CGI’s MAXthe MAGAnificent: There Are No White Hats and No International White Hat Alliance…It’s All An Intelligence State Stand Down Psy-Op ~ January 13, 2023


Editor’s Note: In reading the the article below by Max,it is tempting to be-lie-ve our reality is not going to be the Golden Age promised to us. Yes, I will admit to having “good times” marketed to us with vigor, about noticing the Good Families all have connections even as the Dark Families, and the 33rd Degree FreeMason status of Good Guy #1…Donald J. Trump.

Yet…I also am aware of the facts which are in plain site for all to see. President Clinton did indeed sign the NESARA legislature (Executive Order #12834) under gunpoint on Jan. 20, 1993. I Am also aware of Earth’s entry into a new region of space in our Galaxy having en effect on our consciousness.

A post submitted by MAXtheMAGAnificent.

It is getting increasingly tiresome and annoying to watch and listen to the videos of X22 Report, Juan O Savin, Derek Johnson, SGAnon, Phil Godlewski, Benjamin Fulford, and others in the alternative or “truther” media breathlessly declaring that Donald Trump is still Commander in Chief of the US armed forces, that we are living through the greatest military operation in the history of western civilization that is going to overthrow the globalist cabal that is working to kill most of the world’s population and enslave the rest, that leaders of the cabal are right now being subjected to military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and at the White House (yes that White House) in Washington DC and being executed on the spot as soon as they are convicted, that once the globalist cabal is overthrown and all the executions take place that the common people of the world will suddenly come into $24 TRILLION worth of gold and silver and jewels representing all of the wealth that has been stolen from the common people over the last thousand years or so, that all debts will be forgiven…your mortgages, your credit card debt, your car loan all forgiven forever, that a totally new financial system will suddenly come into being all over the world called NESARA or GESARA or the Quantum Financial System that will just totally remove all of the evil and ills of the current central bank system and provide only for the advancement of the interests of the common man forever and as Ben Fulford loves to say, allow mankind to explore the stars! What a world! I can’t wait! This is all supposed to be made possible by the valiant action of an alliance of global militaries composed of true patriots of the countries from which they emanate, the White Hats. The White Hats are going to do all the arrests, conduct the military tribunals, execute the globalist bad guys, retrieve all the gold and silver and jewels, blow up all of the tens of thousands of miles of underground tunnels that the bad guys have been using for centuries to move about the earth undetected and to hide their wealth, restore all the governments to the people, institute the incredibly great new financial system…you name it, they’re going to do it all!

Here are the things that prove that all of this cannot possibly be true:

1. None of the governments that are run by the globalist cabal, including most of Western Europe, the British Commonwealth nations, and the United States have been in the least bit effected by any resistance to their actions. All of these governments are forging ahead with the World Economic Forum Great Reset, decarbonization to destroy western economies in the name of the climate change hoax, shutting down supply chains and restricting agriculture to create scarcity so as to increase their control, creating pandemics to shut down human rights and then kill as many as possible with their vaccines, and just acting like the tyrants that they are with total impunity. There is simply no indication that any of these governments have any fear or reaction to any military/patriot efforts to stop their assault on their populations. There is simply zero evidence that any of the governmental leaders, military leaders, corporate leaders, and NGO leaders that have supposedly been tried and executed by the patriot militaries for their crimes against humanity have actually been arrested, tried, and executed. NONE. ZIP. NADA. It’s all fantasy dreamt up by the fiction writers of the alternate media.

2. The governments of South America are all turning communist with the latest being Brazil via yet another stolen election orchestrated by the globalists. Just like in the USA, the military patriots in Brazil were supposed to step in and arrest the people who stole the election for the criminal communist Lulu and institute new fair and free elections but true to form, they did nothing. Hey US citizens…sound familiar? No White Hats there, no White Hats here, no White Hats anywhere.

3. The full-scale invasion of the United States and several western European countries continues not only unabated, but it is increasing exponentially particularly of the USA. If there really were an effective group of White Hats in the US military and they stood to protect our country from foreign enemies…like the full-scale foreign invasion that is going on right now…they would have acted but they are doing nothing because they probably don’t exist anymore…the US military is now led by traitors top to bottom. It is now quite apparent that the Biden regime has managed to purge or compromise any military officers that would not declare their allegiance to the Biden regime and its anti-American agenda rather than to the United States of America and protecting our Constitution. Today the only purpose of the US military is to prosecute foreign wars at the behest of and for the benefit of the globalist cabal…wars that do nothing to protect the security of the United States and its people.

