January 9, 2022: So Many Triggers, So Little Time [videos]


Earth is a volatile place and there are multiple hammers, all cocked and waiting for someone to pull the triggers. This summary is indicative of the many targets. Some say it’s “hammer time”.

The world revolution against the Satanic Khazarian Mafia has resumed after a holiday pause.

Russia has begun its long-awaited move against the Satanic regime in Ukraine with a massive two-pronged offensive.

In Brazil, the people have reacted against the Satanist election stealer Lula by taking over the Presidential Palace, the Congress Building and the Supreme Court.

In the United States, a final showdown between the Satanists and the white hat military is taking place at the Supreme Court.

In Europe, the Satanists have circled the wagons around Germany, France and Switzerland in a doomed attempt to stay in power.

A similar showdown is being seen in the Middle East as the Turkish and Israeli military join forces against the Satanic forces led by false Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

To read more of Benjamin Fulford’s Monday update, use the link below to his blog post.

World revolution resumes after holiday pause

People get triggered, too. Donald Trump Jr. writes about it because it is so prevalent in society now and we need to consciously address our hair trigger emotions and exercise tolerance. The globalists want everyone triggered by everything, all the time.

They want division. They want hate. They want people focusing on things that aren’t worth getting upset about so we aren’t paying attention to what should give rise to righteous indignation which spurs positive action.

They want us attacking others for their opinions because that is a form of censorship. It’s time minorities stopped guilting others into honouring and respecting them. It actually works in the reverse.

It’s really disappointing to see people falling for the cabal’s tactics. Being offended is a choice and we would be farther ahead if we used our energy to fight the enemy rather than each other.

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is in Florida and reportedly isn’t well. I hope he wasn’t poisoned.

I also saw a Telegram post that stated: Bolsonaro. [SECURED]  It seems that quite often when people are in hospital that they are actually under White Hat protective custody. We heard rumours that there were assassination attempts planned for Bolsonaro and Trump but it sounds like Bolsonaro is going to be fine.

Former Brazilian President Jair #Bolsonaro was admitted to a hospital in Orlando, Florida, with “abdominal pain,” newspaper O Globo reported on Monday, a day after some of his hardcore supporters stormed the capital city of #Brasilia.https://t.co/ykfulM8Qo8

— The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) January 9, 2023


— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 9, 2023

Seems like a miracle. Did someone update Wickedipedia?

Headed home to Buffalo today with a lot of love on my heart. 🫶🏾

Watching the world come together around me on Sunday was truly an amazing feeling.

The same love you all have shown me is the same love that I plan to put back into the world n more.

Bigger than football! 🫶🏾

— 𝐃𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐫 𝐇𝐚𝐦𝐥𝐢𝐧 (@HamlinIsland) January 9, 2023

We learned today that the Supreme Court has rejected the Brunson Brothers case. That’s big news.

Arizona is in the spotlight again, too, with a new twist. Will this ever end?

Judge will now investigate the printers at multiple polling sites. A former Arizona Supreme Court justice, in fact.

BREAKING: Maricopa County announces investigation into Election Day printer problems.

We don’t want investigations we want prison time.

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) January 7, 2023

The Covid stories never go away because they are trying to orchestrate another pandemic lockdown AND so much data is coming out about the truth and lies from the first scamdemic.


Lead author of peer reviewed research re-analysing Pfizer & Moderna trials on mRNA vaccine @JosephFraiman calls for immediate suspension of jab due to serious harms.

‘We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death’

This is huge 🔥 pic.twitter.com/bS3A1ui561

— Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra) January 9, 2023

The crew shared the video below about the origins of the plandemic. 17 min. [seventeen]

BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris

A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense – meaning the Pentagon – controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning. If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process. Our guest today is the former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization Sasha Latypova and she shows what she has found due to her searches based on instinct that the Covid vaccine was not exactly on the up and up.

These powerful statistics pack a punch.

PANDEMIC OF THE VACCINATED: Australian COVID-19 Data Shows ZERO Unvaccinated Hospital & ICU Admissions

Karma usually finds us. I haven’t shopped at BBB since the beginning of the scamdemic and I guess many others don’t either.

BREAKING REPORT: Bed Bath & Beyond to CLOSE 56 STORES Nationwide in attempt to AVOID BANKRUPTCY amid mounting debt and troubled finances…



— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) January 8, 2023

Where did all the lies and disinformation on social media come from? If it happened on Twitter, you can bet it happened elsewhere.

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Multiple Pro-lockdown and Mask Mandate COVID DOCTORS ON TWITTER Have Been Revealed as Fake Accounts… -Outkick

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) January 9, 2023

Here’s an interesting article, but it’s not what you might think.

Arrest Warrant Issued For President Trump

Never saw this coming, either. The NYP has a lot of royal coverage of the current drama within the family.

Prince Harry: Royal family is a ‘death cult’ — Windsor Castle is a ‘tomb’ https://t.co/EWLn81Ohk1 pic.twitter.com/21ASuhQNlc

— New York Post (@nypost) January 9, 2023

It will soon be the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and there are so many of them in satanic symbolism. They infiltrate our society in many forms.

Here’s a nice one to close.

California is getting walloped by another storm and probably more flooding. Are they flooding the DUMBs?

Thank  you to the crew for all the great shares and support via the comments. There is no shortage of quality content out there.  ~ BP

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