A 5D Vibrational Experience – January 8, 2023


Dear ones, 

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to exist in the 5D vibration?

Before we begin, I want to point out that humanity has been ascending for a long time, but now it is accelerating exponentially. What does this feel like? As each soul takes its own path, it is important to know that some things will remain the same while others will radically change. Below, I have outlined some of the key changes souls might experience or are already experiencing in their present life incarnation.

When you are in this 5D vibration, your life will be filled with a very ecstatic and blissful feeling. And no matter what challenges or obstacles you face, this ecstasy and blissful feeling will accompany you throughout the day!

To align with this elevated consciousness or higher dimensional vibration, you can use many techniques to raise your vibration, like meditation or mindful breathing. But even if all the techniques fail, there’s one thing that always works: LOVE!

The Love Energy Is The Most Potent Energy On The Planet.

You need to understand that our universe is based on love. Our planet is based on love. All living beings are based on love. Every loving action changes the energy vibrations for all living beings and each individual life on Earth. People who are in harmony with themselves are people who change the energy vibrations of others around them.

When you dwell in the heart of love, you will experience a cosmic joy that is beyond human comprehension. In the 5D world, it is not only possible to experience an ecstatic and blissful state of being, but it is also possible to maintain such a state.

The world of the third dimension is one of darkness, cold, and limitation. Here you will find all kinds of horror stories.

The world of the fifth dimension is one of light, love, and freedom. Here you will find all kinds of happiness and unlimited possibilities.

The 3D world is a world where everyone has to fight for his or her own survival on their own and where everyone has to endlessly look for their own happiness. In the 5D world, everyone works together to survive, and everyone can easily enjoy their lives. You can easily get everything you want there, including your health and wealth.

If you want to ascend your vibrational beingness so that you can enter into the 5th-dimensional vibration, then you must continuously raise your vibration by thinking only positive thoughts! Because if you think negative thoughts, your vibration will fall again!

The majority of humanity are currently 3rd-dimensional beings who must ascend to the 5th dimension through the 4th dimension. And because their current vibrational frequency is too low, they will be unable to directly reach this 5D higher dimensional vibration.

It is difficult, but not impossible, for them to ascend into the 5th higher dimensional vibration at their current level of consciousness. Many people have attempted but failed to transcend to a higher frequency. They failed because they only understood a portion of the process.

To enter into the 5D higher dimensional vibration, you need to open up all four doorways or dimensions of consciousness. These four dimensions are the physical world, the mental world, the spiritual world, and the emotional world.

You need to align yourself with all of these four worlds so that you can reach a state of coherence or harmony within yourself.

The majority of people are out of sync with these four worlds. When this happens, it is a sign that they are not in balance. This can be caused by the fact that they do not live from their heart but from their head. In other words, they are in their heads, and therefore the feeling of being overwhelmed is there.

Higher-dimensional beings live through their hearts because this is where the purest love resides. By looking at life with love, they can create miracles in their lives.

The heart knows before our brain thinks it. That’s why we have these butterflies in our stomachs when we meet someone we like. We feel love for each other, but our brains do not think so yet.

When we use our heart as a guide to life, we will notice that there are many more dimensions than just 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. There are indeed an infinite number of dimensions, and they all vibrate at different frequencies.

The physical body of the third-dimensional world uses the chakra system of seven major energy centers. The physical body of the fifth-dimensional world also uses the 12 chakra system in its original form as an energy system, but it also uses this energy system to connect with the multidimensional consciousness and to translate that consciousness into the physical body.

The fourth dimension is a world of invisible energies. These energies, however, are not separate from you: they are you! You are made of these energies. You are made of energy, and you are made of light.

The fifth dimension is a new energetic reality free of any negativity, allowing all conscious beings that live there to have a greatly higher quality of life.

People who choose to stay on Earth will continue to experience pain and suffering as part of their human experience, but those who choose to move into this new reality will never again experience negativity in any form. This does not mean that they will be immune to feeling emotions like sadness or anger; instead, it means that they will no longer be subject to the negative influences that others have traditionally had over them. They will be able to live in the space of love and light, free from strife and worry, where they can return to their true Divine nature and live the life they were always meant to live.

The choice is yours. If you wish to remain on Earth, you can do so. If you do not feel ready, you are welcome to stay until you feel that you are ready. The choice is yours.

People who choose to stay on Earth will continue to experience pain and suffering as part of their human experience, but those who choose to move into this new 5D consciousness will discover a renewed sense of connection to family, friends, and all living things. As a result, they will feel loved and cherished.

In addition, their creativity will flourish, and they will feel driven to accomplish great things. They will also find themselves developing an interest in spiritual matters as they realize that they are more than just their physical bodies. Ascended beings are able to live in harmony with nature and are able to communicate telepathically with other ascended beings.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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