4. The global system of western economy central banks is running full steam ahead on the creation of central bank digital currencies (CBDC’s) to impose a total, complete, absolute tyranny over the citizens of the soon to be former free world. In the very near future every transaction with money that you do will only be done with the approval of the government of the country in which you live. Want to rent an apartment? Want to buy a car? Want to buy food, clothing, or shelter of any kind? Want to go anywhere on any form of public transportation? You will only be able to do it if you are on the approved list of your government. Express the wrong opinion, be seen with the wrong people, refuse to take the latest killer vaccine…whatever, you are dead to them, literally. Oh, and by the way, their surveillance state is almost complete meaning that if you think you can get away with being free in any way, forget it. The cameras are up, the NSA is listening and reading everything…the 4th Amendment? What’s that? It’s all totally, absolutely, and consummately UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and yet those White Hats who were supposed to have taken an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic are nowhere to be found. They obviously don’t exist. 1984 here we come!

5. Finally, let’s look at what the stars of the current alternative media have been and are saying about these supposedly existent White Hats who are supposedly going to save the Republic and save the free people of the world from ultimate tyranny…

Juan O Savin. We still have no idea who or what Juan is…nobody is actually named Juan O Savin…but Juan is supposed to be this super wealthy man of the world who knows everybody and is the most well-connected man on the planet as far as the MAGA movement is concerned. Juan seems to be a great guy and a patriot, and a man of God and he seems to have the inside track on exactly what is happening behind the scenes to save America, but everything that he has said would happen to save America has absolutely not happened. I would not go to the track to bet on the ponies with Juan…or the dogs for that matter. Every time something good for our side doesn’t happen that Juan said would happen, Juan either denies that he ever said it (or whatever he said was mis-interpreted) or says that our side got checked by the latest cabal moves in the great five dimensional chess game that we the free people of the world are destined to win, someday. In the meantime, Juan says that even though we know that our side is going to win someday, the bad guys have to put us through a collective near death experience first (which might kill us even so) so that we appreciate how bad the bad guys are and support the good guys when they come riding in on that big white horse, etc., etc.

After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (1917) the Bolsheviks ran a psy-op called “Operation Trust.” Operation Trust was designed to cause the Russian people, who were rightfully terrified by the ensuing reality of a Communist/Bolshevik regime taking over, to have faith that there was a patriot force at work behind the scenes that would bring down the Bolsheviks. The idea behind this was to cause the people to “stand down,” to not become active belligerents against the Bolsheviks because it was all being taken care of by these patriots that were supposed to have the bad situation well in hand. Sound familiar? Have you heard people like Juan intone “trust the plan” and “get your popcorn and enjoy the show!” Psy-ops are the stock-in-trade of the intelligence state which has replaced the press as the fourth estate of government, and if Juan and the Q-anon phenomenon don’t look like a “stand down” psy-op, I don’t know what does. And speaking of alt-media people who absolutely look like dead ringer psy-ops, how about…

Derek Johnson, Phil Godlewski, and SGAnon. Derek is angry at we poor patriot souls who just don’t understand the importance of what Derek absolutely knows that is really going on with the Code of Military Justice, all the executive orders that President Donald Trump signed, how the National Guard is still nationalized, etc. etc. And because we can’t understand all the stuff that he understands…especially because a lot of us never served in the military and simply can’t understand all this stuff, we just have to accept that everything that we are seeing and experiencing…the death of our country, the death of our society, the literal death of the people at the hands of the powers that be in the USA…is OK. It’s all just part of the process and we just have to hunker down while the greatest military operation in the history of the world sets everything right once and for all…remember, TRUST THE PLAN! By the way, we are not to ask who these great people are that are taking care of the bad guys or how they are doing it, we just have to trust Derek that we are so privileged to live in this time when mankind is being saved from evil once and for all.

The problem with Derek and the fabulously monotone SGAnon, who basically carries the same line as Derek, is that they never tell us anything that is provable in terms of what is actually happening to win this war. Everything is a secret and that is why we see nothing but death and destruction on our side…because that’s all that we are allowed to see. THE PATRIOTS HAVE THIS…RELAX! News flash from SGAnon!!!! France just fell to the White Hats!!! Really? Macron looks like he’s doing just fine…oh, he’s been tried and executed by the Alliance and they are using a rubber mask double to make everything look normal, just like Trudeau in Canada and Biden in the USA…of course!

