 exchange of money from the 209 countries that have adopted NESARA/GESARA.

All truth will be revealed.

Globalist bankers are no longer free to issue money.

Countries (and peoples) are regaining control of their money.

And over time, it loses its current importance and ceases to exist.

We already have a new Quantum Financial System, which is completely unbreakable.

And on the bright side, bankers won’t be able to touch our money anymore.

The central banks (which are actually privately owned by these clans) can’t figure out how to turn off the money tap whenever they want.

Nor can we print money for free for our own convenience.

Commercial banks and central banks will disappear.

It’s already happening.

And those exorbitant profits they so proudly flaunt will never return.

Trump, Qi Jinping, Putin and Bolsonaro are working together to rid the planet of dark hats.

They are part of the Earth Alliance.

And they are not working alone.

Know in your heart that our victory is certain.

All we see now is the big theater.

As far as I know, NESARA/GESARA has already been implemented in 209 sovereign states that signed this law and will be officially announced soon.

Your milestone is to bring the abundance of God the Father to all humans on this planet.

To this end, the 200-page Nesara/Gesara brings:

Due to practices and activities of banks and governments, all debt waivers related to credit cards, mortgages, credit, etc.

Withdraw income tax.

Treasury transfer billing office such as US IRS.

Create a flat 14% tax on new and non-essential consumer goods and pay it to the government.

Used food, medicine, houses and cars are not taxed.

Electoral monitoring to prevent illegal activities by specific groups around the electoral process.

Create a new currency “Rainbow Dollar” backed by real wealth.

Prohibit issuing birth certificates as state-owned bonuses.

Search the internet for ‘warashibe choja’ and you’ll see what I mean.

We present a new financial system, in this case the QFS – Quantum Financial System.

Restore prosecutors and judges to the constitution.

Quantum Financial System (QFS) Blockchain Watermark Explained

Voter Fraud Election Sting Containing QFS Blockchain Watermark Is More Than Meets The Eye! Trump’s Plan For The “Reset” Deployed To Expose Voter Fraud

Quantum Financial System (QFS) is building a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS). It’s a network based on Sovereignty and Commerce.

The Trump Administration was committed to the Quantum financial System, and to unleashing its incredible potential for U.S. economic growth, technological advancement, and national security.

To coordinate a national research effort encompassing Federal agencies the academic community, and industry leaders already underway, The White House National Quantum Coordination Office has released A Strategic Vision for America’s Quantum Financial System Networks. February 2020

Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides pristine clean integrity in the movement of funds from Central Banking sources to destination accounts.

The QFS will cover the new global network for the transfer of asset backed funds and can replace the US- Centrally Controlled SWIFT System.


November 15, 2022 © US and EU all rights reserved. Permission to use this article in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its source at American Media Group.

6 thoughts on “The Globalists Lost – They Did Not Anticipate the Mass Awakening of Humanity – Nothing Can Stop the Golden Wave – January 17, 2023

    1. I believe this was published by American Media Group, I may have forgotten to post their agreement to have this used publicly. Thanks…I will add that..,got to stay legal! 😊🌹


      1. I did a search and it appears you are the only one saying these things…that’s why I’m asking you the source of your info…and will be asking them…the source as well. Personally…I look around and don’t see a Mass Awakening when people line up for an experimental jab…did they forget “My body…My Choice” and all the employers mandating…did they forget the HIPPA laws? Propaganda is NEVER truth…I’m called a conspiracist …yet what I say is vetted Truth…and I can ALWAYS prove what I say.


  1. Who or what is your source for the above information? IF Klaus Schwab said that…it MUST be recorded somewhere? I highly doubt he said that. Where can we see evidence of Brazil? Seems the post is filled with conjecture and no sites to prove what they are saying?
    What states are they referring to? And to whom is “I”
    “As far as I know, NESARA/GESARA has already been implemented in 209 sovereign states that signed this law and will be officially announced soon.”


    1. I post articles and videos based on public conjecture formulated from known facts. NESARA was signed by Clinton back in 1993, yet this has never been implemented, so that is the next piece of the puzzle to appear. Take a look at a published book by the committee if 300 for the game plan of Klaus Schwab. I like the fact you are asking questions, and doing your own research! Don’t take anyone ‘s opinion (including mine) as yours! 😊🌹

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I know the game plan Klaus wants in play…and to some extent he HAS succeeded…obviously Money Talks. So obviously Clinton successors DON’T want it …40 years of talk doesn’t cut it for me…that’s MORE than half my life…why do the NESARA people…whoever they are…think they have any credibility anymore? I’ve always seen anonymous posts without reference sources…so I need prove it’s real and not just people’s imagination running away with themselves.


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