BIG UGLY in NormieLand – January 7, 2023


Editor’s Note: What does this mean for You? I prefer to let the “Ugly” fall away, and focus instead on an “easy-peasy” life full of….

Quantum Joy!


The BIG UGLY is the condition created in the minds of ALL the Normies, that is, those people injected with the covid19 serum labeled a ‘vaccine’ as they come to realize what has been done to them, how they participated, and your role in their poisoning.

As a member of the ‘elite’ class, albeit at a minor level, as a Washington State legislator, it is presumed your body escaped the covid19 injectibles due to privelge of exception by status. The very definition of ‘elite’.


Daily, the Normies are witnessing the public collapse, and death of people who should be at the pinacle of health. You know, you have seen these videos yourself.

These unfortunate Normies are now faced with a reality that includes many reminders of their ill-fated choice. The minds fo the Normies, as they slide into the Big Ugly state, will superimpose their own face upon the images of those who collapse from the same shot that they also accepted. The Normies won’t like this.

Soon, these reminders will escalate in frequency to many a day.

The people see the Consequences of Untruth now in the social order. The people see the deaths, the disability, all from lies. The connection is being made in their minds now, and is daily reinforced by manifesting events that your allies, the media stooges, can no longer hide.

How many saw the NFL player collapse on the field in real time? Millions! Tens of millions then saw it in replay, or in vid clips! Tens. Of. Millions. Soon, hundreds of millions of people will have seen.

How many do you think will accept the MSM spin stories on the event? Really? You think that many? Maybe you are being a bit naive, a bit hopeful…

The Normies are waking. They are slow, and easily steered, as the corrupted WEF owned politicians put into positions of power by election theft, cheating, bribery, extortion, and murder (Seth Rich? One among legions.) clearly know. But, the Normies Awake, and as with the American Buffalo, once the herd turns, it is impossible to stop, or deflect.

The herd is moving straight toward You.

What does this mean for YOU?

Every day in 2023, you will interact with Normies on the edge of breakdown. They are worried about their health. They are worried about the health of their relatives. They are worried that they may have taken poison, even if they can’t yet frame it that way in their disturbed thinking.

They don’t know what to do. They are experiencing mental pressures unlike anything they have ever encountered, even during the bogus lockdown exercise. Their minds are starting to destroy them with worry.

Every time they turn to media, yet another athlete, or ‘journalist’, or celebrity, or politician, or other public figure is either dropping to the ground dead, collapsing near dead, getting cancer, retiring early due to some unnamed illness, or disappearing from public view from some other, unnamed, cause.

They, these Troubled Normies, are coming to You! They are coming for Help and for Hope. You are officialdom. The Normies, yet for another small while, still trust their officialdom.

You can offer them neither as you are NOT allowed to acknowledge the reality of the situation. You are NOT allowed to react to their poisoning with any form of Solace. Only yet more Lies.

Every Normie, every time they encounter yet another instance of the damage from the covid19 injectibles, wakes a little more. Every Normie, every time they wake a bit more, trusts officialdom a bit less.

The trust from the Normies of their Officialdom was not that large as a result of these last few years. What remains will not take long to erode. You know this. You see it in your Normie relatives. They are jittery. They sense the Herd turning.

When the last of the trust is lost, that’s when the Normie is now living in the Big Ugly.

That’s when you have real problems.

What do you propose to do about this developing situation? Have you considered how you will react as the social order plunges deep into the Big Ugly and you are on the front lines of the Global War against the WEF?

In the Big Ugly, there are no blinders to vision. It is easy for the Normies to see the mind of the WEF directing the hands of the politicians, media, academia, and medicine, into their ‘great reset’ which the people will call Genocide when they prosecute those of the guilty who survive the Big Ugly of 2023. In the Big Ugly, the Normies will have NO TRUST, nor faith, in YOU, nor their institutions.

In the Big Ugly, the Normies will see the War against the WEF.

It will be UGLY, very very UGLY.

It’s here in 2023. Legislator, Be ADVISED!

4 thoughts on “BIG UGLY in NormieLand – January 7, 2023

  1. This is a separation piece. I don’t know who wrote this but if I knew I’d avoid them in the future.
    People who remain asleep do not see us anymore. The point is moot. We are invisible to them. When I do encounter them, I am kind, as that’s what they need most.


  2. All my life, I’ve TRIED to help others, I went waaaay out of my way to help many, bent over backwords to help them wake up and show them what’s really going on.

    Wanna know, what the results were?

    Ridicule, getting laughed at, called crazy, friends and family turning on you, I’ve gotten fists to the face several times, and now with this covid bullshit, the MONKEYS look at me like I’m a modern day leper, shit, one person who I THOUGHT was my friend said she’s shoot me dead if I came near her, or her friends, since I am not vaccinated, nor have I wore masks or kept 6 feet away. As I have said, I have has breakdowns, like Rambo here in this clip, Thanks to being treated like a pile of TRASH by the very folks I TRIED TO FUCKING HELP, DAMN IT!!!

    So, NO, I am NOT going to offer any more help to the stupid monkeys. If someone thinks I’m going to throw myself to the dogs, again, THINK AGAIN. They made their beds, they can go lay in them. I’ve taken more than my fair share of bruises, both physical and mental, to give a damn anymore.

    I did not even want to be on this planet to start with.

    Like the old saying goes, “They are not paying me enough for this abuse!”.

    I plan to go home with the aliens, NOT stay on this gulag of a planet, being another Gandhi for the monkeys.

    You guys wanna do it, go ahead…have a great time, I’m want OUT.

    *drops mic and walks off*


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