NFL Rigged: Damar Hamlin Injury Exposed ~ January 9, 2023


Editor’s Note: So many theories, so many stories, so little facts to understand. It makes sense to wait a moment, observe, and then follow how your inner self feels about this incident. What will this do? Your attitude toward this incident won’t help Damar, but making up your own mind is guaranteed to leave you BEing in…

Quantum Joy!

6 thoughts on “NFL Rigged: Damar Hamlin Injury Exposed ~ January 9, 2023

  1. For what purpose would this injury be staged—fundraiser for Damar’s charity; show/applaud NFL’s satanic connection ? While this video is possibly believable, it presents no clear conclusion/purpose…How can it have anything to do with quantum joy 🥹…


    1. Well…if this was staged, Damar is probably in a “safe place” and living the good life due to over $6M donated to his toy charity? If he is in some type of rehabilitation, his recovery on TV is being touted due to prayer. Prayer is a delicate topic, with the bottom line being asking a power greater than you for the action you want. My choice is Feeling/BEing in a state where I Am experiencing what I want, leaving me to BE in…
      Quantum Joy! 😊🌹


  2. Dear Damar is deceased. Do not believe a thing coming out in the press or media from ESPN or the Bengals organization or any family member. I guarantee you this whole tragic incident is being re-configured to save NFL and VAX ‘face’. I’m EXTRA SURE they have ALL been paid off sufficiently to keep them quiet. The NFL pushed all of its players to take the shot and they are all conspiratorial in keeping Damar’s demise an “Act of God”. Wait and see


    1. I agree, however, the recent video Zi put up explaining he may be sipping.a drink on a desert island from the 6M donated to his “Toy fund charity” is worth considering as well? It’s all a crock! 😊🌹


  3. If you watch the video frame by frame you can see him pulling in his hands so they don’t get stepped on. He was definitely faking it. Contrast that with stew Peters film on Dieing and it is clear what sudden death of fainting looks like


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