Derek points to all these laws and orders that are supposed to be hamstringing the Cabal, yet he invariably misses the point that everyone knows that the people controlling the Biden regime (and the country) don’t care about any of this stuff…our enemies are without law, without morality, without civility. The Biden regime looks right into your eyes and they bald face lie to you and you know that they are lying to you and they of course know that they are lying to you, but they don’t care. They don’t care about anything but their own power and how they can force their will on you, and if you resist, they will kill you. So, the argument just doesn’t ultimately make sense…except if it is meant to deceive.

Oh, and by the way, SGAnon has come out as a real honest-to-goodness flat-earther, where the earth is supposed to be shaped like a bowl and the sun, moon, and stars in the “sky” that we see is some sort of grand light show that has nothing to do with astronomy as we know it. Antarctica is supposed to be an “ice shield’’ beyond which are other continents aside from the seven of which we know…I guess that they are on the outside of the bowl? Derek has given a tacit endorsement to this idea. It is widely held that the flat earth movement, which has taken off as potentially legitimate in recent years instead of being a bad joke, is actually a psy-op being run by the same wonderful people who have brought you the White Hats and the global White Hat alliance psy-ops. The idea here is to simultaneously fool the gullible regarding salvation from the cabal while making those same poor gullible people who now are supposed to think that the earth is flat, or bowl shaped for that matter, look ridiculous in the eyes of everyone else. Sounds like a plan to me!

What can I say about Phil Godlewski except that everything that I said about Derek and SGAnon applies just the same, except I don’t know if Phil has come out as a flat-earther, yet.

Dave Nazipsode and the X22 Report. I simply don’t know what to think of Dave and his Report. It seems like Dave is a good guy, he interviews a lot of very good and credible people on our side, he seems to be a real Trumpster, and listening to his podcasts he draws on a lot of real stuff that should be giving us real hope that things are actually going in the right direction for We The People in the face of our cabal enemies. But then Dave is totally sold on Q and the anons and the “Trust The Plan” scenario which I contend are apparently intelligence state psy-ops to cause us to stand down. Dave keeps saying that the White Hats, led by none other than Donald Trump are in complete control of EVERTHING that is going on (just like Phil Godlewski who claims that Joe Biden is actually a White Hat plant who is actually, really doing the bidding of the White Hats) and that the globalist cabal, the Democrats, the central bankers, and all the other associated bad actors are panicked and on the run! Dave says that all these enemies of the people are doing exactly what “Trump and the patriots” set them up to do so that they would fall inevitably into a deadly trap that would bring them all down. The only thing that is supposed to be holding Trump and the patriots back from making a final decisive act to win this war is getting sufficient support from We The People. Apparently the Biden regime has yet to do enough destruction to the country, the society, the economy…you name it…to convince Trump and the patriots that it is time to act. Maybe Dave is the most sophisticated intelligence state psy-op of them all! Could be, these guys are really bad, but they are also really good.

Benjamin Fulford is simply a fiction writer, and not a very good one at that. His latest idea is that the heroes fighting the globalist Kazarian Mafia (KM) cabal are going to redirect a large meteor in outer space to come down to earth and directly hit Lake Lucerne in Switzerland where the KM has its headquarters and finally and forever wipe the KM out. You can’t make this stuff up unless, of course, you are Benjamin Fulford.

So what’s the conclusion? We’re pretty much on our own in this war that is being fought against us by a cabal of elitist, satanic, new world order monsters led by monsters with names like Soros, Schwab, Gates, and Obama. These monsters have been working on this war for many decades, but it is only in the last ten years or so that they have decided to come out into the open and actually declare that they want to kill most of us and enslave the few who will be left after their genocide is done.

The bad news is that they are winning big time…they have infiltrated, corrupted, and to a large extent taken control over most if not all of the major public and private institutions of western society. They are now using all those corrupted institutions to perpetrate their evil plan for humanity.

The good news is that there are literally billions of us across the globe and only perhaps a hundred thousand of them. That’s a pretty good ratio in our favor if we could only figure out a way to organize ourselves sufficiently to do the job of bringing them to heel. Ever heard of strength in numbers? We’ve got it in spades. There are no White Hats who are going to ride into town…they don’t exist except in the devious minds of the intelligence state that has created them in our own minds to attempt to deceive us into a false sense of complacency in the face of grave danger.


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